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Moneyline with Peter Newman

Peter Newman has been in the tax and financial field for 55 years, he was the first individual in the Midwest to use the airwaves to educate the public on the complicated world of money. His program, KMBZ Moneyline, covers every financial subject; taxes, insurance, estate, retirement and financial planning, real estate and social security. Best of all his guests are among the “Whose Who Of America” ---Charles Schwab, Knight Kiplinger, Steve Forbes, mutual fund managers, personnel from the Internal Revenue Service Kansas and Missouri Dept of Revenue. Whatever tax or financial topics are in the headlines, Peter Newman with his guests gives you all of the details.

Mr. Newman’s primary goal is to help American’s better understand the tax strategies that makes dollars and sense. Callers have frequently said “You are the only person who explains this in language I can understand”.

He frequently speaks on local TV and has presented free seminars for the nations best known brokerage firms—Schwab, Merrill Lynch as well as banks, churches, investment clubs, real estate companies, medical groups and non- profit organizations.

When you want to get all of you tax and financial questions answered and get updates on the latest tax changes, tune in Saturday afternoon at 1-3pm for KMBZ moneyline . If you don’t listen, you’ll lose only one thing—money.

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