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The Rogue Trader - June 25, 2011

Chief Knowledge Officer, John O'Donnell joins the Rogue Trader for a discussion on globalization and the state of the world's economy.

The Rogue Trader - July 9, 2011

Online Trading Academy Instructor Rick Wright joins The Rogue Trader for a topic discussion on Forex, Foreign Currency Trading.

The Rogue Trader - July 30, 2011

Online Trading Academy Kansas City Education Coach, Paul Parsons joins the Rogue Trader.

The Rogue Trader - August 6, 2011

Online Trading Academy Alumni Cathy Jones and Kansas City General Manager Kelli Koch join the Rogue this week.

The Rogue Trader - August 27,2011

Online Trading Academy General Manager Kelli Koch and Alumni Teresa Dailey join the Rogue Trader this week for a discussion on risk.