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Power Trading Radio

Saturdays at 4 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. on NEWSRADIO 98.1 FM KMBZ

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A "Rogue" is someone who separates from the herd, someone who is independent and free-thinking. A "Rogue Trader" accepts responsibility for managing his or her own money in the financial markets rather than blindly depending on others.

Each and every week,Power Trading Radio is your voice in the wilderness, helping to shed light on how you can protect and grow your money. The Rogue Trader Show believes education is the foundation of successful trading. Without education, market participants are merely gamblers - not traders. Educated traders are skilled at managing risk and identifying high-probability trading opportunities.

The Rogue Trader Show regularly interviews top professional trading instructors from all over the world. We discuss all asset classes (stocks, options, futures, and forex) as well as topics like technical analysis, trading plans, direct access trading, ETFs, Social Security, 401(k)s, and mutual funds. And with so many active successful traders in the Kansas City area you'll hear from local people who have changed their lives through trading.

If you're smart enough to realize that "buy and hold" is a thing of the past, that most mutual funds will underperform the market, and that nobody cares more about your money than you, then lock your radio dial to The Rogue Trader Show.

Saturdays at 4 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. on NEWSRADIO 98.1 FM KMBZ

LISTEN and LEARN on the Rogue Trader Show

Jeff Dozier is the voice of The Rogue Trader Show. He has been an active trader for five years, has held Series 7 and Series 66 licenses, and manages his own Roth IRA.  Jeff became interested in the markets while working at Social Security, where he encountered a shocking number of people who hadn't saved enough money for retirement.  He has a bachelor degree in Communication Studies and Technical Writing from Missouri Western State University. Jeff is a published author who has appeared on numerous radio shows since the 1980's.

You can reach The Rogue Trader by calling 913-956-7050


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Veteran professional trader Craig Weil shares tips for longer-term investing and using the futures markets for short-term trading.

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Online Trading Academy's Chief Knowledge Officer John O'Donnell gives an update on Europe and discusses ways to protect our investments during these turbulent times.

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Professional trader Russ Allen talks about longer-term wealth management and explains how to get paid for simply being willing to buy stocks.

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Teresa and Jeff discuss the single most important factor in a trader's success and recap other key points from the first half of the year.