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Stanford MBA
Posted: Thursday, 06 October 2016 7:36AM

Stanford offers free MBA if you move to the Midwest

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is offering a program to pay for a student's MBA, including tuitition and fees, so long as the graduate takes a job in the Midwest.

The Stanford USA MBA Fellowship will pay for up to three students to attend the university in Palo Alto, California. The cost of an MBA at Stanford is about $160,000.

To avoid repayment, the graduate must find work in the midwest within two years of graduating.

The idea is a winner, said Jessica Nelson, recruiter for the Kansas City Area Development Council.

"A program like this where you're getting a great education and opportunity to explore and go back to city you're familiar with, you have ties and really help drive the innovation within that community -- that's fantastic," Nelson said.

Eligible students must demonstrate financial need and strong ties to the Midwest.