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The Jonathan Wier Show

Hailing from St. Louis, otherwise known as The Gateway to the West or "Are we in Chicago yet?", Jonathan Wier grew up listening to talk radio every night before he went to bed and would often skip school to listen to his favorite shows. Since there is very little money in being a poorly educated talk radio listener, he tried out for a position on a St. Louis station as a talk show host at the tender age of 22 and somehow, someway got the job!

Then he was fired a month later.

So who says dreams can't come true month?

Jon moved on and developed his skills as a producer and worked on various shows around St. Louis until he was fortunate enough to be hired by WSKY in Gainesville, FL where he was the producer and co-host for The Drive Time Happy Hour. Honing his skills as a talk host, Jon spent time enjoying the Florida sun from the inside of a dark radio studio, until a call from Entercom sister station KMBZ in Kansas City.

The Jonathan Wier Show encompasses everything Kansas City. From serious topics affecting our neighborhoods, to the fun side of our great city, Jonathan involves his listeners with information and entertainment unlike any other host.

Combining a love for talk radio with theater of the mind and a modern sound, Jonathan Weir will give you a listening experience that will blow you away.

And he hopes that it lasts longer than a month.

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