Thoughts on the KC Royals home opener

Mike Wickett
Sunday, April 9th

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I'd like what you hearing came BZ and every week ordered to look at the royals will look back the week it was what's coming up next obviously we'll get. Opening day this is crown in around and having rejoined by Josh burn your drills insider from Sports Radio 610. Vernon crowded around. I like it. Lee name. Aptly named the fiance with the idea smile as my level rate right there on common and it's our first time doing this like it and as well open a beer for this I'll be here it's bad opened yet. All right however we just will kick it around the royals what's going on people who we tell people data's we're recording this on Sunday it's going to be open or uploaded on Monday because I'm brand new don't know how to do that got you yeah but are with the weekly and personal welcome back from Arizona nice to be back although it's felt like a tornado has been coming for the past two days. I. A windy it's weirdly humid its Kansas City again people but waiting for the royals to be a tornado pride of destruction and it starts of that first series. What the hell happened in Minnesota outscored 215 I'll be honest with you and you know this from year years covering sports that. Even the really veteran Lleyton ballclub they're teams played their opponent sometime. The royals beat the twins last year in fifteen of the nineteen matchup. And I have the same that's Winston himself will never admit it but I honestly thought. That they think. They could just throw their hats out on the field and eventually the twins would implode. But instead the twins outplayed them and every aspect of the game including Ervin Santana out dueling Danny Duffy so I think it was a case of look at past the opposition I. I mean I liked the first week one of the things he sees all over Twitter and look I was guilty of it to an opening gate and nobody wants to hear respectively. Looks like you can't freak out. You can't get too excited to look who's in first place as we record this the rendering first Iraqis are first. And the twins her own first thing I don't think it's gonna be young near that come come Memorial Day yet you're right if you're freaking out this early on into the season. You are a new money right. As is that term yeah. I am like like you don't remember. The bad days and you haven't really been around baseball that long if you're losing your thoughts. I will give a little bit leniency to those fans because this year is somewhat different. Everyone says it's a marathon not a sprint and not this year did not this year it's it's a race to the trade deadline yeah exactly a you know we talk about others a 16160. Left no there was about. 75. To begin way. Yet the urgency is. It needs to be good this year unlike most baseball seasons and yeah I mean you can't look at numbers you can't look at a whole lot just it's still it's still new and eventually the Memorial Day things kind of balance out but is anybody. I mean. Hacked Salvi with four homers in four games right I mean he's one away do you think he's going to lead the majors in home runs this year probably that fifth at that now now I don't up. But but he's a guy that promoted typically fades in the second half because he's played a very grueling position yet he dropped to meld these this offseason hopefully that helps healing is fair. I don't I don't either it I don't like the blond boy I understand it's like a cultural thing united up Porter and a team had it for the World Baseball Classic. Today you know Hillary Selby yeah realized that the god or pretend to like it I'm not going to be one of those B and also what happened in this I'll be splash to get two wins in Houston and yeah there is no Selby splashes that. That a big moment thing is it a home game only thing you. I'm dreading that that is going to buy one of the only topics. And I wanted to talk about a post and show how serious that is going to dominate the home the homestand debt again if they win and I'm no result a splash and it's just jolt Goldberg standing there with who ever. Talking about. And nice win. It yeah that was less luck I. Being in spring training before the 2015 season when they won the World Series you couldn't. You could tell that it was a business like approach that they wanted blood they wanted to embarrass teams they wanted to get to work right away. But that was fueled out of anger this year they have a business like approach. But it's not fueled out of anger it's fueled up experience and they are no other going to be if they don't get it done the rug either going to be in separate zip codes by the time we get to the deadline because they're gonna trade the big names it's. In other the best comparison I've I've heard. Four if they do indeed and this obvious flash which maybe they're just waiting to do it at home big controversy. He came from Malo row arguably who host tonight show over on 610 Sports Radio said you know back in the day when I went to college I didn't just have a few Beers when I drank I got wasted. He's like that was the royal back in the day when they did it they did it big well now they're older now they can just have a few Beers I think that's where the maturity is at now where it's not. We need to go over the top. We got the win because we were supposed to get the win. Where as excited as we should be because we put high expectations on ourselves I'm older than pretty much every royal in my supposed to just a few Beers because I got pretty drunk this week. Well. Your older than that. Because I went through it and yeah like a year older than me yeah. I'm older than seventeen of the 25 a kind. And guys like going to be about twenty of the twenty whose oldest men in team oldest man its 38 year old Peter Moylan look at these youngest. Mondesi. That fourteen years old is a pathetic. He was born in 1995. So I was so that was my freshman year highs right that was I was going to I would did homecoming with Lauren book house scheme that year odds. Shout out totally no idea what she's doing how was I would that the if you like. She hates you want Facebook's like why are you talking about and your podcast I was checking out royals podcasts and it was two years wicket and thanks for the memories you my name earlier miles you ruin my life I went back to. So our rights of this the what's really been a big story line last year was. Soria is an ability guys out and the bullpen is so far I mean. This team better score a lot of runs early because they don't they're gonna get beat this bullpen arms it's Sox Burton well it's not its socket to bullpen. Budget right us how you don't use outlook opens up how can we go from the best bullpen in the history of baseball. To the ball heads are not supposed to be what to Wear this. Bull pens are collection of arms that aren't good enough to be starters and them. And are good enough to be the closer. That's what they have now they have. Very good closer. They have look it a good close three blew up to date and I don't know and her Arab well let's look. He's a star he has to pretty darn near perfect out of give you that but that Pleasanton. An awful pitch it's 94 miles per hour up in the zone that he follows it with an 86 mile per hour slider down the zone. I'll give credit to. I still think this bullpen is a strength and will be a strength. Moving forward it sucks and it's never going to be great. Like it once was that you can't beat Akron I hope there decent at the deadline just so they can acquire an arms are never to see Strom pitching. And ran around is going to be a monster when it's all such god promised an awful he's been. What are you a 140 feet it's 45 something he walked in and out of jail he walked in the game winner there might be 27 and a half either way the Jersey he. It's it's a bad you are way up. Well but but the bullpen is better than what you've seen over the first week and which it you know that bull pens are. Not normally. Automatic turnkey and ideals taken that for the final three innings early and even more match and now he has to do getting they go back to opening day this is the ultimate nitpick you know what happened and on opening day and they pulled Duffy after 100 pitches out and I know that it every said that he got you hosted I was the day I was sitting here like man he's an under pitches he's dealing. And then the bullpen. Duck he's got a good start to the year and record got a real good start to the year yet he's been really really good I mean I understand why Ned told him. Personally I wanted to back out there for the seventh. Right it was 789 hitters coming numb. But I understand why it's opening day 800 pitches I get it you need them for 34 more starts. But in August he better not be doing that right well. I still again this is just me I wanted to back out there for one more inning because. The bullpen is a question mark the rest of the rotation is a question mark any Duffy is one of four stars on this team when your pitch him like he was. Go finish the job go out there during that 65 million dollar deal I know it's start one but. I thought he really could have set the tone for the season by giving them one more readily welcome this season were two Brendon moss nice to see him after not getting hit with a big game the go ahead home run a monster we TC and in person. Figured and he's one of those like. But I bet you he'd. Has a puke bucket. But he's one of those works out Juli if you add that he's one of those guys like Ed always a work out warrior like his dad was a bodybuilder. But yet but she has a few. That was nice nice to us an apple over twelve hole for eleven felt like it that that was in your was doing worse whether it was the bull Federer was moss wasn't serving that again not a there are tough guys or hit the ball but outside it Salvi right now demos canes getting on base seven walks again. Leads the league in walks out of leads the league in home runs in your two and four. That's tolerable but again man yeah. Well the ball but I'll say is blown two games I think the offense customs to explain use fuel you know outscored 21 of five in its series in Minnesota you can put it all actors Santiago held you don't want around. One look one more note from a of the Houston series yet there was a ninth inning foul ball that was caught in the right side there's a thirty year old man with a glove. How do you feel about us. Thirty year old guys with a he caught it but he was with the yet the glove listen if you have fourteen com. Look where he was sitting in a line drive I guess could it have hit him hmm so he's may be protecting V. Women and men and children that don't have died you make excuses for why I call her glove got into the wave next. The way up. Jordan game. If you've paid your hard earned money to go to the game I'm not trying to ruin your experience if you liked the way to. Few things don't belong at baseball games fifteen year old and older guys wearing gloves that are playing the hand and I did Tommy got ketchup on hot dog area let's move on opening day. Not coming up he can he get the ball. Who will kind of up for games that they planned is it oh it's a party and beat the party. It's a party. But it's going to be a day. Weird party this year it look like there's the Donnelly. I mean the dedication. Ever video scene twice and it chokes the couple times. I his mother's gonna throw out the first pitch right she's only been here twice the last time she came here was. When he twirled a gem in game six of the 2014 World Series that night that she says he became a man. So it's going to be obviously rockets in the parking lot rockets before the game. But it'll be interesting to see where the stadium and where the stadium goes after the the pre game honoring of your Donahoe. And whether the players Angela 'cause. Mean all these guys have been together forever they're Brothers and many its spring training moves and Duffy were crying in the for a third base line watching in tribute to your Donahoe. I'm in front of thirty some odd thousand ads I don't know holidays. Regroup and go. 98. Have to give brought all the way back up it's like that you that in football two of those tributes and need to go play football and it's between Clinton gladiators were little different in Kennedy was one of them for royals that showed up that the little laugh and mural that they had that day of the night of your Donald passing. And look you know from the leadoff hitter for the Oakland days I am swinging at that first pitch because. You know you gotta think the rules are going to be on their heels yet to open up that game so. Be ready for an Oakland ambush in that first inning hopefully Kennedy's. Commanders on point. We'll do this every week. Well almost everywhere to be a few that we'll be around for and I'm surely to come over at some point and we'll get mad at each other for awhile wanna talk to each other. And for my wedding I'm not doing this on the Sunday and be back I'm not sorry you lays eyes now well it Idaho maybe you'll recorded the Monday after this has been crowded around Josh Rainier royals insider from six cents for radio like which it 91 K and easy more of these every single week. Hearing came easy dot com.