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Monday, June 19th

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It's 106. Ebony have you. Here on aim Monday. Jamie's back after spanning all weekend phone banking for Kamal Harris when he joined as big of you big weekend for you. You know I did on that bandwagon pretty well she gave them some headlines. And James coming here. And the one that followed being this dozens hearings allies not evident. Meg going early I am. I was a buddy of mine at FaceBook at least he's like bipartisan question who would you like to see run for your parties we don't know fighting whatever. Who would you write like to see run for your party's. You don't race for the White House in two in 20/20. Obviously Ed did the assumption is present trouble will run again. I threw just I said look here's a name to keep it Diane I'm not saying she's my pick but I threw Kamal harris' name in former attorney general. In California prosecutor prosecutor sharp wit she's Joshi who left when you view black woman if you don't like liberal politics you're not gonna like this one I said she could be one to watch. They hate this is from a friend of mine back in Milwaukee and the hatred I received for throwing a public. I was just kind of tell it about conversation. Let me and. Oh. Speaking of politics moving a little bit back to television. Anybody watch Sunday night with Megyn Kelly last night with a built up last Monday and Tuesday. It was all about the meg and Kelly interview with with with in force talk show host Alex Jones. On Father's Day and how of course is believe started CAD hook was a hoax and you know that kind of stuff. I watch. And neither I neither a lot of people now. The rate are out and we said last week we sad because we talked about whether NBC should still aired this view based on a lot of people thinking it was disgusting and don't give this guy an audience at a forum to spout his views. And a lot of this ad will install its so a lot of heated. Yeah a lot of you did it. It it grabs 3.5. Three million viewers on average. Her show debuted on June 4 and this is the lowest. Rated Sunday night would Megyn Kelly since it debuted. Are we starting to see. Perhaps meg and Kelly wasn't the draw that everybody thought she was coming over from Fox News I think it's purely and now. Three it's three episode I was or episodes or whatever but it should tell you something over an EBC America's Funniest Home Videos. Point seven million viewers just in the 25 to 54 demographic and you can watch that on YouTube any day of the grant you don't have to specifically skewed in for that show anymore so the question about last night premieres and for those of you. I was on an airplane was flying back from Orlando very late last item like it had better things to do apparently so I. It currently for the reaction I I've I didn't watch it lies it is an absolutely. It's a terrible deaths are they mean it was Father's Day it was a nice night outside. The US open was on the royals were playing away an away game outlast. So everything was cut it started at 6 o'clock I did on 645 again I would catch the end of whatever than start watching it seven I missed it. I would legitimately missed I think 6 o'clock and Sunday. For air quotes news program. It's a terrible times especially for something that's a little more at 7 o'clock on the East Coast 6 o'clock here. I don't know that airs at five mountain time but I'm sure they were starting all over and I think the timing that's terrible. And so the question is and we are from those of you that side I. And if you didn't why didn't you watch it. You know let's what is it her that you're just not as intrigued by as maybe when she was on Fox News on so it is on the text line and maybe this is a good point. The drop was Fox News not nagging Cali. And and may be in that forum she could be a little edgy year and on NBC the audience isn't air for written necessarily they don't want that may be as much as if you're watching Fox News. Or was topic did you did the topic turned you off. It's Alex Jones who. Most people don't know at least before six days ago most people didn't know who Alex Jones Wallace. I still don't think you could walk down. You know we walked down main street in downtown Kansas City. In the first ten people regardless of race age color whatever. We can say who is Alex Jones out at 50% would have no idea I don't I don't at least I don't think anybody knows who he really. Sister Lotta buzz leading up to it so I've yet no wiwa yes. You if you were paying attention to what was happening in the world especially later in the week there was a lot of talk about it I had a lot of questions about whether NBC should there. And it's a lot of us predicted incorrectly. That the buzz around it was going to help ratings yeah that did not happen. No it didn't and it's somebody pointed out is sixty minutes here's the same time here going up against the monster the beast that in just read their forever. And you're trying to chip away with Megan Megan Kelly and Alex Jones but she's hot. I speicher let's get on TV she does and air longer by the way she's new you know and BC's a lot of people who did not know or from Fox News is Weller being newly exposed to worse and maybe there's a little bit of intrigue still for the new girl on on the network. But it didn't play out here it really didn't it was the lowest rated episode the Chia head so far Ed and that I'm sure. Wish me twenty million dollars a year was that on Iona that I'm sure is going to get a lot of the brass at NBC talking about. And they well they will quit. Airing right now it's week four net Bly. How much longer do you think big ever if she doesn't start turning things around because. Nobody wanted to watch Alex Jones nobody wanted to watched about Vladimir Putin. At I don't know the answer. Just band it was Father's Day and a lot of people were out doing Father's Day barbecues and hanging out with their dad's into and stuff outside and it 6 o'clock so it's too early for a lot of people at my age is but the timing boom and then somebody's on the tax line I don't wanna listen to a man denying that children were murdered. I. I agree with that I mean I wanted to watch it. I probably eagle find it right now. But after it got it was over I notice it really wasn't buzzing on Twitter button you and I discussed it before 8 o'clock 3:30 whenever this morning or like. I don't know everything we've heard no nothing revealing came out you know Alex Jones leaves it was a conspiracy hoax we all knew that going it. That's a lot of problems or not several of you are saying on the tax line was that it didn't all it was solidify what we are you knew about hand and it didn't give us anything new true which which is a valid. Which is really valid somebody else like the Vladimir put an area that I didn't I just I think she. May be she isn't. Light. The poll that NBC was investing twenty million dollars. And it makes me wonder what she needs to do differently yeah right to fit NBC or or does she need to stand more from the rest of NBC you know what do they wanna do it they wanna get the rest of the audience that currently consumes NBC news room to watch or are they trying to draw. From Fox News. It must watch her I don't know the answer is I'm not again I'm not gonna tune in at 6 o'clock when I got the US open on. Or honey good movies on yesterday a sort of watch in the running man awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the eighties the royals were on it was a beautiful night outside of. And if she. I NBC news does she have to be more of an objective news person. Then she had to be on Fox News on Fox News. She could lean more conservative or lean more to the right and that's what those viewers want it on yeah BC news does she have to be more in the middle and is that. Or born watts. People like watching combative television yeah I mean all of a sudden they hit lots you know there's. With bill Riley gone at Fox News and some of the personalities gone as Fox News and with the president being a Republican. People don't watch Fox News is much and I know that because MSNBC is now number one. And Fox News has fallen to three you know why is people like to hate watched in people will go watch MSNBC the liberals will come out on hate watched. They have today that the reporting on president true. So she this program that she's doing right now is gonna run through the summer and then to go away because of NFL then in the fall shall poster on daytime show. She will do better and daytime I guarantee you she will do with women. Where she can be a little nicer and and have that built in audience a little bit of women not men my guess is when and we'll we'll like her during the. I think she's a fine professional broadcaster and I think she is as well first as any money out there. I just don't know of her appeal was there an end and maybe you're right maybe the the the draw being on fox. With the vitriol towards the previous administration while she was her entire career fox. I think that that played into. Somebody said she used to be more demanding and getting answers or questions. Is she softer on NBC should not edgy enough is united you know four yeah that's interesting that is really interest. And who knows we don't know how much freedom she was given from NB CNBC said in order to fit our brand here's what we need you to do so maybe she saw and at the request an NBC and maybe they're gonna latter whistle Lamar. Or maybe she's just kind of fill in the 6 o'clock slot may be their expectations are low. Because they know in the fall they're not gonna have run anyway and she could beats the view or she could be the talk or the real or whatever she's. She's a bigger drop by herself that now shows are due to lower guest is this week no. But relief because they're not promoting it like they were promote now on Alex Jones no way we don't know right now. Filling Casey here and anyone came easy film to watch it last night. No I've been watching Alex Jones about that I itself in the guise of four hours that may have. Some from the do with the an example the years ago when the ball while Horry was golden rule is strong. He claimed all one of those radio program that is and the union one day. But those in the bowl patient at Truman medical center the hospital. So I called Bob what do the contracting that was totally unfounded the farthest from the heard there was no way ball patient there. And now like dictators of moderate thing problems say there's these are just discredit him solely. Thank you very much been appreciated I think there are a lot of people that feel that way adding his listeners would would come back you and say that he is. You know a really good host but I've I'm not a big fan and I'm really not but but he's got a following for sure. Somebody said they kinds that are to fail you know sixty minutes is on the same time. How is she going to be sixty minutes that I thought she maybe they thought she's a big enough name that she was. That are on there. Put her on after sixty. I think it you. Going up against that beast then yeah it's land it's like and we got to get to a break but it's like with FS one when they started FS one. Going up against ESPN and knows some people think of ESPN and lovable bought. You look at the number of people who are watching sports center vs whatever FS one highlight show is call or people are just watching ESPN programming vs fox sports one. It's not even close I don't know how you battle that Eric is ESPN's been the standard thirty years I've I have absolutely no idea I do. Obligated watch us they'll text institute ninety's or it's May Day would Jamie like it. People okay big check I know I'm new here there are. People don't like taxes. Generally and they do like their guns. Do like their yeah we do you see this I think there's no government overreach Kangyo taxes carrying on guns or get a yes. Oh we've got a story about taxes. And guns. In a very liberal city and we'll tell you the outcome of what. Actually happened when they started taxing gun sales about it very confused about my record coming out and he's going to confuse and you know what's going to do that next 91 KM BZ. Idea lining KM BZ mid day with Jamie and wickets. Jamie money selling like licking blood have you we'll check in me in and parks before 2 o'clock. This story comes to us out of. Seattle. Liberal city Marilu and say I'm claim there in Washington State's. And. Year there was a city councilman in Seattle named Tim Burgess who introduced a tax. On gun sales. Back in 2059 euros with the the tax laws. 25 dollars on every fire arms sold in this city. What is five bucks and not to five cents per rounds of ammunition. Again liberal city they easily passed it no surprise there liberals love their taxes yup and they love their taxes on gun all the Aaliyah being. It's going to be harder you know people market is likely to go get the odd. At the time he predicted that that tax would generate between 300000 dollars and 500000 dollars. The money would be used to study the root causes of gun violence in hopes of reducing the cost to taxpayers 125 bucks a gun at the five cents per round and this city councilman said it's going to raise. Between 300000. Dollars and half a million for the city so the measure passed without any trouble at. No no votes it just again it's the syntax kind of right in and and liberal Seattle this is considers and it's his syntax in liberal Seattle about guns so. The attacks took effect January 1 of 2016. And that is the story that we have here at Fox News is that comparing the first five months of 2017. With the same period before gun tax went into effect reports of shots fired up 13%. So. Making here compare apples to apples to apples with higher tax with a higher costs of buying it guy and what day it was thing in theory was if you tax something higher or cigarettes. That you shouldn't have anyway in theory people consume last that's part of the goal. That was not the case here and people still. We're gonna make some money extra money on it people still buy any witty way right easily make more money or we reduced people doing it and they shouldn't be doing anyway. That was not the case here again comparing the first five months of 2017. With the same period before the contacts went into effect. Reports of shots fired our 018%. The number of people injured in shooting has climbed 37%. And gun deaths. To ball and oh scene and you. And don't miss. Am ions the tax is not bringing in nearly the amount of money that they thought why Seattle officials will not say how much the tax brought in in the first year. But the fact that they want to tell you is a bad sign. I'm only giving the number under 200000. Dollars gun rights groups who no doubt on the law overturned. Have sued to get the exact amount. This is an all talk about your all time backfire sales are down 20%. Gun sales recording is one guy that has a really big guns from the last large gun dealer in Seattle it is outdoor or he said. Storewide. Sales are down 20%. Just in general gun sales are down 60% so if you're following this. The guy tax or that the additional gun money did lead to fewer gun sales she did not lead to an increase. It or let you. Afterward there was an increasing gun violence got it yes and also some of these gun shops left the city went out to suburbs business has. Never been that affords them how. It suburbs of Seattle closer each other you could very recently just goes somewhere else get your guns. So I don't understand it and I need people to help. Because. If it makes sense that gun sales would opt out in Seattle. When something cost or you're going to buy less of it or go somewhere else and gotten the part of this and also reasons that I don't understand is why since this taxes gone line. Gun I mean these measures are the number of people injured in shootings just five months your year is up 37%. And gun deaths doubled. Well I understand I about guns psychology. 5767798. Abbott offer something in this is just you know my one thing I would read into it. Are you because you're paying five cents around you more aware Rita pulled the trigger. And as good samaritan. Right what if if all of a sudden you're paying for the route in the you're paying an additional. Whatever I mean it is a very small amount really wouldn't committee consideration. But you being more conservative with the are often how many times are pulling the trigger often you're taking your gun out with you. I don't I don't go and fight it very interesting Arnold to gun rules are in Washington I have no idea. I'm guessing they're pretty strict don't know the answer that pretty liberal state. Seattle's pretty liberal how I have no idea. It makes sense to me those that are saying they're buying from an ordinary yeah they absolutely are your wise gun violence odd because guns cost more that's what I don't understand I don't know how the correlation works. I really don't. But it is amazing the plan was to have gun violence go down to tax and learn about more about gun violence and ways to curtail it. And people still buy the guns what do we learn everything was the opposite end and everything was the opposite. It's not zero or 5767798. And your right to the person to such as this is why I was careful my word choices saying it wasn't necessarily as a result that somebody said correlation does not show causation. It doesn't you're right. But comparing apples to apples that's a pretty dramatic increase so if it wasn't because of this. What the hell happened in Seattle in the next year that you're looking for other reasons than it would have caused this and there are and there's nothing else that changed this dramatically to cause. Eight doubling of gun dust by the way tomorrow we're gonna talk about how all the troubles are happening with youth as a result of guns. We'll get into that tomorrow I'm but I don't understand why incidents of gun use and gun violence would be up. The the dollars of the money has been raised by the gun taxed and holding account during this legal battle to whether or not the gonna reveal the total amount raised and whatnot. But Seattle has dipped into his general fund is for the gun violence research at a local medical center by 767798. Oh loss that person let's talk to Chris in Casey and anyone came easy hi Chris. I hate. Us. I had gotten guys an at a possible apostle another answer. And the question as they shortened statistics whole world the good news army and on the. Good thing for people who have been showered liberal guilt and what are the government actually registered or not. We don't have any of that information on this the first story from Fox News on our FaceBook page if you wanna read the whole thing there's there's really nothing in the story about that specifically. Good result. I'm curious as to whether it didn't in terms of the money into the cigarette tax in the Detroit and the weapons and older summit Campbell but being purchased. The Albany and. I would not yet at the good bit. Quiet beings. It's still. Being done by the appellate court in guns burgeoning. Art and those weapons from good sources like you know gunshot sort. Why would it be up so dramatically since this tax went into effect. Well till Indian technically it's been difficult it would have bought up you know if you could protect yourself the more people are our people or more likely to at least. Second guess and that it you don't think about whether or not they wanna. Commit a crime. Now that you've taken that. That right away for people to narrow the wide web a bit that penalty for people to purchase a weapon for self defense that that the possibility that needy people are not. Purchasing that weapon for self defense met or. Don't know when these crimes happen you know they're not they're not you know that possibly not able to protect themselves. Look there's no wrong answer we're trying to dive into all this and I think his point about are they buying other spending their money is tax revenue only coming in because of animal a majority of now. That's an interesting way to look at Chris thanks for yours and terror he's got a really good point we're gonna get to ID one KM BZ. We do Jamie and make it right we're talking about. A story at a Seattle right now from database of paging a check out. There was a a rule into effect in January of 2016 in the city of Seattle very very liberal city but it was a syntax gunned. Pax that's how they treated at the knees and tax 25 bucks on every firearms sold in the city. And up to five cents per rounds of ammunition here's what has happened essentially gun sales are weighing down in the city of Seattle now. Seals pretty big metro area. There's items tomorrow they. Some of those shops downtown moved outside of the city limits because. You're gonna spend a hundred and set out Amish guy and cost 200 bucks and managed to 25 genome. That makes sense what does not make sense to me is the fact that since this tax went into effect on us early because of it but since the tax went into effect. Reports of shots fired in the city are up 13%. The number of people injured in shootings is up 37%. And gun deaths doubled. I need help understanding what a palace happening in Syria. I have many ants I think that evidence that night and this is this is what I think is going. Criminals are still getting their guns you know. The guide it's gonna rob a liquor store eight Golan to Jamie money sell these gun shop are right so they're they're gone whatever way they get their gun. And they don't have to pay taxes on and obviously they're just buying it taking whatever that over you choir gone. And they are going to prey upon the unprotected. Does that make sense so I and that's why there are probably more protected exactly. And if they can't protect themselves they're gonna be injured or for an mislead even worse I think that telling connected. Somebody's comparing this kind of the prohibition that if you ban something or make something harder to get you'll have somebody. You'll have more illegal guns on the street and because they note that it's more expensive for you to get it legally use other more illegal guns on the streets a good point you've got gun rights activists. That are suing to get numbers on exactly how much money does taxes raise they are no doubt going to fight to say attacks was not effective. The taxes at the opposite effect it's a place to put on rights activist right because they're arguing the tax did not have the effect that you said it won it it led to fewer gun sales. But it led to you can you can argue that led to an increasing gun violence it's it's a tough spot to click on activists and because they have to admit then that this led to an increasing gun violence. I 767798. We make of all this let's talk to Terry Smith bill Terry's got a good point you're an idea one KM BZ. Thank god I think your boat ride out what did you said that eye opener in eighty Corley you whatsoever that the right in the bat. Birth of the gun they'll back I think it about I'd probably protesters birds or. So bored out shooting the protesters and that's where the statistics ago auto lot. The protesters into the shooting. There are what are factually it and it democratic and sugar some people go. A lot of people would. Very actually use. And a lot of them like people right across. You know I think got a much more do the right. Pentax. I would say that is this went into effect a year and a half ago. And trucks only been president and the protests against trumpet to resist and all that. That's really going on for six un nice that they did what he makes cents the Fox News story compares the first five months. Of 2017. Since president trump became president yes. 25 months the same period before the gun tax wouldn't affect now how 2050 how is it. Does the numbers that are OK it's it's so it's because all eyes of the resistance to the president or the president and the resistance let's use the word since. Not because it is since president truck has been an office because that doesn't mean as a result of but in that tied your gaps so these first five months of president during for the first five months the president trumps. Presidency presidency. Does of the dump a guy. I can go two ways and I'm sure those that are on hold we'll get to you that wanna blame that are on the left the one to blame trial Wednesday. He's promoting gun violence. And I'm sure those on the right would say stop protesting and being checked bags has streets and the violence won't happen. I think your I think your there's some I think there's some truth in both and I think there's a lot of truth in both I know it's it's very hard people to see the other side. But I think there's some truth in both curious to know why it. The result would have been if those contacts in the past maybe not in quite such a liberals were there would have been such a version of crying out. Doesn't get much like it if you scale the cities it doesn't get a lot rolled in Seattle Seattle Denver. Portland Chicago. As yeah little running on where you Chicago. And I'd I don't know the gets too much more liberal than Seattle. I'm so they've got it you're an hour. I think it like boulder college towns like how found to be pretty. That a major cities utterly good Vermont Burlington Vermont all of Vermont. Josh that's not an oxy age guys what's up man you're an idea one game BZ. I think you got a little bit disconnect there and you. Try to take a report from Fox News and not be skeptical reader or they're telling her or they're not telling their. Number chillier at cherry picking out. You may be true or you want to succeed because you're goalie goalies. For Zack and just to be clear. I am reading oddity Fox News story about cherry picking anything I'm reading the first three paragraphs of a Fox News story about that's. They're going to be they're cherry picking but anyway I think what has happened. There's a maybe Eckhard greater. Connection between. Order it's happened sense struck shortly elected and that he has encouraged. And his campaign rally plots since then. Two. Jacobs spent against Muslims against various groups they travel back and got shot down no pun intended. And I thank you taken a lit opera about. A PC which means that people out. They have license to say whatever they want and they I noticed that my friends that are more conservative that day. They think they can say certain things now and being derogatory. And that's going to incite some people who also been liberals who have guns some of them and there's going to be more. Action more conflict and that's just all over the country hate crimes are up. Dramatically and I think you need to take a look at that we're out trying to say well all liberals and conservatives this it's just. Hate crimes are out and people overreact. Think the focus on Josh appreciate event dovish stranger. Is stranger. Somebody on the the text line said. Holy cow I just look across the country the last six months left violent mom on the street doesn't get much more left in Seattle and there's a mystery like gun violence is up. Will the chicken or the egg is gun violence on because people are reacting to trump. Or is gun violence up because trump is present the town except I don't. Exactly. Know once to see both. I think there's both I think trump said the tell people reacted people that reacted to the reaction of the resistance and I think I think there's. There's fault bubbles. It's observation beyond my eyes of this you during the break I have not gonna suffer while I've not seen the word liberal come up in tax on his show may be says the day after the election as much as I have today. On it's not a good thing it's it's a lot of people are blaming. One party or another and don't have the same conversation that we did last hour but it's really. It's really disappointing. It's as somebody says callers right you two were gleeful I gleeful. I'm let me tell him throw the gun sales are down but I don't understand them like on violence would be up ultimately I don't care as guns as long as we're not killing each other. I just see it this is one of those. The reason I I kind of chuckled during this story Jamie. Eight it seemed like each year it's like the airport committee in Kansas City in didn't seem like a very good idea from the start to me. To say or do at the toy but dollar tax and every got a five cents and every round. What are gun owners and her gun stores gonna do practice sticker on and it's the same as the sure tax write. But it's different because we're talking about it let's say at 350 dollar investment as opposed to let you know a twelve pack or twenty ounce. If I'm to buy guns and let's take cost 350 bucks and to the people on the tax line I have no idea what it costs. But I'm gonna go outside of the city to not spend an extra 25 dollars or whatever. What about a 25 blocks were talking about three dollars here. And it is something that I take that seriously I'm gonna go to that guy that I know that I trust the sport that I know that as the good reputation comical here. It's 88 Aysu it's a little bit like this this the sugar tax and in in in Philly. But I don't think it's it it's and it's not apples and oranges but it's not Apple's app. The only reason I compare armistice that syntax idea just that idea that I think it was pitched as something that was going to be good either way you can turn out not to be that way I think what they thought was. Wore it out were either gonna make a lot of money because people are so gonna buy guns or they're gonna buy fewer guns and we're gonna have less violence what we've learned is that fewer guns does not mean last. It's and by at least 25 bucks pretty heavy tax I don't know city in America that would work it specially a flat point five dollar tax it's not a percentage Kirby. In independence gets the final word curb your 91 came easy. Our league yet known some great points and it wasn't you know an action or reaction and other reaction to that reaction. But what I've noticed in this sticky look at different protests at all she liked the left one. It's noble moral compass mania that into cocaine. To being violent weather to garner Furyk or pepper spray or whatever in seventeen years. In the normal protest. Now all the Serbs instruction in. There'd be more violent protests with whatever needs. And the people the conservative side who has most against are. I think one of the reasons that there's higher debt because of that tax. Yeah is before you catch some Al Robbie store whatever he sees simply. Two up on fire warning shot that runway. Now what channel they're so expensive no more warning shot key issue. I. I don't think you're too far off I think there is the idea of well are gonna pay taxes on this bullet. You know I would say of the martyr rounds I get credit it's only in nickel. But still. It adds the first hour I am so. That a FaceBook page go check out the story from Fox News that a FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ we will update our poll question should be retried Bill Cosby you can vote on Twitter we Twitter right now KM BZ radio it's mid day with Jamie wicket also. We've all seen bull fights where the bowl loses right below over the weekend gave me the bowl got its revenge the supposed to letters. That's that there why didn't. You can go that way it would play all about it next to 91 came BC. ID eight line KM BZB David Jamie wicket. Jamie money selling my quick check in Medina and parks coming up really how was your weekend. You mean out what is unfolding and she was that we told people on Friday when rod was filling in your phone banking for Kamal Harris point one like you're starting the grassroots movement and barely but what you really. I. And gone and two floor. For the official adoption hearing before the court for. Where is now officially middle aged hacker oh cool Ayers saying there's a period in which you. After a period of time you can go in and actually have a hearing in which. The judge asked these questions and signs some paperwork and hands it over and so there was quite a group of us that were there. I'm in Orlando on Friday and it was I I mr. Graham couple pictures of VC on and Graham and I'm I'm telling you it is on. I've cried like that finalized. Oh it was great. It was quite moving and and I was somebody that was not as familiar with adoption before each and Stephanie went through the process. And on. Man it's T hear the judge say in an apparently this is pretty common to say in and a court in a case like this but to hear the judge in that case say. So like under state law there is no difference between an adoptive child in a biological child and a crying out off that I am I could not find an of Kleenex and that moment it was just really on. It was is really pretty awesome and I spent the weekend in Saint Augustine which I never. I'd never done so I just kind of Google did side trip to Orlando because I didn't eat and so we wet we got him as percent of Mickey Mickey ears hole. Well how adorable and his his it will not grow into that for like five years there. Absolutely and that's it. And took him on his first privately it's a small world. Which was just the right kind of goes through with the waters obligated to halt presidents Goodling. Appropriate given it is instantly your big travelers in the child was born in Florida and he's here and so it was a really cool thing to be to be apart cool this guy and so I tweet coupled with an agent at the picture of it was Father's Day weekend and so I now given my dad was alive it was kind of cool to be a part of his for spotters out fines. And earn the point. Kind of Piaf. Welcome to. No spine of this Saturday things are ready to stop that out too I'll Wesley is hardware in Overland Park that was very very cool that much listeners. And then drove up to the mowing for Father's Day and little Lucy my nieces second birthday. Spot nosed as it was as it was of another trip to deploy with the in laws. At which was great wood to about pain and some. Great food to a lot of adorable photos of the two year old snow. Good cable yesterday. These kids are reading that the new kind of super exciting you know. I got the summer travel bug now. All of us I don't always if you flew but I ain't just in being in flight and for quite awhile my favorites in the country that uses a piece of fried eggs at it as they were going. Until EJ had been public about it you know you young he should have a moment and so on but people spent on Thursday. It must be special occasion we don't receive its floor of a well it's not I think your place to go in the world by. Green and go just for that I asked me. I would give you a different answer every Hutchinson. Is actually this weekend in Chicago and cousin I'm very close to you. Bankrupt kind of as a little brother he gets married this weekend. In the next week Dennis Hutchinson Kansas. For big fourth it's like Hillary union bank plans have been bigger funds I think. I'm gonna go to hunted since. Why the Kansas association of broadcasters awards are out if she also option. She may be she's submitting her entry right now he's awards or any other station that I know are on I don't fill out the awards and the boss's job or the assistant program director's job he did nine this apparatus now and I think definitely now. Speaking at what's alleged. To only in its. What's the report as a time out that's your job. Well on guys. This is deadly weekend. I await him and he found out that will happen it. Why is that. Well it happened in Maine and seeing. My mom and dad were on a plane on the way to dream vacation for two and half weeks in Florida. Plane diverted to emergency landing. Old. The reason we will talk the telling us he's game incredibly violent full on emergency landing. A whole new aren't leaving Stewart how we did not suit up was he dragged up by Chicago yeah. Did. So they were close to Saint Louis and they were Kansas City so big they diverted to Saint Louis landed. And I do want and it will get into the story during our show but I do wanna thank everybody who was on planes is amazing. And southwest was amazing and up their bags and up and down remains an. Out like that guy. Amanda. So apple talked the other and I talked him just now they're fine they're on the way back here in advocate addict. Maximum putter isn't gonna get into it but I Jamie and I had a very spirited conversation with listeners about the advertisement for the special election in Georgia BC news advertisers. Did that what did you make. Digits check that one out. Amazingly expletive. Exploit that's gonna work for you out. But I will say this Scott Kelly enjoy read. Are also on mired. No gifts for Christmas list radar what they said over the weekend regarding. The shooting down last Wednesday the victims what they say it was horrible. You know Scott don't it would supporters say. He may have brought this on himself. Com which makes me wonder. Yeah it's super strange. It's got back doubles civility conversation we are trying to blast and know. Ha. And also. Coming up this afternoon Steve cry ASCII content in our. Suggests it may be time to re name the JC Nichols found on the. Let let me put. It. What's that sour taste my throat that's. I know I opt opt and it all right ten seconds I'm new I don't understand. JC Nichols. Was realtor. And developer. And for many years he allowed Jewish people. Okay. In applause that I assume well there were of course there were. There are also. Allegations. That he kept black people out of certain neighborhoods who. Mr. there allegations here actually kept people's. And so at what I saw that article I thought to myself. Scott's gonna have a heyday with this one. Hand he is has not this has not disappointed me your phone call. Yeah these odd view again.