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Wednesday, June 14th

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It is what I was six. Coming up we'll check in with the Dana and parks they're coming your way at 2 o'clock and I'm sure they'll be. Talking a lot about what we spent a lot of the show today on and that is the Alexandria. Shooting that occurred will keep you up to date on anything that does not come out of that news story Ross keeping a nine a potential shooter situation in San Francisco where. Several people were shot and the London apartment fire. Lots oral today as far as the the shooting at the practice for the commercial based on in this morning at last check we have five people that were injured comforting including. So at least by my point is the least Phillies Steve I it's so he's an ad for some reason at last we heard he had been shot hit the UN he underwent surgery uses stable condition or four others that were injured there including. To capitol police officers. Who have been identified. But we know that they were injured and there were two others as well. We note that these suspected not as the suspected that the shooter in this case was taken down and and later died of his injuries he is out of Belleville Illinois originally. Has been the last couple months and Alexandria Virginia still looking for an exact motive buys FaceBook page clearly indicates. That he was antitrust. Yeah visa not affect. All Gigabit and all that stuff. Saw this in the year KC star the other day and we were gonna get to it I think yesterday we have time or whatever. So have you ever had to go through do you like checkpoint. I never have the kind. Ott but those people that. I'll be honest I don't. I'm more careful about driving drunk in part because on teaching license area and that's usually if you get. And nice to get under. Yeah oh anytime into the police officer is near you don't you you're just like making your move came here I know. I and so would you know right now. I think it would take a great degree concentration mom and with the top what I'd been her and get with a flashlight your eyes. Well. In Missouri. Beginning excellent 66 Missouri law enforcement agencies including the Kansas city police department will lose funding for sobriety checkpoints. Are represented a Justin hill is a Saint Louis area Republican who was in law enforcement for thirteen years. And once supervised checkpoints thinks thinks they're better ways. To get drunk drivers and supported Missouri house bill number of four. The bill ships more than nineteen million dollars in federal funds away from checkpoints to saturation. Patrols. Unlike checkpoints which according to hill are visible and often denounced. Saturation patrols and officers to unannounced areas to watch for drunk drivers police will still be able to conduct conduct checkpoints if they want. But it will no longer be able to pay for them through that type of funding. So you read the story. I don't understand why this is a good thing or why this happened in the first place because the story points out to be several reasons why checkpoints are better it seems like checkpoints catch more drunk drivers and saturation patrols. They cited numbers out of Saint Patrick's Day. I'm an ace lost it where they said they'd cot it's like thirteen hundred Ers on your stopped thirteen hundred people take a 41 drunks are back and got 41 drugs and police said there's no way they could've done that was saturation patrols. They also say that so checkpoint seemed to be a big deterrent for drunk drivers which just. On their announced ahead of time and so if you know the your general path home. Is going to get you around a checkpoint it might be a deterrent for you driving drunk they're visible they're announced you know they're gonna be and so it is a big deterrent. They're concerned. About checkpoints is profiling. As is that's people get nervous that you're only going to profile certain people that look at certain layer of certain vehicles and that kind of thing and we saturation patrols. I think you could still have profiling but it's that are concerned with checkpoint. Being relatively nil. I've never seen one. DOI checkpoint I've never seen a DUI checkpoint it's edit Travis Eagles are one yes I have to describe it's great that we are you. Down and down by Westport actually. And now what so what they normally do is there's. To a set of lanes because sometimes as well blades takes so long so did too is that the lanes up freeway. No this is normal just on Micah in the city in the city like to stormy in the street okay. Not street but yes in the city. Service wrote I guess is we're looking for. That is normally about four cops out there and all of those stop you just like they're going through like a traffic light or something they'll stop you. Com have you rode on your window kind of flash in your rise to make and sometimes of being close to you maybe in your window hey you where you come in from were you doing tonight. And they don't seem like you're slurring her field snow ending on you you go right on through but if you do. Seem. Sorry slurry or they Smeltz and then they'll make you pulled to decide the other car though you know. Do the line test of what test she questioned look at license plate that a guy. And the first process can take up you know two minutes and on your way but if not then takes a bit longer. Yeah right okay calm and there's normally a huge bandit says the UI checkpoint in which they would just throw UN. And want to filled up the go to the jail comrade back greatly yes. And there was announced dived on the news story out before where they'll let you know ahead of time because at the end the day they wanna stopped or driving Howard is not drunk driving and if it's because you hear about it and that keeps you from driving drunk that night that the success. Sorry I am done. Think there might be a Twitter account Tennessee the checkpoints. They normally tell you hated that we're gonna be out tonight from this time. RC don't drink and drive but. You will be checked regardless of drinking or not. Does it. Deter you from from drinking and because it would debt lately determine a site. Over everywhere but to be drink in or from downtown we take the car we walk the street car we walked. It in the I've heard of these I just never seen one and I never ever want to see one. But it would deter me like just the thought of it was he not get buzzed up and drive home yeah. And that's the idea and and police said in the story is seen as a deterrent for the same reason that if you weren't here you know people call us or the tax doesn't say. There's cops set up stunning mission and an half of their pulled people over for the same reason that that deter you from speeding ahead of time. If you other cops sitting there you're not gonna do that think they're gonna stop before I 76. And I would not drink and drive finally be going in that area but what their their point is are let's say it's at right here at Shawnee mission in Metcalf. I can get around Shawnee mission is mess that's the thing right it is right does it. Deter you from drinking and driving or does it just movie somewhere else where is saturation patrols are unannounced and that's what we have every holiday weekend where the federal money gives at a time grant money. This is like things like the click it or ticket campaign yeah we're date for you just to put extra police out and surges extra eyes out pulling people over. And if if you do let's say if IC the checkpoint and and maybe Travis you know about this I see the checkpoint I just. Stop turn right noble calling it and avoided the easily avoid like I don't know I wouldn't say they're vulnerable because sometimes like. I've been on a permits in this but there's over those huge sign delighted this is the logic points coming up ahead yet more than likely if they see you. You know pull in around birds normally cops behind you don't stop and make call back into that old really. OK so they've got. Sights on you from different ain't the case the sale was making you turn no but still got to go this way don't want to. Sony just texted and they did a lot of them on the north side of the Broadway Bridge once you headed over the bridge there was no way to get away. Direct the traffic close to the downtown airport I had buses full of drunk drivers yes. Set up a point where you can't avoid that's that's their story out. That's a great move to get people to do yeah that really. Really is by 767798. Do you think this is a good idea to move away from DUI checkpoints or is this a bad movie begins next month 66 Missouri law enforcement agencies. Including the Casey PD our goal is funding for sobriety checkpoints now this really hurts the pocketbook of police officers and I'll tell you exactly why he. That police officers specifically those around here. Are going to be a little bit upset with us when it begins next month midday with Jamie wicket your calls. In your tax it 22980 next 91 KM BZ that he won TMB easy to David Jamie wicket Jamie money Sally might wicket we're talking about Missouri and the new law that goes into effect next month beginning next month 66 Missouri law enforcement agencies including the Kansas city police department will lose funding for sobriety checkpoints. Represented a Justin hill out of Saint Louis was in law enforcement for thirteen years. And one supervised checkpoints thinks are better ways to get drunk drivers and supported Missouri house bill war. The bill shift nineteen million dollars in federal funds away. From checkpoints to saturation patrols so assess what is the saturation point. Saturation patrol is what happens every holiday weekend is saturation just means more officer OK you just flood more officers out there what Chicago did that we can Memorial Day we get cut down on violence. They flight data they saturation patrol or you just put more officers out there on. The difference between is that the checkpoints are visible on purpose. And announced on purpose so that you know where they're going to be. The saturation patrol is rove and not necessarily I was in the same place and an unannounced. The benefit of the checkpoint is that according to those who sport the idea is that they tend to catch more drunk drivers. That makes sense that's why it's set up. Saturation patrols in my opinion can catch more than drunk drivers you know that the checkpoint is designed. Not to catch speeders or people doing any other multitude of things worse saturation patrols might catch you speeding might catch you on six other things. One interesting point of this is that with checkpoints officers are not take it away from their duties. I did notice everybody at a check point line this according the story in the Kansas City start to your phone calls here's act. Everyone in a checkpoint is on overtime status they've already done their day job. To quote. Sargent Chris bench he says I've got guys from patrol homicide all over who sign up checkpoints make a little little extra money. It was so important because it didn't take a leap many over the resource it is now we're sitting here trusting around trying to figure out how to do this. That's got to suck if you're a police officer he made some overtime cash but working for hours and pick it up you know time and a half for whatever it is you. That stinks. I giants. But the biggest concern is how to we keep the most drunk drivers off the road and to know from people if you see checkpoints set up. Does it deter you from drunk driving you know there is going to be one setup as a. Good question I had is do you like checkpoint deter you from drinking and driving or. Do you just figure out a way around it and matters should they not be announced by 76779857677. ID text into 2980. Let's go to Lansing Casey lancer and anyone came easy. A particular car appreciate. It got. So one point one that are out there. Dot not longer a seat belt Shaq. That is seeing and we didn't ridiculous. The matter is that. Why did you seek. Well court Mike Hart in enemy like not to accidentally used. It frustrating but only. So. It's true do you think we should get rid of these DY checked I mean we are do you think that Missouri is right to get rid of these DUI checkpoints. I'd I think I mean. I tried to call one on the final checkpoint blood and they wouldn't be here in the information. They're about it. On Travis there's a Twitter account I know they put out news releases about it as a vote is a FaceBook page with 55000 likes. I'd say you know I. Cause that hey where is the work. Yeah all the police is earlier you're saying. Yeah I did I get out just like yeah. But throughout all the ads would do what the whole trap situation there like they'll put it. Well and were a lot of stories is saying you can try to avoid it if you lie but they're pretty good about encompassing a large area around I've stealing if if you've got to avoid Shawnee mission in Metcalf. You gotta go like all the legally he would at around 435 for a cents at 435 got you got to tell all Blair Brown arena to try to avoid X decides streets to get. He would seem like that's pretty easy to put a cop on that side street yeah and not let use that as a way to get through by 767798. Let's go out to vote back to the phones thank you Ted I'm sorry thank you Lance for your call let's get to TJ and 91 K a BCI TJ. Yeah outlet checkpoint. I think at and I want now drinking. But they took out. And today actually got into my car and broke out eat out at Hewlett. Costs. Eat up. About it being. A traffic stop I don't know if they're more back at younger drivers but there's greater risk of your rights being violated that. I grant I ever heard. What did that what was the explanation you were given. It'd even clipped me until I got my card out like how did actually get over here and Ike are within a carton. Actors Egypt held it while the officer did but this date and ask me they didn't talk it and I'll be there appeared. Where is the I put on my way to wet ground but what can allow. That's the perfect out west and Cubans out west and yet not yet we don't. That's the perfect place is that the deal I checkpoint on because you've got wineries up there you've got McCormick tasting room McCormick vodka distillery. Holiday distillery at their you've got people that are drinking and that got to drive an hour back to Kansas City Lou it's perfect yeah it's it's the place to catch a lot of people get a hotel. Absolutely and talking about the soft the year went that night. There is no reason for a person to drive drunk anymore not with Hoover not with on the publicity that there is now about about drunk driving and about police boat with. With the at Hoover who drives drunk remarked if you're driving drunk that's just bad judgment are an idiot yak you're stupid you're just not thinking ahead. Yeah I mean. The convenience of Wilbur and lift in and India to take a bus or downtown with the streetcar or whatever. It did know. If you want an utter dollars in a bar tab and get hammered. You can spend twelve extra bucks for that goober capsule are right. At an all it takes is I friends even that went out on Friday night and they don't live they were going out to couple bars not that far from where they live. Hand in even today. Knew that they could've driven there of course there yeah they said we were back in force because it was even easier than dealing with the car at all. I just think it's it's just caught on to the point that why would. Just over. 5767798. Let's go to Brian lees summit Reiner and anyone came easy good idea or bad idea to ditch DUI checkpoints in Missouri. I'm on the band. IB businesses that I am Eli back in the night. And that the money actors so all the money that he's been. Yeah I'll stick it close to him about it. That patent lawyer. Probably. I'm a bad person meetings. About. So are not yet. They're cut it cut funding will work all go right Jack that it got that Dayton all the deal. You know if you like to. Go back to the arbiter. But you know well. A. You're making money idealized or use that money I don't know where the money goes I'm sure there's that court license means several people you're due lawyer court appointed attorney may be back to the legal system I'm guessing some Michael back into the the police system and that's a good question some right some of that court fees some of that goes police department as a vehicle thing but I'm sure they get some money yeah it's a really good question. I don't know. At. That's one of those I just. You know I picture and the Denver had to think about I I had bad traffic ticket we're is that 75 dollars got a parking ticket on Broadway once 75. Freak in dollar. Well this thing about Kansas City is that's about courageous parking ticket price I. Exactly and I once dead a couple of videos outside and also actions and he gave me bad if you didn't have a car told me where our iphones and because I was a dummy. And got a 75 dollar parking ticket center. Parking ticket I speeding tickets that are not in 75 bucks outside the Nelson I was like. Six minutes after or before I was allowed to park their data anyway and it went inside an apartment and came back Al Blum. It's six minutes app for 75. Horrible. Mike also on the checkpoint yeah Syria if I'm the Beatty in not picking up you and Jamie from a long and a drink yeah that's gonna happen Osborne but let's let's roll roll has gone Jamie's driving a Prius you and I got a guy in the past week she is more likely to get pulled over at the line checkpoint because once erode on the window take immunize. They still smile on our. They got to make sure that she's a one if you smell like that any new vaccine related of the uterus. You know that FaceBook. Sites employ in normally they go lawful. You know the more people yet undercard the mores like OK you'll even if the spurs not let me get her to the side and if the cartilage boos as united humanity. And Jamie's drive and she's dead sober keeping this up is gallantly like no. They did. They both text Jamie heat they're your responsibility. Lately the car reeked of boos they would still make it would tester it'll take extra precautions. It makes sense it needed to lead it that accent is happy yet he multiple time it doesn't make sense that the more people you have in your car the worst look right. Now I would agree that if you're if you're by yourself you know you're more likely to DD if you're by yourself you're not your. Not likely is to be dirt and let's get to ten in Kansas City or 91 KM BZ. A general it was a bug. Well much. I'm gonna let him know what it wanted Intel multi media at all. It worked out great but now are baggage on the phone until there were by whoever actually can order lightly even though it expands the range that. It gave it captures so fast that the actual drugs know whether that before they need to get your car. So it is the C and I wonder if that is so is true. I don't I mean I get what you're saying in Ted but doesn't it also raise awareness of hey if you're gonna drive to Westport. Even heavy drinking and driving because this we're letting you know we're gonna be checking everybody. Are you out and bit. People not only a percent liberal 39 street there yeah that's a little Jack wrote air by the outage they put checkpoint there straight kick off who opted shall. I don't know what driver and I give them all the time where we're going to have. And I think people you know we're not want them there. Have you you've been stabbed at these drunk people in your car assume. If you. Now did they test you because the car may have smelled like booze because your passengers. They did until they realized their arms and driver. And I like the main attributed grandmaster posters we're gonna check he just you know process. And then I got you know mostly guys down and it wouldn't it only heck out of your kids. I think the phone call man pretty passenger's name Travis and mark yeah. That things are driving is so we really appreciated. I've said it 67798. Do you agree with the idea that is going into effect next month in Missouri to ditch DUI checkpoints he could jump into 290s here on the tax on its on FaceBook and Twitter as well. We'll get ready and can't be easy to do with Jamie wicket. 136 on a Wednesday coming up. We'll check it would Dana and parks rubbing her conversation with you 5767798. Talking about DUI checkpoints. As a beginning next month the gonna be gone in 66 misery law enforcement agencies including the Kansas city police department. Is callable at every different law enforcement agencies are 66 and it. Is able pretty healthy less the whole state of Missouri. And so they're gonna be moving money into saturation patrols instead of witches and things like click it or ticket that's saturation patrol re just have extra police out guy more eyes out more cops just kind of sitting there. And the difference being that the checkpoints are almost always announced ahead of time and they're in a stationary spot where saturation patrols. Are not announced and those officers can move around and there are some debate about. How effective one is vs the other others say a spokesperson for Matt who told the star that. The benefit of the checkpoint is that they are specifically set up in trained for Justin handled TY. That I think exaggeration its role as they can they can get done anything they can catch for speeding and if it's 2 o'clock in the morning. Others could jam or some chance of speeding you might be drunk and so they can catch on a bunch of other things the DUI checkpoint they're only gonna get you one do you wire if you got warrants or something like. And the question is are they good deer a deterrent to drinking and driving or do you see where they are because there's a FaceBook page with 55000. Likes and there's a Twitter account. Do they just say hey I may go a different direction I want to go to different bar I. I'm more likely to Hoover home Dan I don't know that I am going to avoid the checked while mother and a drive around it. Why not just take over instead if he hears is he'll if you are planning a night out in which viewers think it inlet in which you plan to drink enough. That a DUI checkpoint makes you nervous is to be around for you baby over and instead. NN. An end of the year the answer lumps picture and text line is just don't get that drunk well look some people like to go ought to get drunk on a I don't Friday night there's nothing you know it's legal not all you know tummy like do. But just don't drink and dry I don't understand like if you are right around the checkpoints should you Peter I think. If you're worried about that kind of a checkpoint maybe that's assigns me driving in the first place by 767798. By the way the bill shipped nineteen million dollars in federal front federal funds to the saturation patrols. And the statistic was the Saint Patrick's Day officers last year or this year. At one checkpoint. On southwest's traffic way checked about thirteen hundred vehicles. And got 41 drunks some people say that is not enough to justify right the amount of money that they spend. Com others would say you just saved at least 41 lives you may have saved more than. And they're saying that in the same amount time that's a lot more than a saturation patrol catch but you're right there are arguments to be made that it's proportionately that's not a good rates. Let's talk to in Kansas City at entering junior and 81 KM BZ you're gonna stop the DUI checkpoint. That yeah couple times. Yeah both personally you guys have been a little bit too much. I really try to do limelight for a million headline I'll. Hair and that kind of thing. I drive and I drive through live and site. Oh Shiite quite a bit. They don't we appreciate that very much. Audio on the army. I didn't pull over and and sobered. Just a little over troubled decade each year. So. Didn't pull over moon. Probably agree. Well dirty kind of being pulled over. In eight UD UI checkpoint or whatever. I I was like happy to counter to get pulled over. Did you know I got wait I got my little warning and you pull in anger and your sister Barry and so over a record year she'll like calling to negotiate they're like get. You know uncle and handed naturally cool but it. On the other hand. If that's a chaplain at it forty cars out of thirteen murdered. I would I would that person is dead right argued this important wanted. To quite bite to eat my drunk driver. And it saves potentially 41 lives if not more lives. Two different what do you want to people. What they do the person that says something about 10 and during two you know what I'd. Regis so we'll ask drinkers who. Yeah thank you and he sounded bad. Look at you just give if you like to have a good out there and get after it that's your prerogative to don't put anybody's life and aids. The tide of your life humiliate yourself got a stop on FaceBook line. I done and done save things it shouldn't say Travis you shouldn't hurt tweet about it do it every ally and a but then get get home a different way don't drive don't just don't get behind the wheel of the car and you go ahead and call any time that you go ahead and you call this radio program Eddie that any time and we appreciate that. Mike in Belton an 81 KM BZ Mike good idea to get rid of the checkpoints. I'm not sure don't want it eat it he won the war in emergency management sought help put the like checkpoints and I could beat a good and bad in them I think the saturation checkpoint the court a little bit better. That because he couldn't find that someone working in more parts. But he then you know just one caught street area where but he. Additional notification about you know they know that it. But I think on a completely because. You know along time ago. When I was younger my girlfriend she got a way to get that there are back structure at all. Oh my god I wish. That's right so dogmatic and click it you know had Durbin at saturation patrol that night would have liked to have been say you know or as if there are. By checkpoint Webber liked didn't say you are now. Towards the drinking goes I just do it all home I think equality the year. Cheaper to register a lot cheaper. Or a Mike thanks man I've. I'd like to stay in hold league likes to go out you know that's. Right you guys you know it's. Which is what we what's your show the bull red that I go crazy. But I would prefer to sit at home and watch a game or a movie Europe people coming out. You once we go out it's like green means go down night I take advantage of the full. The full fun time for the use there you enters off last as far as like that idea. I was much more tired and huddled yesterday and today. Yeah much more at home is definitely cheaper your safer or get somebody else's I'm like I had RO gets old times in which which it is said. And I'm very happily just go on the back you'll feel so nice to stand right. Yeah and candy cookies yeah yeah I wrote an eight yet astle drone can lead to roll them across the room like yeah I will be just a stupid why she set them why you now or. Yeah I mean I I've that over from downtown to Overland Park. You know it it is from I don't it is because I took fifteen bucks. Are played point five apparently fine from the from the far end of Overland Park the river market yeah. 45 bucks fine totally cool with that fine fox. Do you lie is a lot more thousands. A lot more and I don't know it is in Kansas or Missouri house strict it is split. Thousands that's a great thing about your credit card are being an on uber app is that can't find credit card caps whatever you know. You have access to a phone. That you get your count on that's all you need outlets were in this goes to get in rates on your 91 K and easy rate out of town. Can good idea or bad idea to ditch the DUI checkpoints. It isn't good at the digit and or drinking and driving I never. You don't have to be dropped the blow out but he added it or you can have two or three drinks sort of the report beer are. And you don't register. Here's what I don't like I don't like it I'll direct. I'm born out of the continent and it might have been a bit in order Batman if we get didn't get a parking spot. And I opted do you got checked or. And it takes outlook. And I like. It gets above mentioned in my life. 02. In any event what a waste in an hour hour and it won't reject or. And we were about being ordered into. Well I don't it's a violation of your rights but it's definitely a major inconvenience when you're you're try to. If you leave at 7 o'clock for 8 o'clock show in your rent and rates down to get downtown. Takes twenty minutes to get their ten minutes apart in tennis to walk up to the venue whatever. You should be able to do that it's an inconvenience but it's not a violation of your rights. Some at 7 PM let's turn out about you on your way here be linked to the concert on to their word about 2 o'clock in the morning as bars close to be late for the after party. Yeah the teacher going to be late for quick and I think as question and attacks on Israel right white Americans need to drink so much a blame where you're from. That's about all that is Epperson not American. I think it's. It's Americans don't need to drink so much Americans can we are free to do what we would like but what's it why do you judge it. Judge of people entered to my eyes guessing it has to do with some people and their anti told heard it by. Mentality at times Adam my old GM. Didn't drink this is to GM's ago he didn't drink he was that he told her from. Bible Belt country thing with some of us who were somewhere over there. I eat and eat ever drank but eat we got stationed eventually that station parties and you know he'd he'd fit the bill. It's what happens serve you know during that's you don't need a story about the DUI checkpoint you get the gold started you do jobs. Are coming up. Two words jerk cat and if you could Leighton for this one it's like also let's check in with data and parks as well. I can continue to conversation by the way can read all about. DUI checkpoints going away on her FaceBook page to midday with Jamie with the idea and came easy idea and came easy to they would Jamie blanket. Some of the text line by the way I know with the tree root of us act. They said you do not have to stop at a checkpoint. You can roll through a legal problem he followed up answering questions the police cannot legally detain you. Suspected of charred the crime at real the united rule by allowed to roll through Baghdad's over. I don't have to stop I mean I wouldn't advise that it's the tax lights it's got to be true life. Never. Lets just for it to this side to stop the checkpoint just you're not drinking you're gonna be monitored human it's true you know coming in or stop the checkpoint instead of having them come after you yeah. And if you're a monster burger please chase if you just rolled through her. Weeks BC a police chief alcohol acts as well called on attacks on actually Travis the next time you go from and you roll through in the will be on TV that I can do play by play of your police shoot sixty. Blacks at all. Exchange is kinda not that he's not like now done now but he would be black and a police chased him. And get it makes no sense people its excellent thank you everyone is saying if you're gonna drink Lugar is the greatest thing or some form that it's awesome yeah. It's awesome it just takes that we got to think about it could have as much fun as she won out over works that's cool just download the app it's super easy for your credit card information at a time. It gives you an estimate of how much it's gonna cost and how fast I get to where you are. There really that we've got a ton of over drivers here there there was a bunch on that night they can all get Jon not to worry about it. Decked diamond found in Hoover like way out the middle of nowhere yeah they're out there and they're used to you being dropped. So don't feel sad about yeah that's that's why they exist just behaviors self and their cap don't curl up in their cars they would appreciate that. And just like you get an amber are ticketed a driver didn't exceed. Yeah are what it's up for me if you wide. Say in three words describe your feelings about cats. I wouldn't cut you off real quick I'm going to have to cut off for OPEC we have some breaking news out from the Associated Press. Steve Scully C. House majority whip who was shot in the hip today in Virginia is in critical condition right now. Following surgery. For the gunshot that's all the information I have right now it's from the Associated Press it's just breaking. He is in critical condition. Are so just tune we'll get to the cancer yeah sorry I didn't mean suddenly find that was a little tease or get to that story tomorrow so again we had five people this was the news a lot of us I heard 7:8 o'clock this morning. Was tomorrow is when there were DD congressional baseball games has been going since 1909. Were Democrats or Republicans Bayside does a friendly baseball game. They raise money for charity and this morning it's just went. And the total chaos when the skies started shooting and ask somebody when he first got there or. Are these Democrats or Republicans and capital Steve's Holy See is the third ranking Republican there he's the web and he he was there is amongst. I'm 21 congressman who were at this practice and he was months by people who were shot he initially we her was shot in the hip and then underwent surgery was in stable condition. Not a find out he is in fact critical to capitol police officers who were part of his DTL. Him being whipped he's got a security detail and thanks to those two people goes to capitol police dates it down the shooter who also eventually died of his injuries. Wells had two other people were also injured in the shooting happened. This is it lays it just breaking that he is in critical condition now after the surgeries on her FaceBook page to check it out just we did it as well it came these radio that's frightening. Police still continuing to investigate the motives here. We know that he had is an assault rifles out or can't act. And the official word is that is an M four assault rifle butt. People are upset the were calling it but either way all of that either way there are fifty to sixty shots fired. Brand Paulson there's only there was a spray of fire. Gas so. Yeah fired off a lot of water around. And at capitol police took him down and they got him into custody and the most that we can tell from his motive was again that he asked whether these were Democrats or Republicans that more telling. Is what you would find on his FaceBook page where he is very clearly anti truck and in fact have been a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. More details on that it was circuit and at the top of the hour and also during dinner and parks will be discussing the entire situation as well. Also I think I just soft shooting a lot of this just happened today today keep in mind we still have things that will be checking on tomorrow we saw the Bill Cosby trial the deliberations are continuing they're out. Three dead. Including the gunman at the UPS building in San Francisco OK so that's just wrote this after yeah around him we had whites someone described as a disgruntled worker wage for UPS facility in San Francisco and started shooting and that's quite an update as initially we just heard several people injured. In addition to the three dead gunman shot himself in the head so three plus the gunman and two injured in the shooting this happen around what noon today as writer on the lunch hour is actually ground that one. And we should mention that we continue to see images come out of London although that's getting no news coverage now locally or are on our news networks that was what a lot of us look up to the Smart and win these images of the massive apartment polling in London and that took up city block that was up in flames I mean it's. Flames coming out of things that would just look like something out of a movie flames coming out of every window 24 stories I believe sparkle in laws. At last check we heard fifty people were taken hospitals and a dozen people. Confirmed dead although I can't believe that we're not gonna see that number allotments today. Get the fire out searched the building and make sure that inserts and all in each of the building is structurally sound and search it. And then compare missing analysts' man lot of stuff going Benedict day in the world to act lot of stuff we'd be against Jeff Sessions yesterday. No no doubt we'll talk about the cat tomorrow target can't tomorrow we got a lot of stuff looked at Michelle Carter trial. Bill Cosby trial. And earth at Brooklyn or the seven year old guy who robbed a bank to get away from his wife is hearing came down his punishment came down he got probation. How are restless with the Dow up.