Fried Pickles - Chips or Spears?

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Thursday, May 18th

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything I have more fit what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're plugged in the game right there. Live on 98 point one JMD's. Fiat number one trending topics being Kansas City right now is Times Square. Yes just a couple of latest details of views. If you miss the newscast and a shipment following us up for this morning it was probably an hour or so ago that this first came to our tents made a couple of hours ago that we had a car. Crash into a crowd of people in Times Square in New York City and we have now found it's multiple reports are saying one person is dead. Nineteen people are injured we now know that the person who was killed was apparently not the driver of the car he has been identified. As 26 you'll Richard Rojas and the bronze by new York city police they say that he was going the wrong direction. On net street into the crowd and he is now being tested for alcohol. So of course your so pleased to announce that we do not believe this to be terrorism and are not investigating it as such which is always the first question of the blast in a situation like those. But again one person killed at least nineteen people hurt when that car and cars on its side still if it's still on its side yeah. So quite the dramatic scene there in York city we should also point out and mark let us know whatever is unanimous that he attract globally Metcalf is having troubles again a dramatic happening here at a 19235. Where exactly is Mac app. Closed. I you know I got to look to Alan al-Qaeda was in on Twitter too that's a bit section and a cap was closed because of an accident with the roof. Let's bet that they'll cause any problems not a good time northbound no lean Nat cap northbound shut down between 13719. So at a time of day where everybody's out to lunch and that's a busy time it's always busy on my cap and specially. At this time a ball also trending sadly. We lost Chris Cornell. Fifty DC 5252. Years young sound garden for a man yeah. I beat corrected later and I'm sure I believe him sound garden is rod bad God's favorite bands. Or at least favorite ninety's and I love sound garden. Pretty news this one. It was him that was a good rock. Also not another death that we have have ads today is as I'm in last night Roger Ailes the former CEO Fox News has died at the age of 77 and I KC TV five tweeted about an hour ago. That apparently according to Palm Beach police he fell and hit his head or eight days ago and had been bleeding at least several days ago we don't know if that's. Contributed to his death caused his death but we do know that that happened several days ago man. Say what you want held Rosie was seven Dennis sub 77 say it shall want a matter what side you're on politically Roger Ailes. What what he did with fox yes I mean the the exit was obviously not good and and things happen but. I mean that it was a pioneer. When it comes to lot of cable news down let me add to the accident or put an act have is that we're checking on that and he's TV I just read this to injury accident northbound on Metcalf at west a 129 street the road is closed they are a 129 and Mac app so. Avoid the area with camp. Also trending we might need Travis for this one destiny to travesty no that is destiny to. It is a video game I thought in the release should be coming out and I think that's what they're announcing. It still you stoked about this one I played the first one wasn't a fan so not really there's a lot of yes Maynard author that we love it like gamers it's kind of like halo comes to a okay it's a first person shooter kind of thing yes that got you so destiny to his trans fat trans about a dozen TOI dark crystal the prequel. What's okay it's there it's a okay maybe you and I might not be old enough for this while at prequel series. To the 1982 Jim Henson film the dark crystal has been green lit at Netflix and I have no idea what the dark everybody knows texted too to daddy's girl. What does dark crystal cannot show this thing and that's gone on yeah. On Twitter I have no idea what that is there like a little likes her look like. Giant. Like dinosaurs kind birds I don't know it things that it was a dark crystal is police noticed in the national museum day. Hurricane season culture nearly. Always. Be beyond you and show us well I mean last hours all about penises and C reclining some. We went from politics. As patient. Is to is trending right now it is national Haitian flag. Bags trending in Kansas and I don't know a lot but it is in Kansas are so that is all of what is trending right now on Twitter in case you didn't mention it as being on national news and a whole stage you are a fan of history go to Union Station and go to the Pompeii exit. It's actually really really cool is it. Yeah it's it's really cool. Obvious opt for second here we ego I wonder how it compares to going to the real thing well on the industry here there has not at all. But it can't go to Hotmail and see the doctoral thing go to Union Station which is right now but that. You wanna go more to see just just because that was such. Any event there you see Mount Vesuvius right yeah Latin elder remains are there now ice I thirtieth birthday and round and and part of two weeks was going south and doing. The about the coast in Naples and there stop me if I'm and it's so. Go to the company as I. I practiced it and warns you that I was about to you behind. Members of the give you credit you make this haggle over to enjoyable it. That's hangover is really bad enjoyable. At is in better shape at 1216 no one has when he texted me at 8:45 this morning not in the building at now. It was bad I'm not normally you know we're both in the building while before that. Now. Lives. And fine because I didn't stay out until what four. In my office for 45 a girl are cynical you. Odom of fun phone call the chain chain smokers it's Branson yesterday and went out for apparently six hours afterwards. And to rank gaveled that is not inaccurate I just got in and get a text from wicket. And he says I'm in this morning yeah I'm on my way out and get a response was the letter K okay. I. Watch it in your bag and they're not. This does not really improved on it and I'm going after oatmeal raisin cookies to try to make me feel better keep the big Mac India I think he got greasy hamburger. Should share people said the main thing. About bacon okay. This might be on pop. Our main. A little strange I need an unmanned Andy Travis for this to. I hate Arnold's lately stance on bake in our back to my ultimate act like I've had this conversation over the weekend about my new stance and bacon cheeseburger just you have a possession on which is a letters at a Sheila. We'll do that next and anyone came BZ 91 KM BZ. But it was Jamie wicket Jamie my selling my quick it we have a Twitter apple going on there is a story about. Potentially paying to be able to recline your seat or paying for the person in front of you. Not to be able to recliner seats so we thought. What would you be willing to pay for on a plane to call your answers can over these four. Your choices are on Twitter. Seek reclining legroom drinks and snacks over at storage Horry key free zone. Got picked him out so far molest a half hour or so 67%. Want her seat to go backwards. That earliest thing for people now and yet it is something that you wicked do. When you fly immediately upon take your guy people are willing to pay more money to get away from. That's what we've learned given that it's such a life as I've just got to played in this. Particular rat. Me I I hope you don't get drunk on the fumes. I'm delighted shower. Ask what you just said and I know. Again you text to be at 845 there's no now you're just woken up your eyes tear appointments later you're fast but I. And he's a little go to the royals gave the night. If anybody's air show. If John is taking no like Jai nice guy responsible adults young kids baby home and amending his hung out. John I think you're listening joblessness now I've. I'd beg him via Hubert CK you mad I beg your. Don't let him do this tomorrow night she said it made. In the last segment you make a hangover fun you're like I appreciate that you make this hang over enjoyable eyes don't do it tomorrow care is going to be in the ball game to think of coming hagel hung up her seat Kara can you take care of and this makes sure he was I'm sort of is I'll be in better shape tomorrow problems that matter is there's always that I'll sneak in an hour nap of like him later on today I'll become backwards get to appreciate you. That's Travis and JB DeMar what Britney got an unknown at this particular actually ties. And I. Backed up that he's not fit right. This might be an unpopular opinion. Mites are right and and I you can text into too many zero. I have come to the realization that a fight go to a a Burger King or Wendy's or McDonald's or go get a burger. Mean it's a nice a place to sit down I love does this is the swat the flea market is so this is not just a fast food production you grab the zone all burgers and general I'd love bacon. A year man and I love him the man. But I don't think I'm ever going to order bacon on my burger ever again. And Leah I actually had this conversation over the weekend I don't know how we did. And it came I came to this realization of 36. That when you bite into a cheeseburger that has bacon on it unless that is really well done bake it. The chances are it's probably wiggly bacon which Nolan should like it slam heroes and laughs at bay and a and that when you bite into it. 90% of the time your poll in the entire piece of bake it off with the war. You're gonna bite into and half the cheeseburger with the lettuce and it's an. Never or this is by days of my life these let things that you do. This is by stressful world and I'm telling you about your brain that this whole thing took up about space have gone and something positive for the shell. Like to read something into me and yeah right I could read that Atlantic story. Not a slave or whatever exited via read something about trials for the idea it is not anything any thing but I I Travis are wrong about this. I agree with you 100%. And I've had happened to me weights and need time to the point Orion had to ask or make sure it extra crisp right well done bacon which is to do when you're doing it in mass quantity attitude Procter. You know yeah like there they're just one piece the times at her crisp because you you bite out of whole piece of bacon comes out and like cold album I mean nothing wrong with the multiple make it. But you then year eat your Berger does Demi Moore and bush paid a dollar for whatever I have added on. This is my things that I think this is what keeps me up at night it hurts the turley is at first world problem might not see this for frank well yeah. What's the solution to that let's say they can't do did you just bacon on the side save the block just isn't so is it. Is the problem that it's going on the burger and the time it sits with a warm burger it's wilting as it is he gets it starts off crispy did I doubt it. I I doubt it can mean you can't go from Krispy did not Kristen to weekly or acid as you put it bite harder. I'm in like hungry hungry here like I want to enjoy and it's all out so we're so Alan this morning. I saw the story this morning I can't remember the lightning out. They were taking suggestions. On the best burgers in town. I think that's the rankings that were out and whispers and down. CU two expert flea market. For the first time right now second to second time I went there when you've visited Kansas City two years ago not now saying that's the all star amber that's my favorite in Kansas City some decent line that only happens with crap Bieber. Well so you're saying all how insane diver at the Westport flea market which I think is good that I. I love the Westport flea market and neighbor burger I've had in Kansas City. But I'm not gonna outlets like make sure that bake it is going to be well done Nolan bake it well done burger medium. Onion lettuce tomato and mustard dot. That's how I want us to pick. You tickle like to pick us this morning. In your very oh all this this was the beginning of dying over there. He's still drugged and stay in touch four and a half hours after you got all normal. On to ask you something about my preference when it comes to. A pickle with the burger was actually a story that Ames got a shot shuttle website marketing poll question. Travis you're on this deal. When you get a sandwich added dine. Do you eat the pickle first or do you say that related to spirit yet decide you like him from Jimmy John's or whatever. So actually asked do you save it for later do you beauty of nickel first do you do you eat save the pickle for the end does and I actually thought. In after the idea ups now I want to savor the pickles so much that I'm gonna save for later. There's this AT fifty comments on this thread on this website. The gentleman who'd a convoy of our commitment. And mark Lavoy this is this is on the mark on an opinion I was just thinking what do why do. I first. Or do you save for later or do you do you pace arrow and a report is now sandwich pickle at which pickles and which oracle. And Jason's deli I give it to my fourteen year old saw Angeles he loves the Kosher bills are Apple's Kosher bills whatever it's just you. If it's just me I think I eat at first Albert. Are pickles on your bar. So you don't you know reload a tackle. Not a big fan of Nichols numbered and I. So I think so it's just it's just a bit much for me I guess. And I also think it it depends how the sandwich is given the beautiful sound towards it. It's cut and you pass the pickle with half salad in the other hand. It's very OCD via. I put pickle all this war now at this site yes it is as if it's the spear and put it on. Are at least another debate lines where at what is your answer you Ugoh pickles I I'm excited about that. You're excited I pickles. Your your site about article Jerry Jamie is excited about the pickles are old for later this slap on the bad deal and yet you're starting on for me like you have a day in we did a story earlier fully aware where does is gone plus evidence that it waits three times that right. I now right now it can't be avoided is the pickle wrecked. The logic. We have forty seconds we have to go to more out there are certain. Desperately attempts you're in charge you to get I have an honor tracks today. OK so fried pickles guys out spears or chips what's better. I have a very strong business and that's. I actually there has to ship. Now spears you are where we are spears this is why Beers or this is solidifies our our partnership our economy tax ball. Mark where you stand you know as it was spears spears first involvement is to take. I just take this beer and kind of drag your teeth across that road succeeds in that kind of the election. The seeds for records. I finished this year. Or. Just aren't alone. In its chips yeah. But how. How admired how many places actually give you the those the long people many the right places. The best places to now believe that okay what irons insiders will have to tear us Isaac jet I'm a let me let me make fried pickle let me make the tax pool. All right it'll be. If this Friday guilt the mushrooms. Or or I mean it's somehow appease all. I asked of testing the depth and range. Nichols ranch yeah yeah pickles rich while Israel agree there. KM BZ. So hard hitting edition of me David javy wicked witch is is your fault I I'll take that this started with your hangovers. The and that might built my. Effort to throw it with the we any a hard hitting text poll we want you to away you know this is taxed this is taxable actor right. Do you prefer deep fried pickle chips. Or deep fried pickles spears and pickles shadow you don't we don't care I don't want you like on so you text. Chips or spears. To 22980. Text the word chips or text the word spears. To 22980. Travis would you like to defend your position and ship on ships to what and I just wondered you know it has not brought us together. It is the fact that we both agree that Spears' dad is just the far better option but Travis. Disagrees. I I like the spears but if I'm going to order. Fried pickles and expect them to come into why no matter re no matter what place I go to guy I expect. Expect in the basket of spears yeah and decider and I can honestly tell you unless it's a fancy place I have never gotten speeders what it doesn't at a fancy places like is this as it should yeah. Look I have been fried pickles right now and since I hear about it also that's what we're New Yorkers and the best bird town at the show did where best places for fried pickles now. Be clear. It's important about whether it's ships or spears not gonna interfere with taxable income. Text chat us up or taxpayers to teach united zero. Early results and we just like fifty votes to Zach it's important EU and they're getting crew rushed to what you dollar Ron eighty. All we can do you know because some well. Are being very emphatic about their position and and your texting and the word ships or spears has to be your tax what it. Both words and attacks because some people texting and chips spears steak or spears chips whatever bridge possession text the word they're. Defending her and radically by talking about the other thing about those are making this harder drama so far I typed in best fried pickles and in the city again and he gave me the top fifty. Fifteen is a Yelp. Where's this coming for ports where the top where if he does is from foursquare. And so far I've been a few of these places and it all bench team. Number one's the boundary. Okay. I went deep fried pickles deli two is spread yachts they seller Kauffman Stadium because I'm going there later that's right we don't want any data and had a drinking beer and and Jamie Jamie. Number threes charm bar. All real I believe that. I I've never had a and it's my favorite barbecue joint reforms Anton and I agree with this one but number five is buffalo. Ordering fried pickles and Anton you go there for east eight. The best they dive hating Kansas City and times or may frighten people that think maybe there Friday and something special get refreshed to see how badly you know argue 3008 set in these 6%. Of those voting prefer fried pickle chips over fried pickle spears Iran. It is wrong just wrong Travis is a city you are right. I. Opt out opt out. Over a hundred votes of 85% right now. Is important thing what you are dipping anything anything else the surface area for the didn't really think dipping is just the vehicle. Our relievers I got like me TV I am I your level spot on our feet. The most I've ever been and I'm now in you are doing the shoot well. That this be as more surface area. To dip dip more times therefore you're getting more I will say that in defense of champs. Well spears I don't want you double dip and in my every. You know. She. Or older there's a much smaller chance of a double dip with pickled share exactly Nolan and there are going. No it takes to bite out of chip you does it but F one now. I can't lie down. I get mammograms or could that. Problems are just just just go to palm I just like. On based. On. I am I these people look pickle chips are wrong. But we getting crushed 7320 seven's our rights are some ideas that are coming and yeah. And you you're wrong but it has more servicer is just math. The spear has more surface area but you have to go in several times time unless you have a boat. Of of a brand stressing a. I don't understand the spy. Our. Spears and tell us he's got the best fried pickles in towns. In town some gusts as Memphis hot chicken on 47 that's right I just Kansas City I'm okay that's out of Memphis real problem for French. Okay. One. And maybe I'm wrong on this how is one better than the other its branding. And pickle. Are they fry. Just five minutes complaining about bacon egg if you bite into of steak and cheeseburger that whole piece of bacon comes off and sometimes you Biden two's beer. The vehicle comes out that exactly that. That's. Not I don't know what. It is that can be casualty of the deep fried pickles your but it's it's worth the risk or you turn honey no hole to hole bacon raids by the way don't get mushroom business people around and we must honestly rooms are awful and don't even gone mark globally tried while it work places do it but pickles a bottle which is pickles and how it knows fried. C I a July I can't develop Pena was too high you can handle it and twenty's apparently have some of the best titles in town I think he's now actually very true trip. Out perfectly me bro. And I wanted to guys who goes I've read I go there for the articles and I scientific everybody. It's the pick of Reading ratio yes the pickle and it seems to balance out the breading a lot better so you're not just tasting all the brunt. But relatively doesn't that ship have the Croat militia get really loaded righted pickle she. Yeah don't mean that I I think a bigger deal routes. Yeah this the hard hitting show it's got to do and this started because you decided to take a position on. Eight and write them out doesn't icicles what some awesome and I'm just done ordering bacon cheeseburgers 'cause the bacon. All comes off one by an it takes stuff off the burger and and Ebbers of maps so I'm just going back to regular double cheeseburgers with everything don't you don't give up on good tasting Mike. Ask for Chris it's got to be a capital Wendy's ended crispy bacon and their their mass produced and stuff. Pace and with the crowds as the best fried pickles I'm really I'm in an hour ago Strauss I've love that that's so she hires it's not mistaken. What I'm seeing is places with really good fried chicken also have really good fried pickles which makes sense ticketed pickles are also well just that does exist I had to there confused I had I was there last week because I don't I don't think they have either one. I don't want to please call. Were you go play pickle ball what his ticket and I'd hamburger. Tater tots. I didn't act. I didn't have chicken or ankle impairs. All anybody know text into two days. In Kansas City were you gotta let it of its Superfund why is it culture and and by the way. Those people. You people that play up to global yeah. Like. They brought their old racquets here and they had their their shirts in their shoes and they would change before and after like you know yet exactly what Michael Wallace. We asked listeners they didn't really like tennis with the with mobile. And the thing kind of is that the wrath of the panels will bore spongy. I guess I think we're taking it's all. Seriously. They were probably not drinking they are also probably like a league. Like people risen in the indoor courts outdoor courts and apparently people were reserving. The indoor courts of pickled Texas Roadhouse has great pickle chips I don't care. But the good looks of it I think we needed to align remote looters are. Now to do that sure knows the places that you fried pickles stick with Travis here could care. The answer is here but I think need to do out stunting and grow. It you know. It is the right. Right stagger the article written. What that's like able acted in unity oh yeah featuring articles. Text chips or spears 222980. How do you prefer your deep fried pickles and if you don't like them then don't vote on about our right spears or chips text either one of those words Tutu daddy's girl updated. Get to this list of the fittest cities in America. And where Kansas City ranks it's not on the good end. But we'll tell you about it next gas midday with Jamie wicked idea blood came easy anyone KM BZ midday was Jamie wicket. If you miss the big story nationally in New York City. A car drove into a crowd of people killing one person injuring referred nineteen or twenty with a. Things are funny the driver's been identified as texture twice or shall Richard Rojas out of the Bronx we know that apparently is a news conference going on right now sort certain it's more details. He was apparently driving the wrong way on the streets when he the car flips and ended up on its side in Times Square dance with the mention of twenty people were hurt. An eighteen year old woman we know is who was killed she was tested for her is being tested for alcohol consumption. We know that he's got a couple of past arrests for drunk driving to Prius are high so it made sense they would test and and with all of that new York city police made it clear we are not investigating this as terrorism but again one person NET one and killed when. Unmanned drives into a crowd of people in Times Square. And new category right at lunch hour that's true if they don't always busy New York regardless but especially are out for lunch. Back into our conversation coming up next hour and it was. I mean we all understand where everybody yields you stand on one side politically Easton and aside politically but. We're gonna have a opener conversation again Jane because it was a good healthy one what would it take for you to change your mind. On the trump Colby story to this coming up to 1 o'clock. In other words what would Richard Mahler. Richard Robert Robert Robert got Richard from un oil Robert Mueller who is the new. He's been appointed as special counsel for coming to a special investigation into whether. Russia colluded or Russians from campaigns and how polluted influence the election what would he have to come up. For you'd be convinced what that report have to fine. Either way either way either way is there evidence you need to see to believe the trump is guilty of something or are you on the south side where you wanna see nothing. What would it take we'll come back to that coming up at 1 o'clock. Would that Kansas City is a fit city. On the I think that it's it is becoming a more fit city. I impression I don't this is true but it seems to me that since the sprint center opens and as we have more more housing going in. Downtown and you know those based on where you live I feel we are becoming a younger city. And with the street car now I can get more people taking public transit and people more people living downtown where they can walk Morse I think we are becoming. A more fit city that we used to be but I am no science base. The American fitness index is put out there fifty they've the rank the first fifty. Healthy cities are most states cities that. Would you like to take a guess I'll take a shot at at some of what might be in the top and some of what might be and I have the 25 fattest cities as well. Our I'm gonna gas number one on the list is Denver seven. Re number seven. Attack. Mowing the idea. Who boys yeah that's. I don't see Boise anywhere I business I don't know my logic is being thrown off you know and. Okay Miami. Picture. Got into not in the top users beautiful people beautiful young people with a lot of places to go be outside or not. Not the top ten Sandia. Is in the top ten yes San Diego is number ten Greg differences. San Francisco. Number three Los Angeles Los and got an and it's not the top ten down. Los Angeles is sixteen. Where's Dallas terms. Dallas on the bottoms. Dallas is not a fit its bottom Dallas is not a fit to New York City Dallas is 38. Can create a good. And Lacey not the top ten chart. Chicago got its up to passing this up about number one Minneapolis. Number two DC. Okay do you Sierra down number three Frisco for Seattle five San Jose can I thought about Seattle. We can just because it's a big city with a lot of young people have to walk places but only. Russian summit those hippies up there in the ways of ignore the last same thing I kind of bank man. Boston Denver Portland is 880 Salt Lake and San Diego around topped saw city because it is all exiting no. Lock the size of cities there if you go able locked in downtown sit in downtowns Alex you are walking three miles. It is you know we Vegas be ready everything is partly gun sellers cancel exit solace fit mormons. I generally comes down to our 25 fattest cities. Let's let's see where I'm going to guess that. 80% of these are in the south I can't do the math because. They eat everything. In cash and that's why that's that the impressions every news for so let me just Memphis for a guy. And Bullock's. And not analysts maybe not bigoted update and a big of these new cities New Orleans is. Nineteen El Paso, Texas. Me not atlas of Dallas. No doubt Israel and over but they are the 25 fattest city iron yes there at the middle are Dicey and a UN when I guess one where that we are around. Know you well. It's I was get no oh I thought it was Kansas by Kansas City. 222222. Fattest city in America. They Lewis when he threes so we share that. And this Missouri's got to the fattest cities and the mayor. Of that was recently I've never won Houston. Texas. And Detroit. Hole yes I got it tested that off. Cleveland meant this Tampa. Las Vegas El Paso was on this list I'm sorry seven Baltimore. And Louisville. I would just dot either cities in the extreme south already a lot of things are fried cities in the extreme north where. The weather is not good to be outside of the Minneapolis as the fittest city in the country which makes no sense to me. Minneapolis is cool Town Car lot so bad that I thought about road trip and Memorial Day we show on what I heard is that they do a lot of indoor walkways and not to get your honor of below ground walkways it if you. Can getting your car your garage new policy were number eleven the birds and you were downtown you can park and never have to bring your jacket even Minneapolis in December gonna hurt their walk places of the tunnels they are they're not tunnels the whatever the overhead their system is very very cool the way that they have done you YouTube I know people that don't bring a jacket to work that Livan and live in Minneapolis at the so. Pretty young city it is delivered on on fact it's the publishing capital country. The market publishing houses I know the. Facts that are coming out of us today the space in your brain that was taken up by the position on bacon yet is where I have random house of take that so I'll take that both interpreted so differently I have. I've only visited Minneapolis twice but it is such a cool town like you just it's there's is in the downtown is very very cool new stadium looks. Giant ice or the vikings play in but he is equal downtown Minneapolis is somewhat on the tax on. Are priced at those people teach or surprising Kansas City ranks so low and is that the city was because it's. The worst weather in the country so weather's not the problem there the 22 fattest city in America which starts as a honestly yeah Wichita and Topeka are not very high up on the on the the fit city list they're like the bottom third in the league at a 150 cities. So it's not a good idea cracked yeah and I have that Birmingham I am my plans and just an Nashville at an analyst at Atlanta's. Am on. It's either too hot to be outside courts as the die. Speaking of diet are text poll yeah they're getting crushed without Heidi for your deep fried pickles chips where spears text awkward chips or text the word spears. Did you tune ID zero realists have tutored votes in already 71%. Like chips. You're on you're on you've ever had never had speakers are the people that. You have chips once he said this is glorious I don't need to try spears deserves no liked them better anger in text Enron chips or spears. Test afterward to Tutu dining zero. Are some Palestinians want for a yes. Cities yet but we pride on barbecue which is which is to be back. That it can be fat is not the healthiest and and and not like the meek is okay but it's the sauce it's the sides. Spanning deeper ends by definition some of the fatty is part one bird doesn't mean you want everything I ultimately it's danger hung over why it's true on the cookies go over. Right there there's there's still working on a totally what the day after I drink and to not eat a ton of food it's weird to you and I that doesn't support we've been drinking and I think at some point I said. Pizza seems like a good idea and excited about it and I'm not very strange I guess we used to be friends. Are what are the back into our conversation we had the 10 o'clock hour with you and it has to do with president trump and this is not a pro trump or slow intro segment are right. This is for people on both sides whether you support president trump you do not support president trump. And this investigation going on others special counsel. Headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller. What do you want to find. Out of this investigation that will change your mind because everybody has positioned right now on whether or not present trump his colluded with Russia everybody has. As your position is an opinion when we what we hope the investigation to come up with is facts so what is the investigation comes back as there was no connection whatsoever. Will that be enough to satisfy you if you're somebody that doesn't support president trop and it comes back that yes in fact. There was influence our election will you believe Japan. 5767798. What would it take pretty change your mind on the trump coldly story doesn't matter which side you're on we welcome everybody in 5767798. Can text into 2980. Kara. Deep fried pickles spears or chips. And usually chips. Which it eyed and wicked desire to do that you I've been as fronts for a long time and there.