Don't look now... + Vegas!

Mike Wickett
Sunday, May 14th

Don't look now but the Royals have won a few ballgames!! (and we talk a lot about the Las Vegas wedding)


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Welcome to another edition of crowding around Mike wicket from 91 KM BZ royals insider Josh for near from 610 sports radio and also. We'll recap as he was the best man at my wedding last week in Las Vegas. Were your talk baseball. And at 6221 doesn't look great being did last split in the division but you gotta look at some signs for and I mean this team. As were recording this just got done sweeping the Baltimore Orioles took three or four in Tampa. Yeah Baltimore came in the second best team and the American League record wise about the Yankees. Well Baltimore third best yankees are second best nonetheless guesses they're beating a good team in Baltimore. Tampa team of them I think. A pair of games or at least helped them out incredibly and a pair of games with a number of errors. The one thing I'll say is they no longer look like the worst offense in case let's cut in on it's nice you know look is garbage as your numbers say it like today I mean that they fall behind five to nothing after four innings and I wasn't. Hopeless like I was in the first thirty games I was still glued to the contest is still thought there. At bats and their contact with solid enough that they could make it come back and they did it was there biggest comeback ovals in a calendar year. It's an interesting spot though that therein. You mention the record sixteen point one. For a half games back in the division seems to be should be further back is usually a dozen games back here they should be. And this is honestly. But the worst spot for them to via U tricky but that either did we really matter really good if you have the worst record in the American League it should be easy to convince the club house and the fan base that we're going to be sellers. But when you look at the standings in your four games back of the wild card and four and a half games back of first place in your division. When you have championship rings littering the floor of your club does he kind of wanna give those guys a chance though. I'm an interesting stretch coming up 23 straight games against teams about 500 in so lop let division games in there exists you should team you got Detroit Minnesota and Cleveland all and there's a yes American League east story that's. Teams in the division but to be on the edit only sixteen at seven yet Gloria opinion if I met you can't. You can't get into the end of may still be five under. And I assume you're gonna do for a half the division because somebody's eventually go warm up whether it's Detroit. Whoever somebody's gonna warmup yet they need to stay high they've won six of seven. And I needed that they had to get fans needed that more than the players I'm talking tributes era after today's game he said that lifted up that clubhouse is while looked always believed but. You can only get bludgeoned over the head somebody for a start believing it if you deserve said bludgeoning. Eight in the three games you've against Baltimore and as we said. Should I be worried at all look Calvin or his ability to close out games for that real interest in 91 two guys got on and and yet they got out of it. Worried you know. No because of what it's you know about the rest of Major League Baseball and closers. You know let's say this is her rare and it's going to be a little rocky. He's still one of the 78 that's closers in baseball. You really would you go where the eight best closers and you'll always Claudia I'll say Dodgers Jensen put him up there Chatman. Her we merely hurt Wade Davis okay go up there Greg Holland. Put him up there. I mean there's just there's a lot of injuries to bullpen right now. But okay Andrew Miller's it's kind of a closer tiny it was kind of a closer yet yet but definitely tops out at top of things for sure. Alex Gordon is hitless in his last fourteen at bats does that rate probably and he's a buck fifty right now I'd be making that kind of money you can only paying guys so much. For being a real good left fielder and defensively but. Not an awful contract via this there's there's just no way to spin it ever since he signed that contract he has an awful. At the plate and sir is trying to prove he's worth it I don't know I mean. When he when he pulls the ball he's something like three for 36. Goes the other ways hitting 27. I don't believe that he's so stubborn and he's just not going to do it he's a team guy he. Would like to go the other way he would like to get on base but it yet to me. Gord struggles and gore goes in ability to go the other way which is what he does when he's successful and what he did when he was really successful. His inability to do it to me shows that it is mental right now but he's getting up there and trying to. A race the past year and a half with one swing of the bat can't do that. But you know people wonder about how long is the leash on Alex Gordon Beckham move him out of left field. Well this 44 billion dollars over the next two years and this is the royals not the Yankees for the reds to sell your stock with them so either he figures it out or. He will slowly go from World Series hero and face the franchise to the worst contract in franchise history you know academic you as a gimmick they upload DH his struggles are not in the field he can't hit. I'd rather have impeded the no I mean he has got a cannon grin and bear it when it comes to Gordon's struggles I was elected the ball game today the ridiculous catch it might by locating the ridiculous Kashmir might want might buy jacked by area. I mean. We talk about the struggles offensively the defense and some this pitching it as it especially as of late in the event has been what really has. We it's an undervalued part of the game is fans who does he strike outs of home runs and hits. But this team plays great. Defense yeah and that's that's been a hallmark going back to what 20122013. Really sets Lawrence OK in announcing these Escobar got over. Yes and that's what makes that thirty game start in which they were the worst offense in franchise history. Through thirty games that's what makes that so. You know you makes you wanna pull your hair out at me because. Yeah. The bullpen did its job the rotation was one of the best in the league. You mentioned the defense the base running was solid the office was just so alt. And that the that it sunk them to the basement of the division yankees come in. And you know they get two out of three from New York that would be great is just one of those times where you think yourself just figure out ways to win series is that at being in bays well I mean some US AL every game and tell players look at it adds our coaches look at it you're right. I mean of course you look you know. One day at a time while in every game yet. But media you look at. Series in the look at small chunks but. Rose just had to stay red hot object to a three from New York he got into it. The new got New York again for another four coming out next week yikes a lot of yankees Cleveland think he's a lot tigers. Twins again all these teams that the above 500 records all of the above view. In the division or in the wild card race. The world's have to play like 630 people. For the next three weeks in order view us stave off. A fire sale at the deadline. Persian Cologne gone thoughts this is DFA yeah yeah a bomb just on a personal level he was a good dude. Andy was why would you let go. Because what mayor field does it would mean war games with me would merit field does more Christian Cologne never really had position identified was drafted. Right fourth overall had a Chris sales. He was supposed to be the you know a big swing at shortstop or or maybe a second baseman but when he got here. The when he got his chance at the big league level you already had LCDs basket are so he focused in on second base. Never materialized they sign a large font date with thirty million dollar deal done airfield takes his job last year they give Raul Mondesi to look this year. I don't Cologne at times. Resented the fact that he felt as if the organization never really gave me an opportunity. How much of an opportunity did he earn. I don't know I mean to be honest with you from what I saw from him in spring training past. This spring training was the first time I was ever pressed merely by Christian clones all around game has been picked up anybody it. Now I think the royals yet it's all of a few more days to to make a trade or send him to outlaw the more than likely release them let him land it in anger. Yet another organization let him get his get his chance because it's obvious what the royals thinkable now is a good dude. I don't make any money that McNamee in big time half a million dollars little bit over that he's part of the two biggest moments than in royals franchise history so. He'll always be remembered around here comes. I don't personally am I'm hoping he gets a chance somewhere else and bombed it didn't work here but I understand business wise it was the right move it was a move that could have made coming out of spring training but. Hung onto him halted trade of didn't work out that's the line. I would get back to baseball next week. Let's not make this Josh was by that's been about letting and Las Vegas week ago would you think. I had a blast that it must I guess really yeah I hit it I'd just like to hold it at the ceremony and everything I thought. It was very well done. You made me really laugh with your speech yet well done yeah we'll either let inside jokes is great for. Under person letting I had forgot the whole like in the speech I was gonna preface it by informing everyone that they weren't I don't know if I did this kind of blacked now that's. I don't know if I informed everybody that there were gonna have no idea no clothes in the jokes are names I was about to bring out I didn't really care. Because that's basically what our whole friendship is based on inside jokes and people that nobody else. Was it an EST this is what I forgot remember when bill Leach solve that third string quarterback Ann Arbor he's like he minutes. As David Cone in Chicago but yeah if I was I was gonna. I couldn't remember that was David Cone and I didn't. But. Of course beautiful bride and of course the story of the ceremony but had a blast. Thankful to be a part of it and I really happy for you guys think you did you repair searched a Las Vegas or does genes in the pool for two days I didn't go to the pool he didn't ship Josh shows up at the pool world because hammy it was. You guys know Andy he could prove to the other grooves maybe Eric every and raw hanging out there pulling you out here like I don't influencing birds gotta do you think Murton shows up at the pool in jeans and took about a my underwear did you bring shorts to Las Vegas and I didn't know we are doing anything but the cool there's a pool it's Las Vegas casinos and bars you gamble. Yes you at UN. I mean I ended up. Taking money on yes and didn't from the girlfriend but let's just say yeah did did she want I didn't but I touched on line. Yes she had a three game partly in baseball one sided box. And she won like the on the slots and so you wanna bottom love forty that I lost about forty and you read that you just following up about right perfectly well that works out there that we're did you have a good time. I had the best in my life it was the best I mean she's upstairs listening to us right now with it literally was the best week of my life. You know from Wednesday when you should have been genes the pool to day Thursday and you're about to get back to work persistent. On the next him at the cabana party would love we had to combat as we. All kinds of boos in the pool was great to somebody throughout the pool. They need to clean the hole we're clear the whole pool and race it was not one of our group has been no it will not happen outside of the wedding and and uses the ceremony and just everything on Thursday night. We got him to admit he was dropped at tat and air it never does so that was that was pretty cool we also learned a new term burning it. Well it's an honor of burning well in honor of you so what are the crews and air we mentioned and you in the other Coby yet to look to the bar. And you just explained well now. Yet and we just went up to the bar and what is the order. Three fingers of Oakland limit yet which is it which is specific like whiskey neat flexes sipping cock sure and had I known that I would have spent more than happy if sifting that militia that Britney sure rocks glass with three fingers or whiskey. Now most people look at that as a cocktail you look at that as hate us I don't let me as a shock my body just got married where all good and ready to party a little bit so he brings over these. Large looking shots they're not buying. Cubs well you know and his party and the other well there are adults now you don't out the hatch. And I pay. Through town got drunk. I slammed it for the other two look at each other and said the best brand new league as we have to sedate each slam three fingers but here it is looks to me is like dude that's that's for sipping at once. It was made it up up up. And at what point if you're listening to this and you've seen Josh you'll know what Josh looks like he's. To existing slamming via corona it's yeah the introductions were coming out you with the maid of honor my bride's sister threat and her idea. Because I was panicked deer this. You guys that had phones and never mind. Molly is it was Molly is ideal for her to slam to Kuroda is. She slammed hurt during true. I. I was panicked everybody is like I'm ever gonna do this what now what we did everything and also. Not together but we were both in the bathroom when they were announcing the wedding Friday. And I hear. I lake I'm zipping up I'm not even zip my pants up and running down the aisle with Lee has it out bathroom hallway. Arm in arm. And might a look at her Mike my zippers down as it were introducing this. Oh yeah that was clear when your your problems thing and yeah yeah innovative early interest in that. If you're seeing there it's eight. We did rear very very well cheers cheers congratulations thank you here's. Drinking beer on. All right do it again next week. We're off last week obviously for the wedding and we'll do this again hopefully talking about morals wins for Josh for your promise extend Sports Radio. Mike quick in 91 KM BZ this has been crowding around.