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Thursday, July 13th

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really it is a lot when you don't remember anything you have more fit what's trending list Jamie McIntyre and they feel like you're. Blood doesn't seem right there on 98 point 01 KFC. Well on Thursday and my body was vacationing. Might like it. Concern is never coming back from vacation will be back when Tara and I our rights to I know we're at levels of the things here a moment I still can't believe you took issue with the photo. I mean they'll let this go buy it if you wanna if you can activists who medal is like an event that go practice in them that what what about time. Do it's a great photo your feet get in the way of it. Is the problem I have with it it would be a better photo I could see more of what you were doing literature and other photos like that it's. Boat the one that this shoe lawyers telling me to put myself in the position. Showing people where I am. With my hammock on the edge of the key union of this cliff rather on yeah. And most people says oh that's office alone among. Oh I'm sure they. That's nice. I'm I'm I'm happy for him yet apple couldn't activists are clients hold on pictures of you realize we. How fees of people Vietnam and now I would rather not generally sees all these people ever. Fines because I don't I don't like that and I don't to be kept me because my arms are long enough insight into the stuff a picture of Charlie that's a part of it a a. I did I understand yeah. I believe you were there. Need to show me the things I believe they're not gonna be all life on race right are gonna go through photos on on radio. Awesome they're gonna love that Ari it is national French Friday that he should've warned us. This. Text to teach you nineties your own this feels like. You know might need French fry kind of day desperate present town. Moments. That frequently Arthur Bryant's or you like Theo yeah I well yeah and it Arthur Bryant's French Fries that's like in my. You know put your meal together part of the deal together based on where intelligence Kansas City people say they have really good price too they do but I wouldn't yet I would get barbecue and says Kansas City and got Arthur Bryant's comprised of cuts of 20. We're going for Fries episode I here's the thing who who comes up with this who says its national Frenchman day the national association of let's name everything today. I guess though of course the little the little icon that they give. Yes motive the the modes in there and it's it's a red. French fry holder with golden Fries 190 behind this old and embrace it anyway I I'm not gonna question I am I'm into it now that place has some good drives. If they welcomed properly they have to be I don't like soggy first guy they rushed a worse writes if they rush didn't yet it's got to be done right. Travis fill me in a couple things here why is Sammy Sosa trending in embryos why is he turning. Sammy Sosa. It's you know he has the skins he's been a lot of oh yeah are flat theater now he went full body. Colin Powell Michael Jackson did okay fired make his full body white and now he went even paler than what he was before and he would disarm him and Mobi today. And for you or kind of bizarre condition that's making him do that yes but he had another surgery to make him. Tell the one yard was like people he eats at surgery to make himself one town yes okay so being a two tone right okay. Yes sewing at the heart attacks and treatment but make himself even wider than one yarder to Michael Jackson knows now okay all right so I think will be our. When Tom treated the cubs. Yes he's a pitcher for from the White Sox and a better better pitchers and now he's in the cubs broke. I'll answer forgets what is LP seventeen I. Would have to click on an eye patch users to tell that's the east conference he. Lot of lore lose a conference in Springfield Missouri has turned hero lose them yes what is Lauro lose at this pars I. With that little houses mighty legacy Laura lose that 2070s. And done Springfield Missouri. Senate is trending mountains we have not talked about this today and we're not going to but just to tell you senate Republicans have come out with a new draft of the health care bill is out if you want to read that there are a couple of changes from what I've seen. Most notably. From what I can also fires that they're putting more money and more resources into appealing to addiction there they're covering their putting more exactly right so that's cool. Aren't they need it if you know the math Mitch McConnell needs. It's our role he's got a couple Republicans that are wavering. That he needs to vote in favor of it so we'll see how far they get with getting that past that it includes your. It's up for the day Hoffa and ending on what Dong. Gotti junior who. No doubt we don't have it yesterday now now Kushner. No no in the the whole digital thing you know and and and how the Russians might know where to target places at all you don't have as there are developments in the story we talk about the development today is developmentally every seven minutes. But not treatment today so. If they happen we'll get to are items whose Hugh freeze he's he's the coach patrolman old. This series go why is he right now because those SEC media week basically of every coach is talk about the team and what they're expecting him out of the season are also old mrs. under investigation because of the times with his than. Speaking of the SEC. House missive and it is this year. Hopefully they win a game. We're too. Nice for them would now. Now its troubles there ankle they are very they are at nice for them have their battle team should be good to slow awful the recruitment will see. Erica and click Emmys are trending because the Emmy nominations route and the important thing about that is that Saturday Night Live has just scored the most nominations and never had. As citizens out of what is this one MC Casey. That is trending. One MC KC one million cups case yeah. That's slaughter every Wednesday now it's you have to read through it but it's not it's it's not a big breaking story it's okay but it's trending it was one against cities so way there you go text at this French Fries in town. Let me look at some of those acts i.'s national French Friday so let us now if if if it's possible that I like two days after the sentiment that can be lethal reward for the bank. Fragility of. Wait you go what you. Come. As you're losing a single organs. I was flying part of agreement what Ramsey case thing. You cut it to grow a lot of stuff go on cutting out the number of people that are doing a side hustle. Side muscles were you do some kind of work on the sigh or four million people out aside all. And we'll get into that next it's 1215 and came BZ. Yeah but yeah. Dancing in front of this crap flags yeah nice and I was on the vessel. Into Macy's and didn't dance and gotten around with and one of those kids from. And you know I'll sit here advancement here. He's getting them sold real quick I just learned something new. In front line Mike on FaceBook a semi a message. One million cops because it was a is the top turning think has the right gas one million cups is a weekly meeting at the Kauffman Foundation. Where three different entrepreneurs get up numbers and their new business ideas thrown at investors to bite it started in Kansas City now exists in many. Other cities it's that I fantastic thanks Mike in searching I didn't know exactly what it was because I'm aware of and it shows up you know Detroit all the time trends all the time so we put a good week down right critical data to really good point yeah are your your knives your will move on the side muscles or second but 680. Best Fries in town here the national French Friday. And those like yours not be in healthy for the day because I I'll be this morning in a pretty we concern you can cheat every sought and this could be a cheat day whose ass Fries in town and what I love about this is that nobody agrees that we've had just a couple of answers command. From multiple people but not many of them. Travis feel free to not let me down a lot of these I've never had. Okay west side local I just went to for the first time but please I went in marketing French Fries and so I think about that next time I've TO. Arthur Bryant's Cindy is their magical. And don't judge before but Arby's dip me curly Fries for. Are you like the girl and a rise today yes I think the best Fries. Are the ones that are right for enemy right now live how about answer is open Andy because there's so many good places that compare to some real because so it's neat explaining what's so great about five guys. Why they're French Fries. Use your start until later when it is that some of the way they cook on the oil that they use and they're more raw because they they're the witty slice them. They're thick they're large track they've got the the the skins on the end. And then. When you were her didn't you you get short order put your in your bag and then they go back with the scope for an even gluten Gilani. Volume and time and it helps us track when it comes surprise a couple of people said runs. Because they're critical cut have won their clothes that are on the garner never it's an interesting thing it's it's. It's a runs. Tax. And what is it's the as a sandwich right it's it's kind of a fine. India along bond like a sandwich on but it's it's hollowed out a little bit cut open. And then you put in hamburger whatever the other stuff is an easy that way rather than on a regular bond. Okay. What am I trying to think of that enters a work for the loose meat sandwich. I'll day where they they they cut the ground beef and chicken broth. Vodka and then they put in the heights Illinois thing but I feel like they did in the rose and the TV show Roseanne's okay that's what they made. In her dying like a man which now but without the Sox out and it's just leaves meets our that you can put stuff on it but it's it's lose ground beef up some of what is that oh there's a place all teaching somebody tell me. And there's a place here in town that does that gas. Over their own forty highway near the the sports stadiums on the north side somebody help what. What is trying to think it's like chili place but as business league and thank you uh oh I should get a prize for her out of it thank you that would ban all we would have talked about to leave it's like they're a restaurant up here. We ordered Chile and move was first I was there and I got this loose mean I'm like whoa where's the Chile. Right you guys got to make yourself. OPEC cannot get out of my system okay what else. Some wind up barbecue lot of barbecue places are common in Texas chili there Rick Bragg that's the name place. Text line five guys are really popular answer gates. Some five guys is similar Arthur Bryant's. Aren't launch times have been back as Red Robin somebody's texting and appraisal that. Quite honestly please I forget about via I live relatively they have one they have these numbers of what's great about right Robbins well the ways the does that like steak Fries. They're fat thick in and granted they cook and just right at that that little bit crisp and not who's often been at the crisp on the outside that's an assault in the middle gas and their bottomless that is keep bringing him Tia yeah. Care about quantity I I get that's what's going that is the scenario Molly makes it's that well if you're gonna have Fries you know does have three. Now. A to do it. If I don't order Fries I'm an eat Fries and gate is down extra crispy gates' big is that these are people's sad sacks Brees. Liberty and Freddy's. Is coming quiet and Al is a shoestring Fries like I was a fan of that on. And that the nice little season insult Powell. Agrees some visitors are made right in Lexington. So was made us a restaurant of its own right to be assemblage in Lexington Missouri yeah interest thing which is not far. That's that's that be worth the drive to go check out that would be. Some grow somebody sat right parties coming out of it I appreciate it critical yeah that's what that's that's a released so a lot of. Are suggesting. Prize barbecue places yeah I might think about Fries and barbecues at the barbs you has to be good also I can't dispute Fries there will certainly did of course and I know this is a town and I'm of the town rated favorite but this is the first thing I heard Kansas were presence though. Arthur Bryant Bryant. Yes that was what I said was my favorite also I I I it was not. Fan and when Allen the barbecue the Fries idiom it. I was young and it can't Fries I don't care but our I'd hit I didn't like the sauce and then sold sold the barbecue through you away for my taste but that the prize so I just solely through meal. I thought yeah. Summers as politics line McDonald's when their fresh on the friar the best things ever I agree but I'm with you on the need to be cooked while spending. You know art house at the legends. Really big Fannie our house there's also one of power like oh here's one Jack in the Box. It's exciting investment while I was on tonight and I and I don't remember. The French Fries but again kick around armies as a made right in St. Joe. Oh me rights restaurant chain primarily in Iowa thank prankster aren't. Heroes and warns berg you know there just for the French Fries okay are. If you were starving before. I'm sorry Italy Hungary and but now what condiments. Called didn't I used to news when you're eating Fries if any I. Deter Iraqi Republican candidate I'm so catch up Brian okay I'm but I'm not opposed to bet anchor. You know like like a chip and tree or like when you're in England and dude I'm not I'm not a policy to delving all editor at that yeah until it's gonna do. Yes now now does you're gonna tell me may. Or some kind of daily. French Fries are supposed to go with catch up. Or better gas but really catch up then why not disaster yeah well like media with my when my French Fries but also as a matter. Barbecue place and Aziz barbecues I paranoia that's not that we believe there might be thinking about on grabbed the server go wait wait wait I'd anymore so it's your bones belong here anymore are it feel free to keep those coming and will move this to what you did your French Fries and in the we'll decide gossiping can be a second tracks did you does text in ranch. Do. I get in this with which it. Well like last week I I love rain ice on everything everything. And some of these as a buffalo sauce deserves ambulances like buffalo on every now if you'd know LaBeouf was lawsuit if you go to Arby's yeah of course they've got their partners losses the horse he's. Arby's on us. I like to mix both of those together yeah there were so it's OK or drives on school are so what is your Fries in teaching ID zero Kuznetsov offered Friday yeah national French Friday on Thursday you know that there are people out there going. Or should be freedom Fries. Don't want to set that actually. I'll be national freedom for a day and David TV like it that's the boys like next year he'll be back on Monday Tories are gone forever. And people so on I think thank you for that love. They're all very kind most of them were kind couple consequence. And I took those authors and it would definitely. So. We're just have fun at the noon hour and for those who feel like it's been a hot week in years in your annoyed by all we're talking French Fries what's the best thing to your French Fries and and we were getting so many responses we know you bump with excellent has lit up so we just got to poll I treated for mine Jamie came easy and came to be had on up but also be easier radio what do you dip your French Fries and go to Twitter and votes. Catch up. Mayo honey mustard or barbecue sauce they only give you four options those of the biggest ones or permanent can hurt you have something else just eat and eat at a house. Act came BZ. We know that rants at 91 game easing gas Rio range is an option. Several views that are saying the malt vinegar yeah that I am a definite urged. Drizzling a little bit among that are over the Fries I'm I'm yeah that. On and I did you nannies saying but not story man he's like a nail you some kind. But nannies is the European thing. Yeah I don't love. Manny is why it's so different you know about their personal time but they're always tells me that's always. OK. Okay barbecue sauce several people are saying A one sauce or some kind of barbecues are not that anyone has argues ours by now. So there's a catch a few monster oh yes I'm outside also hear something how well Heinz 57. It was last night you had that. That is something I've never purchased. Now and so. On. Is that. It's like a really thick steak sauce rightly it's angels and conference and I am not exactly sure what goes into it make it itself. Making when it is apparent it's a little mustard in there or something but it's. It's different it's pretty good to him some are saying Freddy's. Fry Sox low thirties Fries I Jesus urgently where is a lot of viewers and it's kind of like a a spicy. Am gonna get this wrong. It's kind of its code not spicy little hearts. Thousand island. Consistency. And and and and almost split sweets it's like ketchup wiz wit wiz with may oh and some other things mixed and democratic it's pretty tasty let's say is he any different ones. Yeah a lot of your fans of the U of the Wendy's frosty. To dip your Fries yeah and he's finally end zone and I haven't forever but that's far away that's the most popular on the eastern 9772. Has a killer. Meatloaf recipe that uses Heinz 57. Are you did come again. And again vote Hungary KM BZ radio yeah we do this on our probable oil they see what is that. That I totally love the taste of mushrooms don't put on my Fries you both go on line but then again. I don't know it's a French Fries was given a shot you know lively users anymore on the plate. What is the Canadian thing. What's the best average price why can my brain not functions and I when I need to Corpas than what is equity eighteen. Routine were you take him and yet you know that retake the French Fries of the butterfly house struggle they won it was like the size of a dinner Travis is what back or as a result results to date it. Some that's an audio sometimes you have to stop and look at the amazing things that are happening I think was mistake just as big as my hand across it conversation feel free to notice those things and verbalize I don't stop the interview arrives at the summit Watson a sunset. In New Mexico I agree with this taxer beard kitchen and the truffle Fries would tender line. Your kitchen as archer really gonna be totally amazing okay their burgers and the era brunch that your rights away you're asking. How. That's your car Abu team okay is to reach the French Fries in the cheese Kurds and then gravy and then it's even better put some kind of barbecue. When put some kind of neat on top of that Paul yelling at that look at this one with a Cabot closets it's amazing nights it's everything that's bad for you pray for. Just cheese Kurds. Yes they say cheese Kurds and they mean she's a rolls now I'd like. Actually occurred as a kind of fried answer but there yeah. It's just it's easy proposals that are trying to they're out. Out there now coincides with a light brown agreed usually it's not like nothing is light about angry and that if you put a line call well. It's like dark for an FF. Yes and then and cover it and in what ever else why that was possibly rights. I think some placed here needs this or make him I better take off places here that do it. I if maybe he knows where to get a routine I that there are places here that it's just fun to say it kind of does and again it's just he knew nothing about that is good for you and that's what makes an amazing mountain arts are if you. Have not had lunch yet we're sorry but now we just want French Fries now in Iraq. Are moving on here feel free to these and and if we endeavor is take our Twitter poll again I treated it Jamie came easy and came easy radio did as well. What are you dip your French Fries and your cat your options are sorry you only get four. Ketchup and Mayo. What else we say barbecue and honey mustard does your options bought Dick Pole here in Tibet. A game on your to a story out of CNN money that several other media outlets picked up the number of Americans that have aside gang. A side hustle now is the really popular term for those where you do. Some kind of other job in addition to your day job that's usually how it works you know talking elect a second job now we're talking about who work here for eight hours two hours of and then you go to a completely separate job this is a job that you would make like 500 bucks a month doing to you something out of your your base measure words your old computer at home write something different well it's and. I just nice to think side hustle like you sold stuff funny Newton or you. You know you worked for Avon or something something your freelance graphic designer programmers the right doesn't make up a significant part of your income but it's it's extra money off just played money. 44 million Americans now have died hustle it's huge and they say that the people most likely to have a side hustle. Are those ages eight to eighteen as worries small meals. However it's becoming more popular with people were older and in fact it makes sense but the older you are. The more money he would make with a side possibly your your time is worth more your talents with us and stature what you're doing which Wright making selling. And which don't so. Call two to zero or health Isaac and 67798. Because some numbers and I've got a list you're looking for ideas I got lists. That are coming out all over the place about. Options for side hustles so here are two things Elena what do you do and as a side hustle. And what percentage of your income as it because I do I'm I'm the person that gets up two hours early every day. For a side job and the problem is that have a very expensive travel habit. And radio doesn't get you rich Cho and so I do that I guess I don't need the money to live but I do it for a little bit a Christian and what's your used to have in the money. That you don't that it's hard our style like driving it higher up in the morning. But I like the ceremonies gas. Answers its main gate yet yes from the text line and it's a couple people artists that sell drugs. That's not what they mean Maryland's matters at the site hustle some recent officiate weddings. That would be a guy that's a very. Altruistic thing to be doing on the side. People are saying that officiate weddings that's a really comment. To officiate away. Did you hear what tackle for and argue. Now I questions call couple of all types of its acceptance of an inning on the sides. Location and so I some difference wicket included that have had a friend officiate the wedding so you're paying for that person to do it. So or maybe you are or maybe I maybe I don't know if they paid their front or not. But if you're not new game a six pack yet if you're if you're Nancy beer pastor or something if you're not a member of the religious community where you would do remember your church. Who officiate weddings were that you're getting paid I want to know more about this I wanted to make and well. I think there's a lot of people out there that that do not belong to any religious. Official religious community and don't want to just go down to the. The court house but I would justice of the peace a friend of mine then to do it but I don't I've. Just I would ask them to be apart of my wedding and do it and have it be an honor and not. I guess I to pay them I gap fill fill in because this is that was a job that surprised me. A somebody's at a wedding DJ on the weekends yeah I can see that. Staying Skype a couple of friends that are freelance photographers that you photography on the side that's a really great side hustle because of something and it's something that you would Jewish or full time job. Because it just you you would have liked full out commitments and got the job with the health insurance already. You're gonna keep that Bryant decided muscles what year dream is to have a beer fulltime job. But it probably won't be for awhile here's Lana I go to and buys storage unit. These sorts units auction. That kind of cool that's that's creative I like has different there's a lot of money in mowing them. OK I techsters says he is coming into 2980 or give us a call what's your side hustle and what managing your income is and how successful are you. Chris we'll get you on the phone coming up next it's 1243 and came easy 1247 that day with Jamie and went to it and am I'm mom on Thursday I guess and guess what found others routine here in Kansas City where. Oh textures of tolls at the Blue Line the remark summoned grilling Walden a cracked the AMC twenty you know late to affect the don't want to carry out there. Nine on top house at our Agassi has protein burger stand Lawrence as the team that's a great how about that thanks everybody involved and good enough. Are so we were asking you gives golf I 767798. Or 22980. You all approving the story be true about how many Americans have a side hustle on news story out from CNN money that's sad. More than 44 million Americans have a side hustle and it's something you're doing for extra money. Something you might not necessarily do you have a fulltime job that pays your benefits this is just for play money. A couple of I'm glad people said Caribbean B. Because that's an easy way to ran out of room in your house as a side hustle right Hoover has that are really popular right. Yet those of the big ones we know that because of the whole digital thing with the apps in the right stuff. But one of the first. Things that somebody texted and was they officiate weddings yeah as a side hustle and I am now newly fascinated by this. And so I asked I just well I'll ask we have some people the consulates. Let's just go straight to them. Let's go first you Chris in Kansas City millions I will get you hey Chris I press. Alerted our great okay so you regular full time job. You are at. An IU want. Okay GOK so you officiate weddings how to be that that's one of the things you do on the side. Well I'm also an engaging I'm Nancy I do a lot of that out of work to birdie on the past. I do a lot of W a public person so. I would have been line what's up on that do a lot of things letting you know even thought about maybe going coordinating so it's while people final you know anything they basically need. And so that was just that next step type thing. In a bloody here than running out and taking all my equipment that would go to needed to do that so that Alex and I can step back from doing the deed at bank. Okay and make them looking at. Any time I can walk into a church like walking to a halt and really. I don't at a great act ebony and have a piece paper or some note on it right at a Bible. It just depends on what the people want right. Yeah. Actually online there's plenty place online where you either go on you can apply it to display as you can apply at Portland State and think that that. Really all you are the nondenominational. Minister. Our senators spoke if I wanted to like it implies for some. Basically to be interred my church. I didn't I didn't go to sooners also I don't treat it like that Ryan is what we York. It depends I've done it true friend for the U boats or so depending on the situation of our driver at this figure all that that Ben didn't write them. But I I think it didn't want to teach fifty. Years ago idol cast a lot so I'm not sure what they running pressure he has. Right now I'm here to cancel the baseline and all our house yeah thanks Chris he went online. And became ordained to officiate that at weddings are let's find more about the ranges and is officiate weddings got a Molly anti Ganassi I'm Ali hey Molly. Okay how did you come to officiate weddings and give you pay range. Okay so why aren't they hitting running and a friend wanted to get married at a lot of money. I told him I would go online and get ordained at whatever cost that hourly chart doesn't do it. Well big acting thing and make it and get married I have other friends and it. And it that they aren't there word of mouth basically Itar. At this point now I'd benefit that seniors. Probably a hundred they wedding while. I chart that black gray and a hundred pay eight dollars. Doesn't matter how long the ceremony as. A parent. The only thing and you're that is that the travel I actually written more. So and it's more than thirty crowd out of the lord's will he would travel seem. I'd saw 150 bucks to officiate at a wedding app plus expenses. Pretty cool guy they slot for the call Molly now and another more questions for John John's in Kansas City hi John. Oriented guy carrying on. Or are. Arranged for officiating weddings. Well it could be anywhere from dollars where I would beach you. That's why the county court steps or whatever do a little impromptu thing that if he does little light workout wedding works well we write descriptions and here we didn't count not counseling. Within the idea what this week. And then we put it altogether and reversal of the wedding. From 354. So John some people that we've heard from so far should have asked as I get the feeling or kind of freelance but you sound like you're associated with. Something larger. What happened on the program mining and church for America to the other end he retired and settle the dispute that or are you a little slower. That's Elliott started he's now moved to central Texas and into operation at. I didn't can't figure him and another man work what it is. That's doing living in Denver. Yeah. Yeah it is I. Just now retired about a month ago. Yeah so until there and I would give me 1 morning or maybe at the most two and tomorrow now on I'm looking to between what. And and you talk about what people didn't I don't the most yield on Thursday they aren't so. That are getting married in the church know the real church home anymore. And you've got the nomination to go to our analyst for fusion applicable. So he can mix traditional and in Q yeah. We looked at the wedding can be performed and chuck church. We're in the synagogue or whatever. So we can bridge the gap and we also been it were not supposed to. I would do though I I think aren't getting a little that stunts media making too negative of an issue out of us but. If I don't have a church home you know and it or it's not going to be a member of the religious community. Then I'm probably going to ask someone I know to do I it it's hard for me to imagine getting a total stranger to come officiated my wedding. Well and then I mean I'm sure that there's you know everyone is is is different wants all right I'm official it's bright done this before and knows what they're doing and maybe it's an not to have a friend because you can hire somebody you don't know and it's more like their is if your friend is ordained we'll and they can do if they're not in that it's not gonna matter. The thing I've noticed the most of the people that want their friends to be a spectator ability. And and we we don't yet recommendations from churches in our opinion is that their opinion upper Echelon of personal farm. All the important than what we. We reported talked at the Helm of the very popular or not done well springs. Yeah. Yeah that's that's where that all comes from and by the way. Big city where you have that. I thought OK I collect zionists they lock the ducks literally it was I dealers avenue every day and on China's politics is what Tex for me to suddenly have a lot of curiosity about something I never thought about yellow are able do that and of course were talking about the side gigs. Not not the second job exactly but that thing that that you do in your basement tourniquet you're workshop. That makes you that extra little bit of money every month and and you and you do would often all kinds of stuff coming in on text line. Some players as I sells scrap metal figurines that I willed it burnt and motorcycles elephants. I'll appeal producing music for local artists or giving lessons or Laura last addition gap yeah. Somebody a couple other people are sad eyes and go to yard sales and picked stuff up and sell that stuff on eBay or Craigslist or face the marketplace or whatever but that's what I think of when I think side hustle. You know just something that and I guess I have computers and I have like the Hoover are being beat those things that I think of was side hustle you know that you can just use what you already have. And then use it a different way you know you're driving anyway your car you know car sitting there anyway so why not. When I do it for something else up photography. One person says eight to 10% of my income. Webber's that it's amazing how much money isn't palates scraping and re purpose okay. Pallets I did not have thought about that audio engineer sell underwear you do you're outside counsel right yeah Agee considers our puzzle you know generally considered a size tell us idol job. It's just a hobby a small little thing that I get paid forum Obama water patrol. At a at a nearby lake. You know. And Britain but you are you are paid that's a balance here or no not a volunteered and was that just you add in for senate or was it I want the money. Well both both attacked you know get that too low around on a boat who don't you know. Now well so it's it's good to low. Of course power Blake on the theft yeah I seek out to Laura and gas theft this I would deal is tutors and they said they tutor that's what I did he do it on the side. And which is something that I would do later in the day is somebody says I technically Janie selling drugs is where the term side hustle was coined. I'd like trying to justify my tigers in that cup people said make YouTube videos I'm not making videos odds. It's actually fascinating there's a lot of money to be and everything gap there's a lot of money to be made and social media that if you just know how to use social media tour vanished. Is anybody blogging and making money odds that on deciding mommy blogs out there that your that you're getting money on. Here's one I detailed Karzai can make about 500 to a thousand dollars extra month depending how many I schedule. Offense yeah. That's son or anybody working and is an assistant for somebody or pet sitting error or dog walking or doing your house a there are you can make a career and a house setting. If you're willing to just go to people's houses and and fly over the world you can just house for a living is also a lot of people her. Handyman. So they they may have the skills maybe they don't what exactly is their day jobs they they Columbia handyman in the construction or in the construction but you know corporate tree and climbing in and how's things that need to be done handyman does what I. On I used as a reason attacks on I used to play online poker at low to medium stakes in addition to a normal fulltime job averaged about 3000 profit a that's a side hustle that's that's it that is it in definition and other Uga 3000 that's not on my husband and restores cars. I don't know it makes okay somebody's that I make things nice solid art shows and a blacksmith and make things nice alert says that's. That's another really good idea well clearly you are showing. How absolutely popular it is becoming. Here's one my day job as a newspaper editor I've preached for aside gig 13 of my annual income also player original music and small venues. And plasma donation a newspaper editor Hahn a hundred of them might be regulars say plasma that isn't about command several times are coming in at 6980.