Days off for your mental healthy needed?

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Thursday, July 13th

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104. Day with team in wicket on Thursday day went on isn't pretty vacationing might like he'll be back on Monday RID date and parks come your way at 2 o'clock we'll check in with them coming up a little closer to the end of the hour thanks to everybody was texted an about French Fries today. You can check our Twitter pull out its outing came BZ radio also I've got an out and Jamie came BZ. It sounds national French Friday we asked what Egypt or French Fries and catch up mail. Barbecue or honey mustard does your four options ketchup is by far and away leading the poll Mayo as it should be a distant second but still outpacing the number 34 choice I would just didn't I would've given all that anger as a fifth choice or if you would have said rants. Run by other poll that's that's complicated and Heidi is that I don't I put it together keeper and other errors are now. It's not official Twitter poll gap that's only a couple of as literally that's been a force out. It hasn't everybody else is just aggregate routine thank you very much yeah really attract some of that down when you drive gas so this hour wanted to get into a story that broke a little bit earlier in the week on about what that. Took a mental health day and it got us asking and it's kind of joke about it all gonna take a mental health day and she. Did it genuinely she emailed her boss and the people that she works went and genuinely made the argument for. She wasn't physically sick she needed mental health day and I'm for youths and a lot of you are bosses 22980. Or 5767798. Which genuinely take a mental health day have you ever done it. And what do you think the response would be if you gave that as a reason. I think hills. Me in this modern. Way of of of discussing things it's it's phrased mental health day. I I think it used to be his call I needed to be honest yeah I did take a couple of days off I just need to take a couple of days off for a lot of bosses they wouldn't say okay. They would Centennial of the job is depending on the Boston right how they manage. Yeah. So her like I had the bosses before this is not the situation here but I've had the boss has before that sad. Unless you are close to death you are you are working in part because it was hard to find somebody do your job for today. And then what that what happens then is you get on the phone and go right they've taken. Us. Down. Only Eminem and ask but is even I don't know. How I would feel about calling wicket and for sure I would probably I'd do it night before I could not how to feel about calling hand. And saying I need of mental health I would feel like if I was gonna take a day off and not be physically sick. I we need a really good explanation for it. Like does horrible thing just happened at it here at work closely together that he probably know about anyway we know it's a little rise he would know anyway. But I feel like just not feeling like going into work or just being exhausted is not a good enough reason for meet again I'd I feel wimpy about it. Well I and I understand that but it's these. Sometimes you just need a break down you answered yeah that's what you want is act via the a lot of people will say that on the weekends are for but. You know weekends at this 48 hours long if that and and sometimes depending on what your job is depending what you have to do sometimes your whole brain is not there are. And and I saw a comment when we share this on FaceBook the other day I saw somebody say I would rather somebody say I am just going to be worthless to you today boss. I should not even come in under us GAAP worthless and trying to make something up. Yeah there's no gas honesty off the wheel when you point exactly you know the thing is about the mental health day in her. Describing. Even a kind of job she had some kind of she's an engineer worst software developer okay gas so there also from the computer's doing a lot of them achieve you know for whatever reason. Needed to say I I need to take a couple of days off from mental health and and and I'll be back to a normal on Monday hope. And the boss that okay goods you know we should do like kind of stuff the galleries all we know about all this is because she decide to share. Right because she got a lot of response to it on and she got she got our sponsor email thoughts so rename those and sharing her name is Madeleine Parker she's 26 years old and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan she is it software developer. For a Michigan based live chat platform that helps businesses talk to customers. It has a staff of about forty she told CNN she suffers from chronic anxiety depression. And PT SD and every now and then she says I need it takes some time to focus on my will be all right so few weeks ago she sent an email to her teams are ready that she works with that sad. I'm taking today and tomorrow to focus on my mental health hopefully I'll be back next week refreshed and back to a 100% thanks Matalin. She got multiple responses from the people that she works with her CEO email her inside. Came battle and I just wanted to personally thank you for sending emails like this every time you do. I use it as a reminder of the importance of using sick days for mental health I can't believe. This is not a standard practice at all organizations your example to us all. And help cut through the statements that we can all bring our whole selves to work in and yes she posted an online. And got a ton of support that and as a way to try to help. Improved corporate culture pulled it right and and because we. Man we don't view mental health in this country the same way we viewed as golf obvious now there's a lot of taboo associated with mental health stealth I mean I. Are we talking abouts you know a a medical. Mental health issue or are we talking about. Just needing some time to clear my head. Issue gas you know right because there is a difference between mental health and that's well. I think there's a difference and yes and then when you're sitting at your desk in front of your computer you know imploding data. Z. You need a break maybe you working extra hours to right break and some people might call that I need some mental health time on OK fine you can call that. Mental health on the other side that's a much bigger thing it is not reason to just say I'm bored out. I'm bored out and I can't do anymore this week like I kid if you can justify that you actually are worn out on show that you have been working in down viewed like whoa. OK I mean me as a boss a mighty and say hey. You need to take a little time off right. Does this go take the rest today often tomorrow off because. You're your your your job is not system critical in the moments you know this hospital can't because of what they do especially if you get the time anyway. You know if you've got the vacation time if you've heard it here. And it doesn't affect anybody else's life for you to take the doubt a lot of bosses don't care about threes and the a lot of times you can just sometimes we feel the need to over explain we feel guilty gas. Many times. Yes hold like I'm not a martyr. You know giving up my entire life or for this job even though I have days off the gas I can't take him because what will they think of me a lot of bosses don't care a lot of posturing and the I've worked for bosses that have gone the real sport and a lot of bosses if you're just call and say I am sick. And cannot do the job today that's all they need to hear. You know it's it's it's more. It's a bigger issue to us and this is somebody that's abusing it that's a whole different issue and then that should be dealt with differently but if you need to take a day off. For whatever the reason is you call it mental health just write a day off you wanna go golfing. And you have the ability and his health and it's not going to be disruptive to the workflow. Yeah. And the bosses yet take a day off and take it to me there's a difference though a little bit between taking a mental health as they're calling it. Because that's something that would drop the last night that something you would you know down at 8 o'clock in the morning collier boss and say. I cannot do the job today that's different than planning. To take a Friday off to golf or something like that you know res are ailing a wake up tomorrow I'm like you know what. Obama take the the day off that I can take today. Sure yeah have to justify when I'm going to be doing and I think the point is my day off now it may be is becoming more acceptable to admit the reason you need the day off is cause of taking. Or where I like that we're moving a little bit toward considering your mental help the series leisure physical we're seeing. A weakness in your mental health is being a reason to need time off yeah. I took a union gets you get your mind right TJ I zero or 57677. I it would tear taxing your calls coming up next to take mental health if your boss what would you think of somebody called him with that reason. We'll get your reaction next it's 113 and came easy 118. Gives anyone KM BZ mid day with Jamie and wicket damn I'm mom who make all kinds of noises. I was just ran over me the lyrics that on the jewels that the prisoners was in the commercial. That's without that's about noise laws are there it was you you rapping while lol just nearly shots today. I think you. Before the job makes. Doubt it I I wanna know. Two yes judge your stuff of and a batsman that the Dow was not a big judge in my stuff. I mean I would tell you its debt that was then Mara I cast and I. Right now we're talking about mental health days and a lot you aren't getting. I appreciate the honesty on the tax line because I think it's it's easy to be honest woman side and a lot of Bjork kind of calling BS on it. But there was a woman. Out of Ann Arbor, Michigan her name is Madeleine Parker who sent email to her team at work she's software developer. And has a staff of about forty and sent email Wen date or staff that sent hate team I'm taking today and tomorrow. To focus on my mental health hopefully I'll be back next week refreshed. And back to a 100% she. Struggles with PT SD and anxiety and depression and so my as I was. Which is one of the sixty days. So what what's so what I read that's what I'm reading is that here's somebody who needs to take a break. Yes who needs to take a couple of days off. What however it's phrase and I don't just being phrased that way. One because of you know who she is the environment that she works in this modern day of the way that we talk about certain things. A and calling it and sharing it I'm I'm I'm sharing with you asked me what I'm what I'm due wing. And what bushy thing in this who's trying to make a point or anything maybe not choose as I needed takes a mental health days and maybe that's in their language. Anyway yeah they speak there. Yeah race. I was anywhere else this would be a just take a couple of days off. Keep maybe she Alex he had to justify it may be she felt like she could just take maybe their policy is if you're gonna take vacation days there has to be a justification or restaurants play and you get to that at the last minute and so rather than going to. And sad I've got bronchitis or something he told our team take the next couple days off I'll see you Monday right but she. She is being commended for kind of making the bold statement buyer boss yes and and by others that yeah her boss. Emailed her back and praised her left and right for setting an example. But I think not all environments what areas as receptive old to at all you know not at all because. When you. For whatever reason if you use that kind of terminology its failure co workers or your staff your team whatever. It's taking some mental health days. Mean this a little bit of stigma that little bit of joking around at all what's wrong with the Dow right. And they like it took place and making you feel guilty of Nazis taking some days off. Like just deal with it. Just you know just buck up and deal with that late I eat snake this job an example but if you are having you know if there's been a major crisis in your family. This would be a tough job today of any if you really had something happen or had a particularly. Horrible couple of days this would be this would be a tough a tough job to come in and try to turn off for four hours. On it happens once on the show where. I've read on near 10 o'clock and at 7 o'clock in the morning. I was don't tighten by somebody that I was serious about that but it surprised me right and then had to be on the or 10 o'clock right and if I and if I if I did more willing to you I would this was when Zach was you're not wicket I would have been more honest about kinda where is my head was not a show. There's no how. I was just kind of playing along and praying for 2 to 2 o'clock to get in and I you could say you know like items basic day and a probably should have just called off that day but at 7 o'clock in the morning somebody's then got to commit your do this for four that's that's a tough time to Colin I think. I think bosses are harder depending on everything depends on you know right bug that many times I think bosses are open. To. An employee saying. My has just not right right guy to go mental health day. Are sick they whatever whatever you call it's. For mental health just it's mine right. Than you would think I think what has lost it and get covered. I think that's the issue sometimes I hear on the tech slide to go mental health day as a bank teller. My boss said good communal lobby to touch the money in that state of mind. You know yeah so if your mind's not in its depending on the job and yeah out. Takes takes the day off that you have some angle Wednesday when you're you're you're arrests compartmentalized. Deal with that later and do the job. There's no one to cover for you you know the job is important put it aside for that. Here's one from the tax line this is why a lot of companies are just giving PTAs. Personal time off days and operating it in the sick and vacation race. And this person continues on the tax line as an employer you really do not want to know. Why then because it opens up doors for potential claims of discrimination and of the employment would be terminated. So yeah if you've got the days off. You know if you have to justify it with something okay but if he does have the days off as I gonna take some days off. If you're a couple of sacks on somebody's sorry I say BS I'm a local 2090 union labor of 24 years worked out in this horrible heat and whether I Colin with this reason and I'm fired. Yeah calling for mental health day and they're fired somebody else I'd give me a break mental health day people out now doing hot tar roofing. Laying asphalt in hundred degree heat she sits behind a computer to your butt to work. Yeah and that's some apple senators as. Is special use in this language in this way he and and and the praise for and they see it as a softening of the. Of the American workforce summaries on her boss praises are now and all the other employees did the same thing and somebody else said that that they have a co worker. You know doing it one day is one thing and she is not to do that. Some reason my coworkers on this for days and around you know that starts to affect everybody else. A year ago on the police officer I schedule my mental health sick days one or two times a year allows editors will be followed by family. Yeah yeah I think it does depend on who also the facts. By you not being there you know like I'm sure. And I think I ivory back to just being sick I mean IE. If I know it's going to be hard to cover for me I'm probably just an adult behaviors that. In front of the rather than with the console. And you've got you know we keep moving those yeah lever back and forth and if you can't find somebody to move lever back and forth well you gotta go to work to move eleven love lever back. Right like perfect example wicket I was a week ago Monday and you're here this is the day before fourth of July and again we both came and without voices yeah that Monday morning. He had party too much over the weekend he admitted it you've party too much over the weekend and lost his voice right my mother was act that's what I still have and I was exposed to cigarette smoke and we both Cayman. Neither 1 morning texted the other to say loud lice on like crap right but we both got here and we both said while neither one of a should be here. Like we bulk and it was a little debate through the course of the show on. Who should have been pulled off your first time other avenues are reluctant that I would be here today we sound like junk that it was horrible but he sounded a little bit worse than I did and I said next time you accidents on that that it felt like in your headlines in here feels like you sound that and you feel like you're straining a second time. Called the night before and tell me some blog which probably which I appreciate because I did the same thing. PTO. Yes is totally awake now because that way it takes your sick time your vacation time that you've got a big cool. To pull front then also people who never get sick get the benefit of that time need to you're not you're you're rewarded for marketing sex. Yeah so I'm so where he worked you'd don't have personal days. It just doesn't Heidi divided out it better we get under contract and what what the right at the employee handbook and contract is all about and we get a personal here. Yeah and so but I all that together a bus to secure what day year tiger counted on your time she used is married in air right now. So fortunate that way no other places cards if if you are actually sick right you can't take that sick day right. And and they won't let you yeah that's an issue. Some people are getting angry at a. A understandably. About people's lack of empathy towards those with mental health issues. War making progress that we're not we're not all the way there yet and I think you're witnessing I think were were taken steps. But there's still a lot of apathy toward those wins a lot of time. As we we we criticize things we don't understand or I have never been through and we we we think something might be week. When it really isn't room and we may not understand the terms that are being used to describe the thing that we don't understand right. Well as his son got to it you know you're stat doesn't suck it up butter cup then well. That's an easy thing to say yeah. Like here's an example so I just texted my wife and I are going through some heavy stuff we're talking separation. I'm really just six coordinator in my brain is must today you're distracted I should take a mental health day and stayed home for sure why didn't you. What kept you from taking them on how to text back what what kept you can take the day off I'm just curious to now there was at the response for your boss or her what was the reason there. Or maybe. Things might get worse and Salt Lake today later with the Tampa a couple of neighbors are and although working is a good distraction from stuff that's going on at home some people work because it's a better alternative than to to sitting home and some jobs they may give you sick days that you're gonna have to bring in a doctor's note to justify that. Right yeah and what do you write down what why how do you get a doctor's know no sun times sometimes. See you don't need to go to the doctor you display on the couch if you have an actual cold bright blue or something and you self medicate take cares of different liquids. And an income and you don't but you have to take today off because percent down of course that's the that's. Quote unquote physical ailment. Some latex what the heck is a week in Portland on everybody gets the weekend right. Not everybody else gets some people some people are now on days off yeah maybe it's in the week some people get one day it all depends. Ricky he's coming and up next last that the best perks a year job. A pretty decent ones around here but what are the best perks of what you do for eleven we'll talk about that coming up in stuff. Change and stuff. Thursday I'm concerts and he's done with the top sales unchanged at 133 men David. Like who's off on vacation this week and will be back on Monday day marks the fairway at 2 o'clock we'll check in with them get a preview of their show few minutes before that yes. I was just thinking on the top who we've been talking about is taking a mental health day or a day off for or whatever you wanna call for whatever reason and just think about. There are so many people out there that do jobs that just do not have that opportunity. Yes I did get a feeling off or a weekend off or two days off general. But other than that they really don't have those kind of benefits or they are able to say hey boss. I got a couple of days off here bright and elect well Yang and get paid well exactly at like there'll you know or you're gonna lose you job you're going to be fired you know not show up tomorrow but we'll find someone else to do your job now so yeah I mean is not that easy for everybody out there to sit there. And and and text thirteen or humility and health hazard had to take a break yeah you know I just got a ticket bring in my mine rights of attack Monday. A lot of people just don't have that luxury now now but we are lucky that we are people out here is able to their liking but yeah. Were lucky because of the some of the job perks that we get around here or to media for a long time. So are out today about some of the best just unique perks of a job and again Texas at 22980. Or call 5767790. If you want to weigh in and make us jealous some of that. Unique perks of your job a let me throw a few act your mind thinking here about mental health days. Is that a perk him I don't know if you're wealthy you that I've seen a saying free food. So we didn't company kitchen here that's not free but not free at all but at least it's there immediately options and spend. A penny went it I don't know how to use it I don't even know how. That process it's all just sit now there I guess on camera just in case Woolsey can't steal annual tonight it's because but I thought I'd ever seen easy out I'm walking by going. How this companies also ago this. Faster everybody know. Old you gotta pay for you do area long jet market that. That we sometimes food is brought in here caller that happens rating on time there's always junk. Around there has been more foods. In this newsroom and other stations right around us. In this year that I've been here and then in my entire career back on television. I'm gonna blame six and for some of that because extent sports that we share wall yeah they did it. There's a parade of pizza and barbecue I'm not blaming now I get the credit because they share so I'm not. I'm not complaining about that at all. A couple of other things that people have committed sad fitness benefits agendas polling energy use it. I think judges might like would you come into work early or after your shaft and. Yeah I've probably would I don't have what was provided because it's one of those things where it's an extra expense to either you know set yourself up in your house. Ordered to go get a membership even if they're getting cheaper and out as what do you buy it yet. I I don't want in my complex and so and I belong to a gym. But work is closer to mean that and we're agendas and so I probably like as long as. They had showers not kind of stuff I probably do it at the end of the show Bryant doing over the course of the afternoon do you ever use the workout facility at a hotel or motel rarely. Rarely it's it's one of those things that I going with good intentions on my T look that got to work I should ask and never think about it ever again vacation. And I don't care if I'm if I'm an occasional like that. Thanks 8004. Some things is called me Dana. Always as a data that was indeed a few months ago and enjoyed listening to you advertise on wrestler Bob like you've gotten street now. I'm Amy Zain is on at 2 o'clock feel free to tax packet in like a several people in this building including ones got parts occasionally will bring their dog to work I can think of this you with the other into the building. They're always in the building. And that was wonder about that is. What is your people allergic to dies or what is everybody brought their pets in everyday and precise and allergic to cats. That's that's pretty confident the medicine or leaders are stupid docket now I jest you know an expert doctor work everyday. Because that's kind of a that's kind of a fun perk to be able to bring your dog and oh here's a perk my wife has the keg on tap in a wind wall available at any time in her office where she wore. That's bad a wind wall and now I can at least make a list of stuff to request. Let's see you might hurt a good free public transportation. Well listen I get free rides like Abbas and stuff like my perk is I get paid every other week for showing us. Ha ha. And yeah official work hours. So guys got so as long as you do eight hours a day they don't care when you do that that's a big one death a part of this job as the hours and yeah our. You know yet to be here to certain time but generally apart at this job is that a bulk of the Pratt. Can be done at home. As long as you get the job as always get the job done via their ideology here between you know when you're on the air that inspires a perk on the video editor and producer for local radio Internet show. I mean talk to lots of famous people music and sports personalities are irked. Have you take advantage of I don't know if you had this is much in TV but the tickets they can come through a building like that sometimes are you. And he made friends with the guys the other end of the building well I've got some friends but I I've never asked I'm free and I don't have an iceberg. What they don't offer I mean he easily the email will come out but I mean I assume that those folks getting hit up all the time. Hey I don't pay again. You got tickets to pay man yes but then I will be out two drinks with wickedly and leave wickets wife runs stationed on the other end of the LA gets a lot of tickets then you guys have a conversation. She gave you tickets yankees tickets to stuff the people don't pick up that nobody wants she just gets on. She tickets to a country star Miramar Susan town last week I am playing at a casino and I was busy that night but we were stretches like street want tickets to those as I'm afraid to ask right what I have done anyway. If I don't have them or somebody's ahead of you all tell you now but they did is not like you're asking them to do something else to get you some right. They they aren't available as the way that things work in radio gas so here they are. I'm not using them you use them twelfth paid holidays a year. What do we get ten. Whatever the federal dollars are I would for regions region own decision or were for an Illinois we got. And everything it might even like fifteen a year or something I mean every. President and Lincoln's birthday we got on Casimir Pulaski was a big deal in Illinois I don't remembers history we got that out we I mean. We had a paid holiday every month at least all right here's one I get to bring my daughter work. Okay ten. Other persons is as a perk and they handled but here's one. I think this is a perk. I've met my boss twice in fifteen months. OK I am guessing that the perk that if you're if you are her. Texting at it and then yes I guess some. Oh I work at a spot in my benefits include a free. Sixty minute massage once a month. You know like you choose affect you some people that over the holidays will work in their favor stored just to get the discount for an hour. Around Christmas here's one maybe you should get into another line of work. Text line I work for a funeral home transport service. I'm on call twelve hours today four days a week and during my shift I can do anything I want to go anywhere I want. And there are some days I do nothing and I still get paid. Been. OK not bad here somebody else and I get coming up tonight and a and usually takes six to eight weeks off they don't care how much time I take off okay. A recent history before about the unlimited vacation thing or they keep track they just don't Jurcina what you do now that you can I don't think I would have. The type of job that it's you know in the Kindle in the end the work is done the work out gets done. And and if it's not getting done then becomes a problem. Yes you know and it's got to be a real chill kind of place where they don't have bean counters you know. Marking or. A quarter hour. Odd couple of the others and this is these are set to get a little more serious but like student loan debt reimbursement. Or free. Free schooling like a backing classes for free torture masters and things like that. Event tickets and transportation as they wind I'm off to volunteer. Unlimited Pete is so popular one yeah. A couple of the other ones if you'd chip yeah just extra time off as a biggie. Oh here's one I get the blow things up and they pay me extra to do it best perk ever. I want Kansas arts and you've just coming into this United's. DOT something. Acting is coming and it will report is next it's 142 day went on in from my quick and came easy it is 147 on Thursday afternoon mid day with Jamie and quick hits and damn why Don is your particular date of parks here just in a couple of minutes from right now. We're asking you what the best purchasing your job and for some of the usual thanks you know some things that not everybody gets like around here. People can bring their dogs to work although I guess a lot of people. Have dogs at home and don't bring them like this wicket ran a stock in well rivers came in every now and. If the dogs are well behaved and can control them and sell easily act with each other okay. Well anchored off man uses the southern up who put on the floor. That's what I'm talking about of the spell that day dinners are being blunt about it known for sure could come under a the tickets you know. If you take advantage of the tickets are bad and and and Fergie schedule does just having a job that can largely be done from home is is awesome. But. Some exit or asking to get discount is tough when you go out I mean no not necessarily now not generally sound. I took today here are 5767798. Let's see FaceBook. Will give 4000 dollars cash and have a child. This fortress right after bats. You're texting in about what you get for Christmas bonuses and stuff like that and some said. Their boss shells out 151000 dollars worth of gifts and cash. At the Christmas party that's awesome. Still do it for his party it's really do a genuine company Christmas party with a Christmas bonus we used to it channel nine. And they were really fun. And they stopped. Yeah is that recession time that they stopped there was that and went well it was it was I think before that not long before that and former hall correctly. I think was his because there built into the palace sell their I don't act. Yeah. We do ours here. On a weekday afternoon. In December gas and I think it's sometimes it's been in January it's and a and a probably. I was surprised do well at parties it's my sixth. Elaine yeah organ ready for Valentine's Day now is really fun is a couple of that was cool but. The problem doing the afternoon is that inevitably somebody's on the air. And yeah make it. By eleven ounces to an omelet. And evening Friday evening people probably don't wanna get up there Friday evening to you account holders rights well it or maybe. More fun by got it back they've talked about doing a Christmas party in the bowling and just doing it downstairs in the lobby they got that Google open area. Obviously is that we were. We also last year for our Christmas party okay that's equal. They said drinking issues that don't do the busy parties anymore. We still Israel's and we still at a Christmas party line with the Christmas bonus. You're asked my people with these but this is a Christmas that was and I got. Can Thailand governor Chris as violence. Now I think it worked for and I were to Illinois the precision we're forums locally owned initially. They would sort of fifty dollar Bill McCartney a Christmas and that and then after a little while so. What are the other odd or what you want as a perk damn what would you what they give you like well. If you had thousands of other great job and your like I'll stay throats and other perks what do you what do you thrown in the next. Oh gosh I'd I'd I don't know maybe. Maybe if I'm having to drive in. Gas pay for a better. Some people are getting that gas cards at a target and gas cards or things like that sure you've got transportation media. Maybe. A gym membership for her. Borrower may be just a raise in salary and got some I don't want to just as more and more now I'm off you know just more flexibility. Gamblers like I have up the slowness of the Goodwin. I got a jelly of the month club membership last Christmas. Oh excellent well gel at the month. That's and they jellies and needs that sounds like something it was a re gift that was supposed to go to somebody else and OK let's see we get Christmas bonuses usually it's an extra hate Shaq. Measure Christmas bonus. How we did yeah a better deal around here I think I took a fifty bucks every year every employee for Christmas bonus. A we get a ball is each quarter and it Christmas. I'm OK so Chris promises of not died the whole world out there that you know nothing about you a Christmas party easing your lavish and and singer. In now all of that. We we don't we know nothing about it. But we're very grateful round your report. Very happy to have what we have exposed to rape and are right. We'll see some bills that I do long care we get laid off for eight weeks every winter we come back the owner makes up the differs from unemployment. And they come back bonus home tee laid off free at least every year you get unemployment the employer makes up the difference. Between one unemployment pays and what Robert has made and then a bonus for coming back. How about I would take that. Yes that's critical no doubt as it that's that's a cool thing to do we go to Vegas once a year were provided spending money wow. I cut. Rates yes I don't know what kind of jobs these are were they your perks are half gap. Because they're not happening on the other asphalt crew with mode right. Okay the cook a a a a so. We learned the last time you're here on Wednesday that I'm not in the movies Simon acclaim stupidity on the Islam does Elvis criticisms all those criticisms for you. Jelly of the month was at Christmas vacation movie rental of a catch you Jesus people somebody sat I did you not possibly know that. You dummy you know how much stuff I've ingested information over my lifetime yes with a all that gas you know and that did not see. Then there's the not a religious orders off. Gas on some of debt concierge and laundry service. Or any people if you work at a business where you're you're really working a lot everything's on site like you basically live. Google if you needed to or FaceBook because they'll have a kitchen there and it got showers there there's the gents. Nobody's released a child care services that for some people that's a big deal when there's child care in your building. On and then there's laundry service there are you can send out your dry cleaning. Here's to that are good Boston is to Brazil as Christmas. And I'd like to know what job that was and an industry that was it doesn't ask Gloria a loss. Bought booze and hookers for all of us. Well you all are are like our it will. A at a our thanks to everybody at Texas and. It quickly you can see our Twitter poll is so look at this Twitter pulled it is national French fried and to have a little fun. On on Thursday we got how we get into that but we astle for small we were desperate for residents ride and then how what are you dividend yes and so we gave you four options because that's all the Twitter allows us number one honey mustard coming in at 9%. Kind of the votes. As a us for actually amber three. Would be barbecue sauce. What's the vote there's 12%. Numbers two would be nannies. Mayonnaise. Nano second younger while 13%. It's a second place but they're all far distant from good old catch. 66%. I'm encouraged by that I was concerned about the starter Paul I thought this was gonna go weird I thought that people were thought that there would be really big following. For barbecue sauce or something doesn't mean just by virtue of being here right and I wondered about ray answered we should throw race into an analyst who puts rants on their. All people trying to brought its other than Travis. Yeah stratus Smart people. You that's used. Branch barbecue. Catchup. Altogether. Me that makes them sometimes maximum sometimes I mix together ranch in buffalo sauce branch and ketchup. Are you re enter an everything guy yes he burgers. Com. Bridal Gil speaking of burgers have you ever had peanut butter and pepper yes Angel and it's good business travel the tag. Oh yeah pocket or Friday which are the butter on Friday. Friday got your burger. Oh with governor yeah Friday at a burger. Anything all kind of as the leader of Friday and put on some some nice Angeles. Feeling old life. There is place and I didn't grow into an update on here had a peanut butter and jelly. With the Friday burger with bacon and it will cut it to me so that top bun has the peanut butter right Audubon has the Jolie yeah it you have to meet. What are receive bacon in a Friday Alice had a great chili burger down Louisiana damp. And onions on its Alou made it kind of weird when you look and toss it was all right but yet you. New Mexican and so on us you know corn stacked. Red. Chili sauce. And you put its Friday on top. And it just. Oh yes. OK so a difficult time with the techsters involved there. Is that the software Tia. With the tag yeah I need a little bit it's not right next it's Friday is soft and ally but I haven't. And you know he joked if I guess. Something like that I'd I'd bring an elegy tried its real click yes please it's a weird problem blue cheese Fries especially if eating wings with beer that's right only blue cheese well because that you're doing buffalo sauce and stuff tunes you wings had done little slopes and so. A lot of Chilean French Fries I'm OK with. Yeah street more fork and I've kind of thing at that point by you but I'm I'm doing okay with. Now people are telling you where you can go to get your burger with a Friday in Peter Berg and Carol that's right on the street isn't as retirement I have no idea pretty certain that's sizzled at south and Cassie can go do that I'm not have a hot dog conversation people but I'm just gonna point out what the conversation is that some weeks I like rants on my hot dogs sandwich you're stirred up all kinds of stuff right there hot dog secondly is a sandwich and. News and we don't have enough time in the day to sort that went to buy it. And I guess I'm its mechanics will diss on on on a bottom. But that's not a traditional samba was the that was silently side what is all burn who think that I. Sound what do you tell a sub sandwich. That has meet shoved inside and it's just shape just like a hot dog a hoagie. Yeah but it's still a sandwich and that's the salad but I hot dog is now East Sandwich.