Building Family Through Adoption 2

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, April 6th

As part of our Cover Story, we spoke to Mark and Julie Clobes who say their faith led them to adopt four children, including a baby girl with profound challenges.


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Here is good and bad things about there was some blood from our experience that would be it happens. We had great support all the way. The closest have five kids from 21 months to thirteen years for a adopted one biological their littlest is Ava. They adopted her knowing she may not live a long life she was born with drugs in his system and severe brain damage if they cannot sit swallow or talk. Answer requires around the clock nursing care Julie said the older kids had to adjust and mature. It helps them not to think about them so much. And to think about what that's right now your family about her Ava. Lots of parents say when you have kids the days are long and the years or shore and the closest really mean it. They know they're not perfect and they get really tired sometimes. Have these dreams of the type of parent you want to be and then when the reality that. It's really hard. All families experience parental and perfection but Julian market learn the challenges and the tears are worth. It's about messing up constantly it's about. Communications being humble and just. You know apologizing when every is messed up then letting your kids know that you know here is real and spend it give each other little it's very. Mark in Chile want people to know it was scary for them to take the leap into adoption scarier still to adopt children from overseas. Kids with special needs. Another learning not to be afraid to love a child who may not be around for very long. Faces of their children prove to them they made the right decision. And when everything you know I think that fears. Diminished a little bit. And I. Us.