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Monday, June 19th

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Happy Monday at 1006. Hopefully had a great weekend. Jamie is back after phone banking for Kamal Harris all weekend that was bigger view would you told people over and over again. I believe everyone is everyone thought you really were phone looking for for Joseph judge Jill Stein back in November we ticket they'll upload. And that's gotten up. Actual story is much better than that but we sit back and she is both for 220 you're really getting out ahead. A lot of stuff to get to a lot of stuff over the weekend we'll get into the Bill Cosby discussion. And whether not to even should be a retrial. I'll there's a plane for global discuss what happened on Saturday morning coming up 11 o'clock Ted Nugent making noise over the weekend as well. But at high noon unfortunately every week we're starting with London. I don't know why London's kind of becoming the center of and frankly this has solvent terrorism and we talked about on last week it was a big fire in the apartment building and by the way the dust pollen that now is up to 79 officially. On the I can't believe that numbers are gonna go lot. Given that they probably have not had a chance at the sort all the way through that building on so that is out this morning and then we've had one person killed and at least ten injured as the latest numbers. In his car that drove into the people outside. Mosque. At the news came down yesterday about this and and attacked a British Muslims say was aimed directly. At them a man plowed a van. Into a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside in North London mosque early Monday. Injuring ten people others still investigating it there. Tracy is a terrorist attack or terrorist incident police and another man died at the scene although. He was receiving for stated time it was clear he died a result of the attack or something else I just don't understand why it like you said why Lundin is considerable. Yeah and you know. There's no way to know because we don't have any idea all this was coordinated. That you don't get the same group responsible for all these but in this case. All the victims were Muslims NBC news just updated their story I'll worshippers had just finished prayers during Ramadan. When the vehicle slammed in the people watching an offense very park neighborhood. And appeared to be the third incident in three months in London and a vehicle being driven into a crowd on. Witnesses told NBC news the driver laugh after crashing the van. A 48 year old man was pulled from the vehicle was detained by people in the area and was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. This is London mayors Sadiq Khan says look this is terror. Doesn't matter whether you'll inspired by the vessels of Islam. I have especially Islam will wire inspired by some of the most it's to try and terrorize others. The intention is the same to divide communities. To make it's totally in the lives that we do any went on to say terrorism is terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism and and I think that's the case here too and we see anything that happens. Where a large amount of people are attacked for their differing views or if it's you know religious base a base or faith based or whatever. I think he's right terrorism is terror. But it comes a different forms and I don't know now terrorism as the same and an end to it there's a difference between. The dead done. For lack of term domestic terrorists but at the crazy person that just suddenly impulsively decides to target a group of people based on their religion or based on. Something they have in common. And Al a larger coordinated attack. You know like let's say Manchester you know there on account concert or something like that to me that's. And I don't know what to be more nervous about you know that the crazy guy that suddenly decide or frankly you know it does not doesn't terrorism but just the the crazy got suddenly decides to go shooting at congressional baseball game practice you know I don't I don't know what you are concerned about the organized effort or the more. Also one. We've got all these different forms at absolutely one thing though I Congo's honorable mayor of London city common senators arising hate crime I'm afraid the parties is the has. Seen a spike in hate crime including in particular Islam authority prime Austin and on the bridge attack. We've got to make sure that it preaches confidence to report these things to the police and to the authorities. Call a hate crime call it terrorism either way it's ending it's disturbing and violence. That that is happening and and we're seeing a lot of lot of problems on the rise here and you know we are all over the Alexandria shooting a week ago. Om and he mentioned the bridge attack on you know that when what's her four guys got out we're just stabbing people left and right. In London and there was this story couple weeks ago over somebody came after a police officer with a with a hammer. I mean there's there's what what you wanna call it terrorism horror and hate crime or whatever it's disgusting violence that seems to be on the rise right now. I guess I gas on the thing about London that I think jars a lot of us here is that we see. On parallels between you know like let's say New York City and a ones you're any time something happens in London the first essays that easily have happened here not that were not the same as a Paris or something like that but. London just being pretty diversity I think we see a lot of ourselves and and and so that scares us more frankly anytime EC one city targeted a lot. More than the others we had a situation in Paris this morning that had. People view on people's nerves on adds a little bit more this morning by a London seems. The target sound I again I'm not sure why and I. Arab the cancerous but. The prime minister Teresa may. Condemned the attack unquote an innocent people declared Britain would stop at nothing to defeat extremism. Quote hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed. I hate to tell. Prime minister may. But it succeeding right now. Now every week there's something else out of London and I don't know old was on the London resident whether I'm I'm white whether I'm black whether rob you know this religion that religion. I don't know if I can agree with our. Right now and it raises a question about what to do about it right that's the question we ask about a lot and given the situations that we've had in London already. They already had extra police out yeah you know secured their security was already heightened they had extra police resources out on the streets all across London. In order to reassert communities especially those observing Ramadan in Albania this was coming and they knew that that is a group of people that that could potentially be targeted. So they put extra police out and again you can't prevent crazy I don't know if you know if if this was something that had been in the works for a while or this was simply cry on but I don't know how you prevent that again I. I'm drive back to you know the congressional baseball practice I don't know how you prevent crazy because we talked about that we said. What extra police on scene of we have had more those. Congressman with their obscurity teams there. Would that have prevented this guy from getting through in a case like this how do you prevent its best. I think with the baseball game yes if let's say the little lined them like that say they are four guys on each side maybe the one the one guy with the gun thinks twice about it. But I don't know if you can do anything about this this is just people leaving their place of worship. Or they don't or he doesn't use a gotten you know or he rams his car into the gates at defense at the congressional off practice you know right. I tend to think that if somebody really wants to do it they're gonna figure out a way around your preventative measures and make it out well you're gonna do it anyway. It's some of the most psychotic people on the planet in history have been some of the smartest. For sure I don't know if I don't know absolutely the hodgkin's in guy that did the shooting last week that is now dead I don't it was a a genius or anything but he was Smart enough to know that there were only to execute you know of security guards there. And he took them both out or thought he took them both out apps as it was attempting to shoot. Majority whips police. Go at some point if you've never band go to the Oklahoma City bombing museum George in Oklahoma City and you well because they do really great job speaking of you know the intelligence that goes into crazy like those. Day we know lot about Timothy McVeigh's plants and for that bombing and age or really fantastic job laying out where. It's so weird to see the mind of crazy and to see how far back those plans started them and to see how many different cities it went to and and where the car came from and where all the bombing materials came from right. That kind it's they got an oxymoron they're really does take great Greg my brilliance right. Now there is someone somewhere planning an attack on somewhere some things some organization somebody. And they're doing the legwork they're scoping out the joint they're they're fighting out patterns of people they're finding out how often this person goes sadly. That's happening right and someone will be doing all they can do to hurt another person or group of people. I don't know why you saw that I I really have no idea we'll keep you updated on the story at a London. As the man plowed into the London mosque injuring ten. Does the death hole up to 79 at a high rise apartment fire from last week. I if you're a police officer in London bureau first responder in London you're having a really really. Unfortunately busy first half of the year is 1016 it's been Dave Jamie wicket team on a selling my wicked coming up. What is the age to get a cell phone and what is too young to get yourself. And who should be held accountable for bats there is a lot being proposed are a ballot proposition being a pros propose a Colorado. That picks an age. And picks. We will tell you all about it coming up next mid day with Jamie wicket right here in 91 came amusing idea line KM BZ lady with Jimmy wicket coming up at 11 o'clock we'll discuss the news. Over the weekend about bill Crosby and it. No he had gotten. Trial over the weekend we were all that surprised after all the problems we saw with the deliberations the jury only heard about the hung jury acumen on Thursday why I was here in an early Saturday morning. Not a surprise on that given that that's generally happens over at the hung jury first. That doesn't go back to the jury and say keep trying don't give up and and and that eventually they come back and they say we tried we do you said we can't get it done. So he declared a mistrial on Saturday morning and the question now is it it does appear as though the prosecution is going to pursue a new trial no big surprise there because day. I'm sure they thought they had a sure thing on this one. But a big debate given that we got some new news over the weekend about the old house these health and who is. Lawyer's concerned about his health about what you think should move forward at this point. And we have by the way got to poll question should prosper you prosecutors retry built and you can vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio simple yes or no. Those your only options should we think it probably will they've said they will let. You should. Get his age. Giving in on and now we restarts. Basically six month process given that now you've got to find you jury pool. And now you surely are a little bit and we'll talk about the Washington Post at the story and what will be different this time around and now. Now we kinda with the defense would be. This time so how old were you when you got your first mark. When he. It's time it's what he's a little different for us kids these days of herself. I think I just graduated from college okay 2001 aren't currently an I phone in college because I used to drive. Back and forth quite a distance between school and onsite at the old the first found that I have was sealed on the big grade. Massive thing that's what I'm just the only part that flip right a little plastic piece and I covered the buttons there is like staple or sized paper weight. Owns and then and then Smartphone came much later but the next story comes to us out of Denver Colorado where Colorado officials. Have cleared the language of a proposed ballot measure that would set up the nation's first legal limits on buying Smartphones for children leading the effort here. Is a guy named Tim far. And his proposal. Would ban the sale of Smartphones to children younger than thirteen. Ports in light in and this is part of the debate we need to have about. Who should be responsible for those but in all accuracy it would be the ban on sales Smartphones to the parents. Who intend to give the Smartphones to kids who were younger than thirteen. So do you propose to do a couple of things it would require retailers to submit reports to the state government. Verifying that they had asked about the age at which that Smartphone was going to be given to and then. Would find those that repeatedly cell phones to be used by young children preteens or as a written. The ban would require self but retailers to ask customers how old the primary user the Smartphone is. And then again it would be to State Department revenues that we keep track of whether they had done it after their first warning for fielding to comply with the law. The retailers get fines if they cell phone for youngsters intended use again within two years of the 500 bucks a person you know warning. If your caught again then it's a 500 dollar fine and bigger goal just be to not have a limit on the number finds it you can get hoping eventually network at a retailer to stop. So thirteen is the age that they have it and again you're just relying on parents self reporting in this case. They're gonna ask you you know how how old is the user going to be and they say younger than thirteen. Then. It's being put on retailers. To not sell them the fountain. 5767798. Where do you come down on the should there be an age limit for kids to get cellphone and so what is 767798. This idea. Is in my mind two words. Government overreach. I've read my guy goodness. I let me ask it does for go ahead bloody each ticket office for whatever the parents deem necessary but there's a you're the bomb like parent for just a mom tell everybody in here this I'm low. Swing without two people with Nokia let parent I like it even their get a bond. If it in my household I'm sure it'll probably be determined by eight. The kid's maturity level but just to throw an arbitrary number out there. 1516. Baby at sixteen because of they're gonna be out driving right and they would need it. I got my first cellphone I was sixteen it was the yellow Nokia phone or that thing negative five minutes and I would buy twenty minutes for a month that I would be gone in the first day I remember those. There there's no way in my mind that this will past and I can't say no way because. There are a lot of things lately I've been saying no or never too and I'd there I've seen things squeak threw I can't imagine this passing. Simply because there is no. Feasible justification for the government to come in and say get kids thirteen get followed up your kids twelve can't get a follow. And I've worked streets about yeah it's Colorado. This is one of the most liberal states in the country this was on the first states to pass recreational marijuana and so that government overreach they don't mind as much in Colorado. And here I. I don't know whether a pass or not I was not were debating but and they only need I say only 83000 signatures to get us on the ballot. It would go on the ballot in November of next year. My prediction is yes this goes on the ballot I think they get enough signatures because they can they can picture and not like we've got the American academy of pediatrics. That put out guidelines for children's media use including Smartphones and what they looked out why is. On basically. There are a lot of stories say your kids get too much time in front screens and so anybody that wants to push us. Is going to say you know let's. Some regulation I guess is better than nothing you know have. Have some controls there they're going to pitch the health benefits of keeping your kids off screens. Because I I tell yeah how many parents I know that it sad that we just had this conversation a couple of friends of mine and they said the worst thing I did was get I can have fun too early. One of the best things you can do is keep that out of your kids' hands for another question I have. Two of on how do you enforce it. To me this doesn't have enough teeth to right if you're gonna do it then. All I had to deal about it is that you're putting on retailers. And so the retail whatever whatever federal association is gonna fight this like hell because they're gonna say. You are inhibiting our ability to make money. Put this on the parents. You know if you want parents to not give your kids Smartphones then. Figure a way to find parents. Not the retailers because the retailers should be able to make money all they want. And how do you keep a parent. For lying. To sprint or Verizon about the age at which their kid is going to use the phone I just don't think it's the government's business if I want my kid to have a cell phone at twelve or thirteen or fourteen or whatever it is my kid got. Get to your business all kinds of things right they shouldn't the government. It doesn't have to Wear seatbelts the government says you have to Wear a helmet the government says you can't drink until a certain age so and Oz of past but the seat belt in the helmet arch protect you. It ain't it from from it further injuring yourself and Alicia what a play the psychological warfare card on me. There's no reason. That I shouldn't be allowed to have my kid get a cell phone at thirteen and there's a reason your kid should have to be in a car seats but it's to protect your kids on you could I. I was and I was in a cart as we can with somebody who was insisting on not wearing his seatbelt use of passenger apparently and he sat I don't. He's like you know where he's sitting on he was front's passage OK so who's next of the driver and he was very insistent he said. The government shouldn't tell me that I have to Wear seatbelts and yet we do it all the time and we're generally a little more accepting of it when it comes to your hands with Mac guy flies out. That that's that front window all right I want him is he's lying there on the ground and the rest of the people are just have concussions are banged up in the carcass he. You know somebody ran a red light I look back at a remember the government didn't make him Wear DMC. Isn't that the government's job a little bit. Is two or at least we have made their job because we have elected lawmakers that a pass laws that protect us from ourselves this is the government deciding to protect your kids from Smart. 5767798. Do you see any. Good in this proposed law a Smartphone banned for kids and put it on the store to act. If it's gonna happen. It's not on the store I will agree with Giles now. Answer we agree it shouldn't have now I think you put on stores because it's easier to find the story just fine parents but a lot about it this is government overreach it thing about the law. It. We we have texting and driving lines we have for sale to ease. So you could argue so it was you can argued that screen time that too much Smartphone in time for your kids is bad for their health. And you could find all kinds of research that would support. A habit. They find that they find Ziemer academy he at pediatrics is giving you stats on screen time for. But again I go back to that's on the parents that's our. I'm raising my kids them this way wearing a seat belt wearing a helmet or not texting and driving is not only going to possibly endanger the person in the car. But others on the re all your kid being in a car seat or not only affects your kit. But I'm talking about the texting and driving park circuit texting and driving should be illegal and should be this face the same penalty as drinking and driving because if you're texting and driving elsewhere around. All my lord I saw on the way home from double in yesterday. Okay yeah. But they're going to argue. And I see your point on that but I still think. This is this is they're going to say this is the government protecting your kids from whatever brain damage were eventually going to find comes from too much screen time or ADD are. And and you're gonna find numbers on the productivity but that's gonna lose all kinds of stopped by 76. Should he be re tried to do that at 1105 also next hour Ted Nugent spouting off on Fox News but going to different direction but right now we're talking about. A Colorado man seeking a Smart phone bandit for kids. It's he needs to get 300000. Signatures in order to get those on the ballot that would probably happen in November of next year his name is ten Farnham. And his proposal would ban the sale of Smartphones to children younger than thirteen or more accurately to parents who intend to give the Smartphones to kids. That are younger than thirteen so the waves would work. Is the ban would require cell phone retailers to asked customers how old the primary user of the Smartphone is. Then they would have to submit a monthly report to the state department of revenue stating that they had done that. On and singers relying on the parent to report to Verizon or whoever it is a reverie by your phone from how old the primary user of the phone is now. With the story doesn't tell me is exactly what the process is for if space at the parent says yes I'm I'm my kids eleven and gonna get those. Then I guess the retailer is not supposed to sell on the phone and sell at they get a warning first if they failed to comply with the law and then. They would get 500 dollar fines. After that point and so. On it's it's just relies on that self reporting. And so it's it's getting a lot of reaction but he said those guys that he was inspired. To make the push after watching his own kids struggle with these psychological effects of always having a device in hand he said. They get the phone and lock themselves in their room and change who they wore when one of his sons then twelve. He thought the problem became bad enough toward taking the phone away he says that Smartphones the Internet. Is always begging for your attention the apps are designed to addict you for kids it's not a good thing. Is government overreach in this man's opinion in my opinion and this is this is government going into the family the family as well to get have a cell phone. That's up to defend your rights but again the government's job we have decided is to pass laws. To protect us from things that are bad from awesome we have governments that house smoking laws and sell. It should be your right to smoke wherever you want and yet we have city and state laws now that ban smoking on and and they have decided that that. Is bad for your help so we're gonna protect you from that so cholera has a pretty liberal state I'm gonna get on the gas this goes on the ballot and if this finally passes. And that's going to be in a slightly different form because retailers are going to fight this like crazy retailers. Want your kids to have phones I don't know what percentage of Smartphone user ownership it's for kids under the age of thirteen. But some kids that are in middle school have them on different or the reason that you have no landline. So. So to that I just. I don't like that it's the retailers are being find a perfect world we'd have a law that if you really wanna protect parents of the kids from something bad for them. Then go after the people can actually make the decision to protect your kids from it it's not to me it's not the retailers job to protect. You your kids from the phones that's your job if you make that decision but it's becoming a big a deal that. A bunch of studies and our coming out with all the effects like kids' brains are still developing and by two having too much screen time. That's affecting your kids' brains and the average kid is getting five to seven hours of screen time and day. Again as it is that the federal government's jobs or save government's job to make your kids go outside and play more and not necessarily but look at the obesity problem we have in this country like look at. Look at the told Betsy on the health care system so. I think the government has an interest and it for sure I 76. In 798 to suck to Brad and Overland Park Brett thanks for hanging your 91 KM BZ. It's a good morning I think there is absolutely government overreach. If so is that an individual that is proposing this to the legislature Colorado. Ballot measure. And he is proposing blitz which he can do anyway no signatures on the ballot on the. There is no way that it's gonna be delighted today to with a complete waste of time and money and secondly why it doesn't get managers don't sit. I mean that's. Because he's seeing an actress singer and how a lot of ballot measures are born is that you see your problem in your own family. And or you you've had trouble with an illness or something and so you look to to get on the ballot and if there's not support for a while past. Get the pre liberals here government coverage doesn't mean as much in dollar out here at the way I want to parent in right a final my kid on the phone for seven hours you'll be on the phone for seven hours by game three hours or I don't care. I'm parenting it my way and that's my argument. I I judge but. Let me -- I should be able to if I was a smoker Stabile smoke wherever I want to but the government says can't smoke a lot of public places and have a second hand smoke affects me secondhand so much screen time for that kids sit there in the corner doesn't do anything to me but it will affect this isn't against this is keeping the phones out here to read a lot of studies about the effects of screen time on -- but again out here at the way I deemed necessary. And able to go into ever as you want but we put rules on. You should be able to go into whatever businesses you you know on about the smoking you're able to go and where you want but we have government saying you can't open again if you're smoking a cigarette and I'm sitting next to you I've inhaling your secondhand smoke your affecting my ability to live a healthy life. That kids sit over there in the corner in the same restaurant. Nothing is the fact he has him playing his video game or whatever. Doesn't affect me but now you're mixing laws. Not mixing the smoking while at the screen on what this gets to is just the idea that. There are health effects on your kids getting too much screen time on. And so. Yeah eyes government average maybe but then we shouldn't be having laws we have Napster taxes that and the government saying your kids eat too much Ursula tax that more we. We do all kinds regulation of things that we think ark and four let's get to Bobby Casey and anyone came easy about. There is warning. That there's just legislating. Line by the public. I'd say that the just legislating why by the public policy. Though my fourteen you're approaching you know it will not be the primaries and then hands the phone over to twenty year old can. Yeah parent can easily lie right yet that your your debt is definitely right about that. Parents can easily just say this the guy doesn't that's my problem with the law fundamentally I don't agree with the idea that. You know if if there really are a bunch of studies me I did a quick Google search of the health effects of too much. Screen time for your kids and you and believe everything comes out. But I think this is putting that accountability in the wrong place I don't know that it should go on retailers if you really want to you really wanna try to solve the problem solve the problem that you don't go after the parents not the retailers and it wanderlust I mean if there's a twelve year old kid. That pulls out cellphone. Is also a police officer or somebody gonna sealed Manila folder you son where did you get that they would compared to a is that there of their contact. Well you're gonna catch it on the front and every year the goal is to catch it before. Before the kick you can get if your goal is to not even in the parent. The phone in the first place to scuttle there's a lot like the last caller said. It is July may lead an actor and a bottle line they're going to be honest let's go to Gregory in Kansas City Gregory Euro 91 KM BZ. Yeah. Olympics and that since a joke I mean how do you look it let's say it became law that you're fortunate. They're asking you know like of course that is lie. And say it's you know or or advocates say it's not your garbage that's true. Yeah Horry changed my mind. All org yeah are you know it's it's unenforceable. And a lot more more. That things that are happening in this country. That joke where all over the world word Joseph. This thing then and the laws that we have it's it's laughable. And it and it has been prolonged operation travel quite a bit. Throughout two other countries and you know picking forty years ago. We were joke. I traveled overseas where it insisting that capital where are just ridiculous. Can you be specific with one of those forming pleased artery. What it wanted its that things that are joke. Yeah like when you traveled overseas fifteen years ago around the year 2000. What was the joke. Oh my gosh it's that goal at that school format. Well I I just want I just really makes it pretty Blaine Saipaia. How backing it up I just wanted to back it up. The thing just. How did it into I understand the general statement but just that they can bet there are all men who just in charitable. Are are laughable. All right I to record next endeavor it is I really do want you texted and answered to 290s or something specifically around the year 2000 that was a joke internationally. A law that we had I really would like to know my trying to mocking Madrid challenge images would like to know. Because you say that the world looks at looks at what we do here as a joke. I'd like to know specifically. Fifteen years ago when you traveled abroad and I believe you he did. What specifically. Is to say the stuff that's on TV. Again it's so this is part of the problem right I think it's pretty easy sometimes for people to make blanket statements like that and not really have anything an. And if your argument for that is that's just my feeling. This I believe this law is a joke or this proposed bail and herb put a whatever is a joke you know it's a great thing about this does them on it will will learn that based on whether it's on the ballot if the people of Colorado agree with you that it's a joke he wanted the 300000 signatures means let's not adamant Kansas City at a mere 91 KM BZ Adam what do you think of a ban on cell phones at thirteen. Well on united and delta and the one thing the Smart. Yeah a ill I guarantee you it did not need it all blogs mark Michael we have. New blood would have been active I have an eight year old son and I had iPod and made eight MarketWatch. It only calling. And he can daylight boy texting and I can detect them. Yeah all waiting to be calm I know we use the street light. The kids now yeah day we don't really at this street light but all the kids are outside. We just want to play keep track on him and it has dual tracker I know exactly worried that. You know I might my nephew has the exact same thing it's is what's it what's it called I'll I'll pull it up here I Opel my phone real quick my nephew has the exact same thing that you're talking about I'd gizmo hub is that what he's got. Yeah if there. Worked fantastic you know have it but he added tablet but he only in thirty minutes a tablet Simon. You know what and that's that's up to every pair to decide that yeah my nephew he's tent I can tell you exactly where is by clicking on that thing he has ten numbers. He can't type it's out of it's like at a wristwatch and a penny hits a button he records it it's got like. Ten different emote g.s and up to like twelve seconds of audio they can send me. And I can tell expecting him so I can stay in contact my mom uses it she knows exactly my mom. His mom my sister used it knows exactly where he has exactly who he's text and it's Smart. Yeah it's interesting that he take the age of thirteen. Because I think the other part of this conversation to have is at what age it's appropriate forget ever a Smartphone and there's a difference between a Smartphone. And your kids just having a you know buys thirty minutes so that when you don't have a landline at home but he needs to reach you you know there's there's this week having full Internet capability on the phone for your thirteen year old or your your ten year old. And just having a phone for the call you an emergency absolutely it now. I think sixteen is is right although that seems really late for Smartphone but I don't know why kids younger than when that we need a Smart phone is much different than you never go back. Knew you down pandora's box shaking their fast times but that's different at least they're only use their friends' phones out of their we'll wrap it up with Michael and Jessica and you coming up also. What happens when you get drunk get thrown in an ambulance and jump out of said ambulance on. Someone to blame this I don't care if you're right about that and yes. You're so right about that we will tell you all about it coming up next at mid day with Jamie lake you can jump in 5767798. That's. 5767798. Right here in 81 KM BZ 981 KM BZ me David Jamie wicket. Coming up we'll discuss the ladies in the Bill Cosby trial whether he should Getty reach rally you can vote by the way on Twitter. Act KM BZ radio should the prosecutors retry Bill Cosby vote yes or no luck over on Twitter KM BZ radio that he gas almost fifty votes so far in the last twenty minutes. I'll say yes 60% 58 swear. I I needed just one day off I think it was a day just reset but not my buddy eat me eat it it not. There hasn't been as our conversation a story and a collar and out guy named Tim fart on. Is leading the charge on a ballot initiative that if he were to get the 300 thousands of signatures needed as an on the ballot in November of 2018. Where that were to pass then retailers that sell Smartphones. Would have to ask anyone buying a found. What is the age of the primary user and if it is under the age of thirteen. Then that retailer would not be allowed to sell that parent that phone with the idea that understands aren't things the kids under the age of thirteen should not have Smartphones he's saying. The negative health effects in his own kids and it. Probably in his mind is easier to regulates. Doesn't says that it just regulate parents except the parents comply. On and so these retailers would be fine eventually and found out that they were in fact selling to parents that we're gonna get another kids. That the methodologies goofy again my internal lawyer says dozens of details here but in theory it's just hand. Seeing more and more studies about the negative effects of screen time on kids and he is pick thirteen is the age that kids shouldn't have. That's 767798. Let's get to Jessica and Lee's summit you're an 81 KM BZ I Jessica. Hey and making them permanent that it definitely government outreach I think it too much regulation on our contracting and and they can channel island Kirk RET is. Better turn armed action cricket like we're talking about watched. My little journal school found. Oh nice way to really make of the weird when in the group. Well me and he said and I can burn up out of your. Lack. Pollen and that really what I wanted it and indication what have arm. I kind of like that tracking and I mean this is America got market why don't we get people and what you are talking option cricket. I don't care what could be at least be gluten free and non you know in news that it. Not necessarily regulated but at the option your daughter back in applicator gearing Torre. They just by the enemy to dog on the phone I think it's funny you gotta before it voted 2017 and it's hilarious. Very nice thing over the phone call Jessica that's great. You know on the Smartphone needle in a month FaceBook Twitter is done snapped and all those kinds of things. Getting an all star tac Egan. You get a flip phone that my dad and then I'll get bored with it right away and I'll spend more time on there computer instant exactly go to the tablet out of the PC you know he. Device with any locked Jamie the go outside and then. There's number amounts. Can outside it was slipping sly do you know dual are launched it jobs. Thirteen OK. Go play touch football hopefully home run derby eagle basketball. And ways of god go out. Climb that tree he cannot wait until those triplet girls are just stop your. And like in Prairie Village and 81 KM BZK Michael now. Boy Michael that puts a vote on hold their blood. The assembly to vote or your phone which which are back and only turn your radio a better idea that your phone and hold the senate. Still on there right now. Put your radio down when your on the whole that. And then we'll go to via the stretch and again Michael you get the final hour to 91 KM BZ was so Michael. Michael Michael going once. Going twice. And I my goal is going to be really brilliant see a lot of debts it was going to be a reference in the constitution. Now wow we didn't get a chance to get to that fast. Smart it's out of FaceBook page you know checking out the conversation is there. Mean including this one from Elizabeth he writes I think there's different situations mean they're different needs for different age kids I know my kids. Who were in divided houses that had Smartphones very early so they can always contact the other parent whenever they needed to and I get that in Hilliard thirteen and my parents were divorced I've I don't know if they would of got me a cell phone at thirteen yeah but. You know it it makes some rubble for for kids to have that to be able to go back and forth. And again there's a difference between let's not confuse Smartphone and just any device they can send a text or a cult this is cracking down on Smartphones and separate that out for second decisions that need Internet access at the age of ten or eleven. All the time because keep in mind if the kid has access to neutral Smartphones as well but there's divers re just getting your kid. You know a flip phone that only calls and texts and an emergency and having that have Internet access and app access app access. All the time that they have the phone with them we should see of. You and I. Idol where it was going yes I like where this guy that I have guys go a boat company that will hook us up like I have T-Mobile would you. Of Verizon we need a final local dealer now that will give you know iphones. And lets you tweak Ingle a week. With just flip phone. I. Last. All. I would never be able to prep shadow. Somehow remarkably we don't forget that under threat we get here at 7:30 in the morning every day you know I have to meet at panera with. It's an hour for two hours and get and it likely be on track with that point if there is anybody who's willing to throw I would love that. I would disagree series. Yeah how long could you go before you would check your phone or nuclear to give our phone to like. The bodily we give it to JDS yeah hold on the phone owners of the like that for a week. And that would be special weekend. That would be hell. I would love it over the weekend it's during the week it makes me raise it to Bill Cosby what happened on Saturday morning in should they move forward with a retrial.