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Monday, June 19th

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Your regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do isn't raining here why did what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood didn't feel right there on 98 point one JMB. The. And I'd stood up to twelve. Happy Monday it's going to be a beautiful day outside let's trending Father's Day is trending after yesterday. Still still as the number one trending topic in Kansas City. I'm by the way if you didn't see are we you'll video again one month senate on Friday I think you were gone and but. We're gonna talk about. Something to do with Carol marks her when she comes for the news at 1 o'clock so make sure you're listening at 1255. Summit view male or do you know what we're talking about. And if you'd like to be a little more info go to doctor about. Watch the FaceBook video that she did. On today's June 18 day. Which effectively end was the day that slavery was abolished so I was in Florida over the weekend. Four little EJ's official becoming a Becker ceremony. In court and a I was witnessing a lot of those celebrations in Florida over the weekend. It was a 152 years ago in the confederate south. That slavery was officially abolished car. We have two reasons why the Supreme Court is trending. He is really interesting I didn't realize that this case is going to court but the Supreme Court as report. Basically his sad that the federal government does not have the right to refuse to registered trademarks. Just because they deem them to be offensive. Justices ruled eight to zero. In favor of Simon tam was the front man for an all Asian American rock band known as this alliance. The US Patent and Trademark Office had refused to register the band's name citing a law that denied trademarks that spirit individuals institutions beliefs or national symbols. This report that you do certain. So just because you think it's offensive based on racial justice similar grounds doesn't mean you can't registered trademark. Or don't have to you does is open up floodgates. I think now you know how we've had a debate where all its name your kid yet it's that but in band name for. But if you're banned and and let's say. Look I don't know if this Lance will ever make it being and I have no idea how good they are. I don't think you re enlist surely these metal heads that doesn't care I don't think you want to have an offensive name that people would be. Debating putting up on Amare key or on a post heard. The last thing you want to do is is limits your bands exposure yeah. And so if your name is something that radio stations are gonna say anything like that your costing yourself money. I mean I know it's punk rock to have a really kick ass mean mean to go against the pain in night. I understand it. But in the end if your goal is to make money and you want radio airplay like look. I all mighty leap doesn't like saying the words that chain smokers. Over a 997 point because it's a lot of mothers listen to that you don't want to explain your kid what a chain smoker race. She's took place in the music will occasionally mention it but there. Wanna be like the open cesspool wounds yeah like that's good the whole. Also the Supreme Court is hearing. Wisconsin's appealed a lower court ruling that found its play eleven states that right redistricting plan. Was unconstitutional. Due to partisan gerrymandering in 2012 at the map was introduced. Republicans won sixty seats in the 99 seat assembly even though the party's candidates won just 48% of the two party vote. Racial gerrymandering is. Being ruled unconstitutional. In racial gerrymandering lines are drawn to lower the influence of minority it's sometimes scattering them across. Districts yet gerrymandering in general means you'd draw lines. For the legislative district in particular way to benefit a particular group. Basically and write this record is such can't do that is usually what happens is it's the party in power group that decides those lines and that it benefits that park yeah. Can't yet so Oz for imports gonna take that issue. Carrie Fisher is trending we have found out that Carrie Fisher had heroin. Cocaine and Ecstasy in her system when she fell ill in December this according to her autopsy it's unclear right now the drugs contributed to her death. But I gotta feel in the dead. This is also obstinacy the premiere of season nineteen of Big Brother blessing of thank you and so now we're learning and Twitter about the latest house guests he Big Brother fans. Now it's never really gonna show I've watched it seemed weird to mean Dick Anderson Cooper hosts that at one point. And that seemed odd to me that that somebody known as being a journalist would host Big Brother in nineteen Julie Chen doesn't now who also as a journalism background. You know all of these people least sixteen people have in common delist they're all good looking really. All the people on. A Big Brother. Shockingly are good look Bynum and TV he had me the women of great figures and the guys are just chiseled so. I'll never ever beyond Big Brother. And never be on Big Brother radio I think. He's has tagged highlights of my resume. Since threatening or. And today. Is this a serious hash tag or down. Okay no not at all. Organ a lot of little little video gang up on Twitter because. Also just announced is trending and I believe. Travis. JC just announce a new album 444. Is that my saying it right it's not easy and you that part 444 yup and I'm pretty sure that's actually the time that his kids may have. Yes because I over the weekend were that the twins born yeah and banning cell. Yeah they they deliver anticipated. Birth of children heard that her dad came out and announced it do we know the names. I'm sure of the world there's I don't know. If it. Two new additions boring and I don't have any names thank god hello Obama on now is over I'm sorry sorry cannot canals running because president. Trump is meeting with the Panamanian president out alone. He is quoted as saying the panel now is doing quite well we did a good job building it right. That's great ABC is an advocate that all the president of the United States things are going well in Panama the relationship is very strong we are developing new things to do you. And faster at the closed captioning and only getting stronger. It's our great honor to have the president mrs. Varela from Panama it. I don't make just about what can I just needed to get I know I see like I have. Not gonna close I had that resonated. That's what's stressing all right coming up if you haven't gone our FaceBook page we recommend that you do it now I just put it up on Twitter as well. All right. There is a special election in Georgia. It is between a Republican to Democrat running opera congressional seat that is now vacant maybe they can by the trump administration. And the ad is YE too controversial. And we'll play it for you and we wanna take your calls on it coming up next to 5767798. It's 5767798. Mid day with Jamie what people do that on the other side and 91 KM easy but he won KM BZ midday with Jamie wicket. A very interesting going on in Georgia tomorrow there is a special election. For a congressional house seat. In the sixth congressional district which includes Cobb DeKalb and Fulton County in in Georgia. And there was early voting that went went on and there was a crowded field in April there were eighteen candidates now they're down to two. And when what is weird special elections there was there was. Out there's a a ruled that if anybody got over 50% they were going to be declared the winner. All the Democrat by the this has been red since 1970 knot this seat has been red since 1979. Democrat. His name is John O soft he is a documentary film producer former congressional aide and needless. At 48%. So he missed it by 2%. Which many you would ever run off against the Republican winner. The Republican winner was the former sure I'd Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel now she only got about 19% of the vote but she won. Against ten other Republicans wow that was a huge Republican field she got the most and she won't even going up against him they've been campaigning back and forth. You know typical. The last had. Samuel Jackson did a commercial and Alyssa Milano. Was gonna give free rides pay for people's rides to go to the polls. Donald Trump actually the president reported a mobile call that said if you don't Azeri we don't vote tomorrow most awful raise your taxes destroy your health care. And flutter country illegal immigrants so it's it's a heated spot because this is a very very conservative. Seats in the house right there right. As of right now the latest polling data on this as the Mehdi dead heat. Dead heat there within the margin of marriage like plus two worth treat her present is largely via. Remember last week. And and how can we forget the shooting that happened in Alexandria. And oh we all remember it was at the congressional baseball practice and house whip Steve's release was shot by a birdie supporter and not all. And that this wasn't this commercial we're gonna play for you. It wasn't created by the Republican Karen Handel and her people but it was were there was room are recorded and made. Obviously to get people to vote for Kerry to handle right for this congressional seat. We wanted else this is appropriate. Because it is getting obviously attacked from the left and we'll tell you what her reaction to it was it's called stop the violent last. In his honor FaceBook page we want you to go ahead and look at apple played for you right now. Lift is endorsing an applauding shooting Republicans. Win who is still. You know if John costs often wins on Tuesday because the same unhinged leftist cheering last week's shooting are all backing John all soft and if he wins they win stopped him stop him now stop Jon pos office job Nancy Pelosi. Emotions Karen Handel for congress most principled leadership project happy for the second so responsible for its content. So that's the ad that is airing and it in on radio you don't quite see the images of school least getting it you know taken off on the stretcher. At one point they show. Kathy Griffin and head from from president trumpet that terrible incident. Not too long a goal. And there's some serious propaganda going on. Yeah this and that the unhinged left cheering last week's shooting and I think is it is disgusting to say it at sell food you know. Yeah these Republicans that were targeted but the year. You know let's take party out of it for second that it could have been anybody practicing yeah it could have been Democrats press and also. But suit that that's a pretty. I don't have. Cheap shot is even a strong enough term but that's that's a pretty disgusting thing to accuse the left I think it's. Awful. I think it's terrible at it obviously. John us offs people are condemning yet then. Is that there are Republicans that are praising it and enact the incident from last week. Helping it. Helping Republicans win the seat. Brent carver whose Republican chairman of neighboring congressional district over down there in Georgia set I'll tell you I think shooting is going to win this election for us. Are we really politicizing and trying to to gain political favor. Over the shooting of a congressmen. Seemed disgusting that OK so then I asked you questions yet. On number one is the ad effective. It's at that it is disgusting is it going to win votes and my other question then is is it too soon is it ever okay. To use a tragedy for political gain and we talked about this before like company is on like retailers. Yeah doing at what was the one Texas that I can remember that did ads for eleven. Anyway we talked a dozen retailers not having sales based on. Twin Towers jail OK it as an eleven in San Antonio so is it ever OK to use tragedy for some kind of political or financial gain because that's what's happening. On and to say things like stop the violence left. Well yeah now because what they're what they're acting like is that this shooter. Represents everyone and. And now and that's just plainly not true doctor. Outplayed again here again this is called stop the violent left if you watch the video go to our FaceBook page follow us on Twitter at KM BZ radio. And and see for yourself this is supposed to be and promoting one's side and that is the Republican in the Georgia is special congressional race name is Karen Handel. The. Unhinged left is endorsing an applauding shooting Republicans. Win Molex dot. You know if John ourself wins on Tuesday because the same unhinged leftist cheering last week's shooting are all backing John all soft and if he wins they win stopped him stop him now stop Jon pos office doctor Nancy Pelosi. Karen Handel. It's a really good job by the way of bringing Nancy Pelosi is right if you're a die hard Republican you do not like Nancy Pelosi into associate her with him both Democrats. Is a very Smart move on the ads part. I just find the had to be disgusting. Where's the counteract because man you can go after the rights for this like that for accusing the right of politicizing. A tragedy that affected one of their yep you know and and to say things like applaud and shooting Republicans are you kidding me. Or any Republican should be going off about the studio 767798. Is that is it all fair. Is it all fair is that an OK ever to air their game I don't sound sucked Johnny Casey Euro 91 KM BZ I John. I was the first thought they that I I don't think it'll be you got it all my I think it's I think it. It's wrong for anyone who's so sort of tragedy you know art agent. You're trying to lay decade of political. Off its. I think it's or. But on the same spot and the inside and big time. The day on everything I've heard it here lately you are trying to hate the political side of the attacker out of it completely and I don't agree with Everett plant but that is supported troop. Order a penny right as sort of radical it always been about the political figure out why is that now that when somebody. A yeah actually. Established. Barely left wing radical. You. Is now with what would you slightly after that the politics out of. I don't know what you're getting at and understand people we we I we didn't take politics out of it. Or whatever I don't know what gone. I am I'm sorry I'm I'm not being first it's not done. I heard. This morning on my way to work. I heard them mentioning that. Our politics as the other and they were saying that it would be a political motive. And it just and using credit the shooter is best route than it was kind of pressed off the thought they would. It was electric. Tax. But but it wasn't we said he was that not all birdies supporter and the point wasn't to rehash what happened last Tuesday was to play the odd. We should be under a rock or not paying attention around the country you're not on your phone or whatever. Everybody kind of knew Bernie Sanders support aide Bernie Sanders supporter was the reason for this did to me that's not the issue. Sort you can't with a after he said now. OPEC he said he can't because it's because here's what I think we're gonna get some of organ a lot of people saying well also you know you wouldn't be so upset it was the other night I was doing I let him and then I asked so do you condone the at. Because the ad is ugly and horrible. Note to say things like. The left is applauding shooting Republicans Nolan on the left is applauding shooting Republicans. 5767798. It's 1230 John appreciate your call and we're trying to blow off which party the guy supported the pulled the trigger. That's just last week's news we're trying to focus on this ad ID one Camby Simi David Jamie wicket. We are going over an ad in Georgia if your underwear tomorrow is a special election between Democrat John costs off and the Republican. I Karen Handel for a state vacated by god Tom price who's now secretary of health and human services under president Donald Trump. There was a larger run off earlier April. Are all soft received 40% of the vote. And handle received just 120% of the vote which was the highest of the ten other Republicans. So this campaigning has been going on for awhile for this very very Red Sea and interestingly enough there's been forty. Million dollars spent between the two of these. The most expensive. Congressional seat campaign. Ever. That's include forty billion dollars between the two so things are getting desperate now right and now we're in the last you know 48 hours couple days before voters actually go to the polls and I don't ever early voting in Georgia. That they are an extent that moment not voted yet. Then you have a shooting at a congressional baseball practice in which Republicans were targeted. And now you have this ad that we're gonna play for you that it's it is not at that a lot of people are condemning but although I'm surprised by how many of you or not but nonetheless. Questions is the ad effective. And what if your Republican and you are on this are independent and your undecided are you more likely to vote for the Republican in this case because of the San. It's called stop the violent left you can read on her FaceBook page is it I'm so you can watch it on her FaceBook page is right there at the top also you can check it out on Twitter came BC radio. Unhinged left is endorsing an applauding shooting Republicans. Win when it's done. You won't tell if John on self wins on Tuesday because the same unhinged leftist cheering last week's shooting are all backing John all soft and if he wins and they wind stopped him stopped and now stop Jon pos office job Nancy Pelosi. Emotions Karen Handel. Smart had made it's it to me it's effective but it's also inappropriate yeah it really is to try to politicize and try to. And I don't care what's happened in the past and a lot of people to see what about this what about that. This is not right this doesn't help create any sort of civility whatsoever in this country which I believe will never get back to. That's a lot of a lot of you are saying on and you know it becomes kind of clear where you're standing politically a lot of you're saying you know what molested it. Or you know or their doesn't did apply shooting Republicans and hear the comments is on FaceBook. So you're okay with the does that mean then that this ad is OK I feel like all doing is here in the ad. Feel like your side is being attacked and so your immediately fighting against it and say with a left of it while does that make it right done. Further. Like does that get us further. And it is the act gonna win her votes could have. Negative effect of error because according to some people he's got a running as that Democrat independent. Kind of playing that that that road right now. And it might have a negative effect tomorrow I'd I don't know how fair is this is. But the one in Kansas was we knew was gonna be that close but it was watched the one in Montana with the guy that that did beat up the reporter we knew that wasn't really gonna be close. This one's a dead heat going in. Tomorrow you're going to have some people we've got a couple of you that are taxing and that are saying I'm a Republican in his act goes too far because this pull an. This is just happened it just happened and you this is an ad out of desperation you're taking advantage. Of a situation where you know keep in mind you know this was this was horrible. 5767798. Let's talk to Mike and Platte city might dry 91 KM BZ was at a at a OK you like. Add into the date now like do not agree with. However I understand what they're doing in don't want politics. Because as you know today. Let's grant the audience let's grab their attention today are gonna come out if people remember and I feel fortunate aspect of it. Yeah I'm a conservative also and they should not have done it. It might be that if you or it you know get ready to vote in this district and your conservatives he probably vote for Karen Handel. Would would that enlisting your kind of undecided on the fence may be organ of vote would that add get you to go vote. Get me to vote now. That a lot of other things. Got an epic so much for the phone call pre shared it. I've 7677985767798. As a does that tax on so much for Paul Ryan's call for unity. That happened they both sides have been called for unity forever now civility unity. Might think your phone call let's go to John Green valley John your 91 came easy. Good afternoon. Well I wanted to point out that if you go to Twitter and go haste and can't. You can see the first three things that come. Are Republicans. Are on Republican congressman. And you know I think there's hunters out there. Is that hunt animals and not people. Can't what does that do with this ad John. It and a whole lot to do it is there can only in the media. On the left that has stirred up there's violence. Any flaw. Happy group in one of the people that the shooter followed very closely Rachel mad now. This play in New York which puts preached violence. And what do you think's gonna have to. And are you know people like Rachel matter now of preaching violence yet. Key example when it's on her Twitter page you. Well I'm not to have pulled up right this second (%expletive) eagle there were. We sit and find you want but you know I accuse her role on a promoting violence recover and net. And what does it mean disease or whatever his name is that was on there the got fired. Protests in trial. He was over on CNN it's different network. But yet he year old gets heat well cash Griffin was there she got our media she's that cheap energy are our lives you know. What's on an entertainer she is disgusting as to what cheers. So it does add to get you to vote in favor. Our media John can you answer my question would this gets you with this ad did you vote for for Karen Handel. Well. I would view they have driven me I'd arm for a national health care. And of course so I don't think most of America's smarter and save for retirement so certainly got to keep sources security. But the left and all of this you know withstand the president was told it had to and all the news. I got back to my class sentences like eagle on and on because I want to conversation on track given that you heard if you're on the fence about who to vote for what does act get you to vote for the Republican Karen Handel. I know. They over the phone call that's the point I just within the last forty tweets of Rachel madcow when she did not win one way promote violence. I'm sorry you have to have if you're gonna make a bold faced claim like that in an and that's. Your prerogative. You really have to have something to back it up like if I would come back and say to to to John. Your current president said go ahead and punch him out and it paraphrasing much about and I'll barely out of jail oral stick up for you your president was inciting violence or inferring violence no problem with that then I'm not saying. What Kathy Griffin it was right because we talked about that ad nauseam two weeks ago and she's gonna lose your career and she sure did the market will demand and she sure. What's this I I love that the the view of the people on the right you people that are drink in the cooling of its all labs fault. And you people on the left were drinking the cool laid it all the rights fall if both sides the president of the United States. Seemed to in many people's minds promote violence when he was campaigning to be president of the United States. Kathy Griffin had a decapitated head of the president the United States. Opposes right listen. We're not debating. That's the worst party is right now Democrats or Republican although a lot of you are at minus nine that's a little frustrating but that's cool. We're debating which party is the ugly as right now it's the asked. It's it's the merits of the ad looks we'll stay on track with a question as the ad effective with the add to get on the fence voters to go one way or the other because it could do. It could do either one. And is too much too soon is this this is unfair. Joshua Casey here and anyone came easy. Josh. Are harder not bad triggering a downforce fleas are sure no problem they know they call me and it's up. Beyond that point armed with another freight. You're your question what do you eat you know do you think the act as a tactic. To. You know current events and people that that thing centuries people that are I would say yes I would been active effective. I mean that to bring go on and I understand you are are one talk about you know. Oh all the laps on this right from their inspection you know the ear say that it you know that one party has both parties are pretty cool it with true. I mean. Paul Ryan's been beaten thrown over the cliff by. You know stone grainy over the Qwikster and political have spurt of the past decade. I mean the last I don't know ordered capitalizing on. On shooting. Trying to link Gabby Giffords shooter therapy in he took the bull by web site. I mean you don't know what point do you rise that you're in and I think Republicans have done this for quite a while not MacPhail look at what point. Do you doubt at what point do you start put now. How outrageous out. As we've seen on the left for years. I mean your acting like it's happened on the left and it's a. A this. But it the issue is this ad and what a lot of people are doing is deflecting. You don't you don't the and is ugly and we talked about the fact that this cat is disgusting and and again I get it. And find you as many ads as you watch of the right attacking the left if you want angle fine handed eclipsed. Limbaugh clips I can hope for like that's about the put I can go fine. Horrendous things Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann have said about the right. It would be okay if liberals have done is either no let's just say that I mean I think that goes without saying no clearly not you know not been okay. If the shooter in this case had shot Democrats in stat and liberals had done is at we'd be criticizing the ad the same because the ad is ugly and it's a cheap shot and it's Tuesday like when the dude came up. Last week and said are those the Republicans are those the Democrats. Had he banned me right Winger who hated Democrats and went to democratic invent Democrat democratic congressman out there are. And he would look. You know lit the fire on all of that taken out to security guards and again democratic senators second base or cut house majority or we're at second base minorities segment. Condemned it as well we were here last week doing the same thing really but I I just it is amazing to me. Absolutely amazing to me that that we still. That the clay Ximian Tex lines said. Hit some of its excellent said eleven Paul Ryan's call for unity now or president trumps call for unity about how about that. Lastly there's no unity. If we work to reach you everything on the tax line. You would see there is no unity whatsoever with you people you people don't want unity you people don't lottery right across the aisle. Right people on your terms your time your party your rules and everybody else can go bleep off so does apart your and that's what you feel. Saying we're talking about it so the ad was effective on voting in Georgia who don't it was effectively made. The issue is with the was the ad effective with people who aren't decided yet on who to vote for. On because to me it just looks desperate it looks like just elections on Tuesday yesterday in just happened last week. It is within the margin of error and let's hurry up and take advantage on it. We'll play it one more time for him. I'll played after the breaks of he won here can bull do it on the other side it's called stop the violent left. -- day with Jimmy wicket we'll take more calls you to jump in is the effective or is it out of bounds by 767798. You can text into two nannies earlier on 91 can be easy. 91 KMB Simi David Jamie blanket. Ready to our conversation with you about this commercial that is airing in the Georgia's special election. Odd today one day before voting tomorrow between the Democrat John also in the Republican Karen Handel. The. Unhinged left is endorsing an applauding shooting Republicans. Win let stuff. You won't tell if John on self wins on Tuesday because the same unhinged leftist cheering last week's shooting are all backing John all soft and if he wins they win stopped him stop him now stop Jon pos office job Nancy Pelosi. Emotions Karen Handel. Again I think it's a very Smart at even though I find it violent disgusting and worrying too soon to put deuce the ad. Like it was like principled leadership. Project packed to the super pac does she say at the and like we support this at her does she endorse senator Andy thank you know. She did not put it together this pac backing her data I think that's important to note for the sake of the conversation that it wasn't her campaign that put the ads together now she could come out and say that publicly. Which she which I doubly she's done yet she is not sad she's not so the ad is awful and they shouldn't put it together and you need to act. She's just got to leave it out there suck at whisper jury or 91 came easy. And he has to go on. I think is very appropriate but I think that. It's great point what the Democratic Party all about. You think the Democratic Party is all about violence in net applauding violence and shooting. Year outside you know look at look at look at all the people out in the streets and there are blocking traffic getting there. Archie who drop people from sharp John yet it's very appropriate. Outside a look there's going to college I did not mean to cut jobs and a two point. I. Thank you very much appreciate that by 767798. You know a text into two nannies are what are you feel the same if the roles been reversed. Like would you be saying you know yes it's okay to target Republicans like those of Democrats have been shot. Light blue springs are on 91 came BZ I Eli. Mike I don't like I would think the ad. I thought it would very inappropriate to try and bringing use and tragedy that happened so recently to further somebody political and. I don't know if there's a timing on it or it would have been okay. But to me just feels incredibly suit. I mean you still in the hospital. Biding his injuries and I mean it just seems a little bit Chela now what effective yet. There effected by I don't think it's for the reason that they really want it. I see it's. Bird that people on the left there are going to be used this guy over there all people. They're just gonna use like the Republicans are all people the rights to the far right and he has that out this is yes this is a great. But the independent in the middle are probably gonna either and feel like oh. This is taking a late too far I don't know what invoked for this competent candidate now because. And I don't know if you endorse that mattered not or what carpet but I don't see them lean to the right here. Adding over the phone comment appreciate it I wonder if he'll have a negative effect if he's to those people those independents those centrist Republicans those centrist. Well obviously did a Democrats probably not gonna vote for Karen Handel are wonderful have a negative affect on this election. And you're saying. A crazy person as we talked about this last week and you know was this just an incidence of crazy and how do you prevent that. And a lot of he said this is as crazy bet that any gun laws could that change us what your group is crazy end with every liberal you don't like I don't think I would. Who was the guy's name that. Shot. That that shot up the Denver. In james' old he's a Republican. I don't think of that guys every Republican. I really don't I think that that to group everybody you know is is a little ridiculous Lithia is. Last word goes to Sammy shoddy and can't be easy go ahead Sen. Yeah arm I personally don't conclude figured that I am also on the conservative but I do find it a little bit distasteful as you let that. And it it it does seem a bit and but also I think we don't necessarily know whether or not as effective because we're outnumbered the voting in Georgia but also we don't know the outcome of the election. All right it's a dead heat going into tomorrow so we will be able definitely find out an end badly for the record as a registered Democrat that is not how most of the left V aids. And I know plenty of Republicans who are registered Republicans including Scott parks is coming up an hour from now. Who would tell you that the violent behavior those against you know whatever that aligned themselves with the Republican Party is not the way most conservatives. It also might make a difference because we talked about with a guy that hunch the reporter. In Minnesota. We don't know to what degree people have done early voting in Georgia and so it's possible a lot of people Marty made up their minds. But when it's this close it doesn't take a lot of votes to move the needle is not a race. Paging know watch the video we have an on Twitter as well coming up Kara marks or has been news for Kara. Hello how how our guys feel and sign Dario doing okay Friday there was a video that was record here by Ireland in mind yes for Father's Day Jamie Yorktown I was I was often for. So we did Indians in here as well there was you know if you have seen the video on her FaceBook page if you haven't go check it out to FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. And everybody was given a chance say something about the batter happy father's city Kansas City which really really great. Have you watched the video I didn't did you happen despite when it went and pointed out today what Teahen caught on camera right behind you. If you haven't seen it jeopardy is playing on the TV behind you. And the question is about a spite your. The voters I'm. Lucky I ironic timing obviously didn't plan that you plan and no trip. I'm not doing. Listeners noticed I noticed that when I was editing the video that I didn't know when shooting those concentrating on Karo blip in the background on on editing all the the clips together hasn't won at. Well it's hot hot hot. Yeah see here hi how state. Go check it out because in the background of that video is a question the bite of the spider named for a child in Italy was once thought to make this and I can't read the rest of your answer and no argument. If this was one of those weird. Universe. Working in a weird way kind of a yeah it does happen well done by the way back and and there's is that the category comes up with a background. Watch out for spiders look behind you care. Let's go to Karen now the newsroom happening now I KM BZ new charges any young models murdering Kansas City will more in just a minute.