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Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, July 12th

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What also are on a Wednesday afternoon. Sunny and warm in 98 is what we're headed for today wickets out so Brady got does mornings on 997 the point is here. Blood pressure right now I'm. Good good. Maybe you shouldn't give me that low grade they're based on the reaction out of people's I have stopped listening sizable and now you are more important liked that a five denying I didn't. And more right but you're gonna have to really try to catch because on this animal morally back. And it assigns you your business this is what I pour. Co host has to deal with off the year what rightly say that for on the air yet and it. Is pat felt so good to me how it also has thank you I worried for a moment now felt so good about here the best part of my week so far I'm glad that you're getting out off your chest year. Did you anywhere else it's about battery. And I felt like I did you know. It was a really stressed I'm. And a young guy in the studio from time to time when when the date gets particularly tense. I've been known to play on the floor. Do you suppose reach her after I went in half and I. And have a fixes that are going on all time who sometimes that's what it takes to do this I don't know what it is about being called an idiot and a bunch of different names on the text line. That would really put you in the a moment of it and it really feels good to trying to. Stop if you yeah. Now and I factories that we can do that not Tatum parts like coming up. At 2 o'clock also this hour I will tell you why I probably should encourage this button would tell you. It makes more sense for you to not future parking meter park where you want and get the parking ticket. That it does to drive around with for a spot that's legal just here or in in the U probably not here. Probably night here. I say that they'll tell you I once got a 75 dollar parking ticket parking ticket. At Nelson actions right we got adding Eisenberg park it would have been cheaper to driver. Yes fine a plea in that case yeah I gotta think this is one of those situations where. The numbers are skewed because of echoes and how much parking is New York I also figures and I think they assume how frequently would you actually get a parking ticket if you only get one parking ticket a year vs how much yet speed meter an hour's drive looked at a story coming up a little later in the hour on by -- the story earlier and a lot of you we didn't have time feet again and asking about what it would take to get more people to become 911 dispatchers this is one of those stories that. On because of the shortage of night when dispatchers in KC MO. It was a real there was a real world affect on this and we have a gentleman that died after incidents at a Clint comics store and the Kansas City Star. His name is James Cavanaugh and this happened back on May twelfth and so basically what happened was. A thief went into his store clips comics. Comes out with a handful comics books and and start running out of the store. So James Cavanaugh runs after his arm he's got the gun in his hand and the man the suspect gets into his car. And you cannot tries to stop them. So it'll all that the guy gets into his vehicle the suspect attempts to take off and in the process. The car door hits Cavanaugh. He falls and hits his hat and it is badly injured and in that moment. Now we know at what point in the process he died but he did. And the suspect took off by the way he's never been seen so so this is still opened two days. The issue becomes. The delay. For how long it such emergency crews to get to the scene. And these super riser for the 91 center their communications center is blaming understaffed so. The weight just worked out time wise was the first person who called 911 a lot of witnesses the first person called 911. Call at 1226. That collar waited on hold six and a half minutes before it call taker insert. So you called it on one you know you've got a man down you know he's gonna head injury. And you don't know what kind of time he's got six and a half minutes before pol ticker answer. Police officials say the caller asked for an ambulance and as a result was transferred to Kansas city fire department. A few minutes later the fire department contacted police directly to roller then a crime had occurred. Police dispatchers. Registered the incident as a crime at 12:39 PM they immediately dispatched officers. It took thirteen minutes and forty seconds for the first police car to a right. This is not a police response time issue this because police got there police once they were notified. In and within two minutes they were there. To meet this is the fact that it took six and a half minutes. For the call to be answered. That's not completely usual for you to call him on one and be put on hold. Six and half minutes though is serious and unusual and we don't know if they answered sooner if James Cavanaugh wouldn't have died we. There's no way to know that it first point you know effect has saved his life. But we know there would have been a better chance you well getting to the scene earlier means people a better chance survival. Bright and maybe not this incident but certainly six minutes in his life critical right for sure often yeah and then fourteen minutes by the you know the longer that takes the longer it takes for you get three to anyone else. In fact it took so long that we've heard reports that people at the scene. Working on Ryan or ran into the fire department physically they just were gonna go well because that was going to be faster at this point there waiting on mole. So the supervisor there for that I won't once under her name is Jean for Kasai is a super supervisor bear and blamed it not on money. She says I have the budget and I have. The authority to hire a bunch of more dispatchers they just can't find them. She basically said that she has budget for 92 cult acres and dispatchers. She has 69 of she is authorized to hire at least twenty more and in fact there are standards national standards that are set out that says she's actually. Justified in having closer to a 120 bright but she has 69. At the time the call was made there were six call takers on there should have been eight. On and so we're asking you again this is one of those we hear about response times we hear about problems and I'm one. But this is where potentially a man's life could have been saved it's the fact that he was lying there on the ground fourteen minutes before but he got there. On by the way we'll wait and see how this plays out legally. But the guy that that took off was never caught. Now this isn't a situation where it's easy you just put up a help wanted sign on the right front door of City Hall. And then you fill it up there several factors the training is a big factor. The turn overdue distress there's a big factor there and would we say training takes a long time so tuna for. Months on and then there's another 2528. Weeks on the job training on this complicated job. That financially isn't valued as much as I as much as I think it should be on but they start profit 36000 dollars a year. Which seems like not nearly enough given the amount of stress that you have to deal. On I'll talk a little bit about I went to the citizens police academy admission a couple of years ago. And as part of that they do it in every government but as part that you go spend time in the emergency communication center. With the call takers. And just how intense an environment that can be a call that they played for us. That went on for twenty minutes and a dispatcher eventually won an award for it but given the stresses of the job. Yeah there needs to a lot of trading because those people are responsible for a lot but what due to get more 911 dispatchers to do the job the supervisor says she carries applications with her in her car. Because that's how badly they need applicants so 5767 signing. Or teaching IR dash sheet. She's always and she needs to hire twenty years thirty on that and so it's always looking for them. Wait what we need to do you improve either distressed level for dispatchers or the shifts or the environment. Or the money. Given that the money's got to come from somewhere will get your calls next 112 pretty evident from my wicket Jamie not a selling and came easy. 117 mid day with Jamie and wicket on Wednesday pretty good minute from my quicker we'll get to date and coming up after 2 o'clock. Next time I'm on let me pick the music not that anybody else wants me back on our actual I have control over anything I don't now. And ninety. Cents. Next time I shall all Audi to beat the music even out we know it's. Just some. And rotates look I would obsess over that I'd leave the blessing box alone and he's only knew it would be next time if there is a next. See I'm not Hillary it's been my honor it's. Been nice now in week we came up the podcast idea so somebody on the tax line said. I'd like brick bringing in these grants they're interesting said would you say Jamie I should start a podcast all about these were now podcasting bring in these grants featuring Brady. Are. Another story that some people are preempting about gas as I tried experience so there's the Kansas City Star today about clips comics it's store in Kansas City will it was owned by James Cavanaugh. Who had a situation with the thief back in May not thief comes and grabs an arm load of comics steels them and runs out of the store. James Cavanaugh runs after him tries to stop him yells at him. And eventually the thief gets in his car. And takes off they're apparently is an open car door and that car door hits cabin on hits the man knocks into the ground he hits his hat. That ends up being a fatal headwear. The problem is that it took nearly fourteen minutes for authorities and for emergency crews to get to the scene. This was not a police response time issue police once they knew what was going on. Had a police car there in under two minutes and this was this was quick for police. The issue seems to be that the first person to call from one and there were a lot of witnesses. Was on hold with 911 dispatch for six and a half minutes before that call was answered to you could even get the process rolling. For six and a half minutes in the meantime this man is bleeding on the ground from any headway. No doubt we don't know if that could have prevented his death we can draw a connection directly between AD. But for sure it makes you think while it it could help or it you know what if hurt if nothing else if you got somebody there sooner. So he knew what we need to do in order to get more people to do this job that I would wanna do so. Here's the thing I did find it it was very easy KC MO dot gov slash police slash careers just search I just put in Google search. Of police dispatcher KC MO gov now here's the weird thing at a goes through the jobs and and what you get paid to pay range is 3155. To 5350. Dollars per month. It goes through some of the objectives the standards. Contact Mindy Davis to schedule an appointment applications will not be accepted without an appointment. Okay says that at the bottom of the page here it seems from an odd to hear again from dispatchers are those of you who have tried to go through the process or Ruth thought about it on or if you. Good for your job what keeps you from wanting to be a dispatcher teaching ID zero or 5767798. On it does seem like the trading an application process are rigorous. It seems like for sure the training processes but there's definitely a lot of steps to even getting to that point on. In fact just our points the star story points out a lot of people are disqualified. Because they don't pass the drug test that that that's a lot of people out. You don't need a college degree for those high school or ged is all you need that didn't do the treating. Out of on the job tree. But people's side you you know you do a lot of interviews this is not an easy job to get. And for jobs that only pays 36000 a year 31000 a year when your starting in for a job that has as much it's to rest as this one does. That seems like a lot but a percent or look. Act if you were to run this like a business you would go clearly. The turnover is hurting us because via the amount of training required compared to the turn over is costing us money because it costs a lot and he as so I gotta think that an increase in pay would help. Ray yes that seems to be part of that I'm a couple other ideas to base some people sat up bulletin of the phones Jacob is on the phone it'll if I take. So does the job of interest. On. I did I davis' job like that no that was found that there is such a big need for. OK so I mean. I worked at the are currently and you don't you know I mostly out and kind of in it and now. Do you think you could handle the stress of taking 911 calls all day. I'll I I feel like it hit. I hate. You know a couple of had a huge impact on an outlet. Gross that disturbed by things too seriously nice. Though I don't know I don't beat him in the. And the high end per month 5300 dollars a month they need you yes all I did was I went on Google and search police dispatcher jobs and then I put KC MO dot GOV. And that egg came right up to it so I would do the same for wherever you live. The Baltic and collected and people like it in that process we need him out there definitely on some suggested earlier that the ships are the problem that perhaps cut down on the length of the time of the ship because I would. Being a firefighter. A point for our shift isn't that big of a deal if you go out on two calls it's horrible. If you go out on twelve balls you know I mean and so he's if you cut down on the shift time benefit is really busy you've got a break from you know from all that tension. On I was talking earlier is that you can go and do the citizens police academy if you've never done one in the city that you look for work and go to do it it's one night when it week for three months I think but part of what you do is you go to the emergency communications honor I Johnson County. And while I was there they played for us what was eight when he minute 911 call. And they got the dispatcher on this is from several years ago the dispatcher won an award for adults you what my hair on my arms was standing up. I barely took a rat for twenty minutes and this is what they go through. For 36000 dollars a year I I this is why would never do it. On that play call in which a woman called 911 because there was a man pounding on her front door looking for her daughter who was not fair. And at the beginning of the phone call you hear on the 911 line you hear him pounding on the front door. And that you hear her whispering where my house should I go hide. And and the dispatcher who was clean as can possibly be is telling her where to go in her house and he's asking her questions and he's keeping her talk. And so she answers number twenty minutes or she goes into a room over house and she hides. And then you hear his voice got louder. And that you hear him break in the door it was like watching move it was like listening to movie so he breaks in the door and you're running your house. She's hiding hoping he doesn't find her in the meantime. The dispatcher is keeping her on the phone communicating with police. And then she says I have a gun to my go get my gun to I told police I have a god how did they know I'm not a threat. Does well on aside for quite awhile until police finally got air you know and and police were able to intercept situation. You couldn't pay enough to deal with that right. And so. G double the pay like do we just way undervalued this job. I gotta think so here's what you wanna make a man here's what you do you started trains school. Where you teach people to do this as a trade and so you could the thing you then. The training would necessarily be on the government and pray and you wouldn't have to be learning on the job maybe you could even speed up the training. So Jamie's school of 911 dispatch wow. You make them disabled launch. That's about all of the telling Darren you hire people with experience and I'm telling you you could turn them out. So in John's county they have to be sheriff's deputies in order to work and I won't now that are out Dexter I don't know if that's true everywhere I know that's true in Johnson County. It makes sense a little bit because I would imagine some of the trading overlaps some of the knowledge and share that know how to handle every eventuality. Every possible situation that could come on and and you got to think about you know the person you're talking to and who they might be encountering him what police are gonna deal with when they get there. So the police know who was a threat and who is not and who they're looking for. You have as intriguing as somebody that's a police officer. The other thing is I think about when people call up and are using code. So you'd have to be able to make quick decisions because you know there's a lot of calls is this person speaking in code. Is this a wrong number is this do I need to write them cannot move on. It would be I mean I just can't imagine anybody Judd bring in robots we need them takeover well. I imagine what you're gonna see you're gonna have to at some point is consolidation and I'm once owners and how you'll have an. I don't know if that fixes the wait time but at the very least you pool your resources together Lamar right and so you've got an alt on either by county or by region and some series RT do that. But that way if you've got you know some dispatch centers that aren't as busy hugest take those dispatchers you all the work in one place and divide the work load up a little mark. I don't know what else you do tumor the problem that this is scary and what does this short fed off that I mean yeah. Three daughters now start to make it real bonus and wonderful as me or you what if you were. What right now he slipped on water outside the pool and you hit your head. Or you know or. Who knows what happens with one of your kids and it takes fourteen minutes. For somebody to there remove the residency requirements somebody set on the tech OK and they keep reminding me that yet that does exist I'd probably doesn't exist for other city employees but they say you have to live in the city of Casey now. And a lot of people don't wanna live in the city where it and and different governments have different residency requirements I don't think that's everywhere. Or they see a live with a certain mile of record as but that would that would help you act. I mean this is one of those situations where maybe even. This conversation in that tragedy that happened in downtown or I guess who's in west our rate. And that where the comics or was. But believes so this tragedy may be we can improve some of these services let's hope as some bad news. Yet that somebody does that somebody set I'm on the text and currently a cult taker TC PDR sensor eight hours 11 and 7 am the oral an hour shifts the spurs I worked three to eleven during the summer. I take calls nonstop except for scheduled breaks from the time I sit down to when I leave. I take nearly 200 calls a night and so on that was part of the problem too that they mentioned was. I guess you're supposed to take the average call taker should do you like 121000 calls a year or something or call center they're taken 151000 per percent now let's they're too busy. What about this what about privatizing. Yes I can sleep he private sector have any easier over time they can pay more probably right but would they have any eat are the problems the same aside from money. Is it the job the same. I don't know. And where who would you charge of its private time frame where does that money come from right has your still gonna have to either increase the flow of money to it. I don't know I I really don't know but I am horrified and I'll be awake all night because of us thank you Jamie. Yeah you properly I just threw. 133 midday with Jamie what's on Wednesday afternoon after having a great day Brady Gibbons and studio for my quick hit from freedom and for 997 point on the wrong. Missouri's broadcasters association station of the year 199899. Point seven the point I was gonna give the callers can gradually yes there's nobody knows that I don't know be weird that was the reason that Brady did his first trip to Britain's. Brady wicket non compete. Yeah that was why what you went to Branson for the first time in just had the best asking all of she was intrigued by I don't know I don't think logged is the right word acting keywords curious I got to imagine going from Detroit to Branson it's a little bit of culture shock well. To write a lot to Branson. You know in Branson's odd. I like you've never been it should tell you something though given how much I have traveled. I think up to 44 states now that I haven't I've never done brands and it's never really popped up I'm married are you should. Really you really shows and I mean it's yes I like we I'd take my kids down to silver dollar city councilor. If kids might like as much and nobody likes it I'm dissing you should go. You don't look out because you like it you've got to be on. So now you're knowledgeable about Branson and you can converse about when a pops up once every six months. Our. The sort of mentioned earlier about. What makes more sense to dry around and around and around and look for illegal parking space and or feed the meter once you find it. Or just take chances and get a parking ticket. Somebody studied it and this is under the independent motors in the UK Germany and the US spend. Billions of dollars each year in time and fuel looking for parking spots. Then pay more time that they need to avoid the tickets that would likely cost less there's traffic Data Co. called into Rex. That just put a lot of numbers and about the cost to drive around with for spot the cost of the parking meter and probably figured and the chances of you getting a parking ticket and what that parking ticket would cost and what makes more sense on encouraging new. You break the law and to sit in a parking spot and not feed the meter or two illegally parked again. I'm the person that a couple of years ago was with someone doing an event at Nelson actions and the person who's with me sad. Figure. Literally twenty minutes later and 75 dollar parking at. I doubt park legally everywhere he's feet meters I park somewhere I shouldn't because. Obvious not feeding the meter is always obvious but a spot you park and that's. Dot com. I mean live a little Jamie AG's. You must be need to shout I'm the person with like nine a speeding tickets are. Now I am legislate higher it think here's the thing. That's putting everybody else in danger I'm not approving of that. I am approving of he is similar to one about parking I'll park where I want but now you're being unsafe to the rest of us Jamie. Wow. Yeah I'm just. That's there are right mr. authorized park on the study concluded that in the United States the average driver both pays for parking. By 97 dollars a year by buying more time didn't need it. So you end up this is you go to parking meter you don't have your gonna be there. You don't wanna get the tickets you put him more time and you need an annual Easter time yeah I wonder about that now listen I said this before I got I think this is mostly on the coasts because. How many times here in town are we paying for parking there are you kidding me I don't. Pardon my team and I go to anti. When I go to a concert at the sprints that I'm paying right yes what's a parking ticket. The 75 dollar when I got. Eric parking tickets to 120 by re probably so I would agree this this study makes sense because so Austin parking. For the sprints in her stuff will be like twenty some box thirty box and that's if you parking lot at this gets into parking meters but that we the story just came out this week at river market witches. A lot of people it's easy eight cheap it's pretty you can write free market. Not anymore they're gonna start charging for parking air because people are parking is important Gerri and on the street car and going down a piano it's exactly would it in for July. Bryce said it's it's free to park it it's the benefit. Or the downfall of the street car that now you can just park where you want right streak part where you went house they're gonna put metres and tour right now. Yet it's a whole headache I'm I'm definitely one that takes my chances with parking like what is that she and stop loss yeah. What are the chances. On the gambler. I don't know I don't know if you are so then say the average parking ticket costs are twelve bucks a year. So you're better off the moral of the story is unless you get somebody five or ticket. You are better off saving yourself the time. Don't drive around and around and around looking for a really good spot don't feed the meter just skip it. Or at least. Give it the minimal amount that you know for sure you're going to be on and don't worry about going over ride ticket. Just put it as long as you're sure you're going to be there and take the chance getting the ticket. I'm not kidding you that reminds me last time I was in warrants and parking ticket I've Lawrence is well I have not Lawrence. I don't think I've paid their out for aren't there other stuff seriously Sony. Its way to tell you the they're the talking about well. I've done. You know is this and so are listening to weekend Jamie. And I like it. Just. So well last time you get a parking ticket. Just that one that you mentioned. Get a lot of parking tickets and got about. Not parking illegally but on that any speeding ticket I shine on me bit of history I. More than anyone else at just about such pain I saw I deserve and like the one in. If I deserved it but the one that I got near Hutchinson Kansas last year I was driving back from a family thing. And knows sometimes it goes it goes from seven to forty area that sticks if you don't hit the break I do now. But just like your foot off the gas legislator Kerr Natalie and applied on a 45 he caught me and that glide and little towns being ticket. Little towns will do that between here and there rate between hearing Colby and yeah especially not on interstate. They'll do that I think we all learned that from Digital Underground and John Candy and hi. I have ruined my your anger or radio is as good reference comment on the show up. Throw it out. Yes I can't remember I don't know I don't worry about it I sit risk you don't want to study that's study is telling us to not pay for parking on with you. Sure got me thinking don't over feature mere don't worry about running out looking for in the middle a meeting or dinner or something don't worry about going out and feeding your meter. To take the chance that you're gonna get a ticket and if you debt. They just on the path if you get a ticket and it's a ten or fifteen dollar ticket. So why it's the chances of you getting another one are pretty slim and think about how much money you have wasted. In parking meters that you didn't have to waste. Nothing but trouble 1991. But Demi Moore. Chevy Chase. Kim and Dan actor Lloyd and Digital Underground. I think was in that as well lose you know ever attacks to come out of stuff. There was a good reference we will thank you very much that most people are telling the tax line you may have a bench warrant out for your Austin Lawrence YICQ did you get the state and care home again. Well you would do behind bars I wouldn't know you are not. I wouldn't I'm not set up I do not have the body for big prison like Dana talked about yesterday she's currently suited for jail you're either I typically NASA ordered jail I I would. Al grades why I haven't. A war you. I don't know can't. I don't know what to do public corporation own goes towards. Police department now or at county and relatives or Douglas County thank you so mindless self I won't be sleeping this week thank you to make sure many of the warrants out for your history being eager and every. Now. Okay and he's telling me see your defeat the purpose of somebody's on the text line you can get an appetite for Eaton used at time your leader. This is telling you don't worry about it this is saying don't. Does does is get a ticket. Because this isn't it in particular priest land. So yeah yeah parking tickets or is towards him yeah I mean I'm with you to I don't. I say. Risky and break I don't know. Especially like me I'm just not downtown enough I don't find myself and then it's like there's a shortage of parking and downtown and we are very into parking manner right dressing you know what else there isn't a shortage of since I just move there. Can't smoke clothing and sorts. It's like I moved back to someone I tell. It's also a new house so I go in the direction and you year. I mean I can't help at all. Now worried about going to jail. Because of heat for listeners perhaps to a quick text me what were the other to repeat the question that you asked me. You get this wicket here later this is a good question and conversation in the last break about something else and that conversation you say to me. What. Is more over valued by society today. Good tabs. Or a nice lawn. And you've said. I think it's a valid and I don't Wear your good side valid question text and now this isn't your abdominal muscles. Or law and what is more overvalued. What do we what do we focused on. Michael what should I focus on for the rest of my week should I make sure my lawn looked at the right or my dad's now I can see that adds make me look like I'm healthy. Exercises healthy I think its more appealing to members of the opposite sex yes I'm married by you know. So that's still stuff still important to me. It's all war on line. Your lawn looks nice I think it's indicative of probably how well you're doing because look at me I'm doing so well. That I've used scissors around my sidewalk. What's more over about you I think the question is. Whose value is more important year like is the site is the value to society. Or you or is impressing your wife more important year. Society Fischer let's talk she got stuck with me. Children my youngest is she's very cute she's my anchor baby so my wife is going nowhere where do you stand Jamie what do you find. More import what is more overvalued and society nice adds a nice abs. Over value value can now that's not. I appeal week I got to spend hours on might want us great. And shoulders curled so the apps that doesn't do anything for one other person ask here's what tax line that tax write it seems that. The text and seems to think that ads are over about you. Line. So the Brady knows those thunderous and as we tee tiny zero it's 145 and Jamie's car. 115 midday with Jamie and wicket with Reagan and in studio for another ten minutes data parks comes your way at 2 o'clock dim one mom returns tomorrow. Okay posed the question again mr. Guttenberg. What is it more overvalued right now by society. Nice dad's. Or a well manicured long because you want to know with the free time that you have this week DL is Jim urge you work on your wall and I would ask. While overvalued to whom and who's. Who matters more you look at worst. Speaking in broad strokes here just society in general I would say apps are overvalued partially because that's not the most appealing partner I'm workers girl sure I don't care about that and so I say. I'm the person who's a goalie guy. And bush and but how weird is it that I'm outside I spent. Just days. Fall Saturdays. With a vacuum vacuuming up leads to you live in Johnson County that's why all this happens when a program nobody warned me about this O'Donnell. Out with a literal vacuums backing up vacuuming up leaves. I'm weed eating and wasting time with mulch I tried to get everybody on my block to let's just all go natural now. And grow and this is Kansas and let's enjoy what the first line is costing you more. In the gym membership is cheap. It's expensive outside of a little bit of exercise because some mowing just think about how much you have to exercise to get good. Quality that are you mulling show us. Okay because then damn it upon yet you gonna let your whole idea that you have to do about this would mean when this wears Travis at which one is overvalued. My artworks out yes. Our ability things. Mom which ones overvalued Goldberg valued. Probably add all you know you guys were and at surprises. What is life like as the white and apps is that why we have a question no I you know what it came up like on a pop up that are on FaceBook like GQ with. How to get great dogs in twelve steps Ann like if rights is set ups I don't think I think it's a body fat issue. I think it's a body fat covering the muscle issue that gets not right. Right Brian Kenny pop tarts that protest. At the start running but the reason I say ads because. To me if I see a crappy yard mark doesn't the person I'm like OK it just. Utley all looked all right yeah. Judge at 20 god is not every day that a person would attract a point in terms of who is going to judge the audience is bigger for your line. Sure it was your water on the neighbor answer was ultimately tip don't work well here at home a lot fewer people see my labs but. I think it's higher impact. All right over yes I think it's higher impact if you see it. Says if some ideas like Subaru Impreza maps. That's says a lot. I could be paying to have my yard done. Well. Right and I think it is and somebody said this on the tax line it is what they say. Personal. What was the personal appearance vs financial parents because to me the one thing is like. Look how good my life is my life is so good I'm out here we've eating and I don't have anything else going on and I don't work hard so I can Pitt spends some time in my yard but if your apps you might as it was Spain. And dignity back. Right well you know all I'm sorry I guess it's Bane to exercise and be healthy and now exercising eating healthy that's a good thing to do if we're talking jobs. Can I tell you this MAME but she does wounded as a problem don't you know if you work out right yet you write it out with that so that's why this conversation is making me feel great about my dad bodman little beard guy so gut. Thank you very much and thank you problem spot oh got. Solvent like I just hope for wicket every. Me feel better about dad. All right a real quick and here it seems too early to be talking about who only doing these Super Bowl halftime show next time around but the rumors are already starting. This is the new name that is on the table to do is show. I mean it's supposed to be a secret. But it's not. Here's what I think happens one they floated name out there. To see what the reaction has rights but let's get reaction. Besides last year and decides Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake how many Super Bowl halftime shows can you name more remember. If I didn't do this for a living very few can you which ones do you remember even doing that's ruining not many. Right not many I can tell you who is probably done and by I couldn't tell you anything about them bright lady on. Number she jumped off of the thing in the pre roll videos that was kind of impressive the only thing I remember about that is that there's nothing controversial because that was the talk forehand does what she gonna do today the sensors alertness because I don't the president had just been elected wells isn't it right. I mean. Look I in the last hundred spurs did it was 2001 she was way and harassment that was Aerosmith and saint and I yeah Oscars so and even a whole Britney Spears saying look. As far as halftime shows she'll kill it. She performer. She can she can on the stage she'll. The lights and Decker shell of a thing as color a residency in Las Vegas I just on the shows are so she's up to date with the music recently. Eaten. New design that. Amber's going to be doing so I did it again and probably. Probably do The Rolling Stones have any new music valid point it's only stones. No she's not to give Iran doesn't have the musical. Sherbet you present your never fill that up with the best musical talent. Right right you want to do that put ray Lama on scene up there right have him do bunch of sad acoustic songs during halftime but who wants to see that. Dinner right when Britney Spears for you and your halftime show the possibility it's just wire its top car. Didn't her fifteen minutes expires he's seven years ago she so she may do the Super Bowl this year pray yeah I mean look you've got to pick somebody. Sure let me be as with the super ball let me just say this you have to choose someone who crosses across all lights yes and she is not seek an adult period. Yeah it's got to be the sounds are Garth Brooks or someone that even. A person who has a casual music listener will not say and I hate that person you know right. I almost stem of the opposite I think what they're shooting for is not football fans to make it a spectacle. Yeah but who is your beat it to be quite honest if you're Britney Spears fan you're a young gay man. Or your loss mean you're this age who lost and with I was when I was in no slouch. People from the station went out to Vegas wins are that's a price of my went from retailers like as a Jim guy for real and am going to thirties and works if you're going as a joke here but the only who's the Basque who's the best artists who would you put up there so it's that you can just rocked all of it you generalized. It would be someone like France who saw it just. Everyone can be like okay answer yet you know down didn't Bruno Mars to a two years now ours is again when I think I careful with country be right. A hole on the heels only by country and I would say the same thing about Britney Spears that you are cutting now or it's fun of your. Audience there if you choose someone like car. What you're doing a show today I love to. Your conversation about the I'm calling a crisis pattern I'm once we will weigh in on that we're gonna talk about the heat. I actually almost passed out and not asking for sympathy you gotta be careful out there today if you're working outside and listening to us. Got Russia. Keep drinking water. And I am actually great for people. He had spent. Earlier parts coming up next break Evans is blasting happier on Twitter at Brady Goodman and insular Brady Goodman radio I'm no Britney Spears on and program and humans have an appointment threatened its. Broadcasters statesman a year. Forget it for the next eight months.