3rd District Councilman Quinton Lucas part 4

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, May 17th

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We're joined in studio he has been in all hour long we say thank you very much to Kansas City councilman quit Lucas for joining us out of the third district. We've spent a lot of time talking about a number of issues whether it's the rising gun violence or TCI. So recent question about Casey I as a matter of fact in some much your response. Why is there no room for expansion and more flights but there's an empty terminal. That's a question I think it's a lot of people's minds when it comes to this idea of we don't have room to expand and he delegates. Via the idea is the problem with the airport is kind of its debt so when you walk in. At the glass doors there's security there and then there's kind of basically the year line right at any kind of area. So we have all those empty areas all that sort of step they're configured in the wrong space. So you have a horseshoe but what you need in modern air travel is something different and so that's why. We've looked to you this fall modernization approach as opposed it just reopening terminal and using. Even if he had terminal age as with the way that we built the structure years ago it's really hard to retrofit that. That's a that's that's the reason we're having this conversation the first. And it's true some prospecting Canada Irian somebody was wondering on the text line as well about where that money is gonna go for a what's the process for allocating those funds. Ever taking that finally to drive my thought was where you beginning with where that money. Gonna tell. Like we said with the GO on I think the ideas we need to have a a real policy approach to how we are going to spend the money. It's very easy to just do this sort of spot fix here spot fix there and then two years from now ten years from now that tax were looking around we don't know what we've done. And so I think the about the citizens group mayor's office council. A work in right now to come up with an approach for how we spend it equitably and have always been in a way that makes a difference. I personally would like to spend most of that money spent on them. Minor to moderate home repair or not most but percentage. And what that would mean is for all of the people including sometimes the nice old lady who's been in the house for years we can't afford necessarily fix the roof. Where the paint or anything like that having money available for those people to stay there and also having money that tries to attract new families to come to you. Our aging housing stock that part of the city I think. In terms of retaining population that part of Kansas City. You need to first right keep the people who were there attract new people there than those people attract new businesses that wanna be there than those new businesses attract further investment. It needs to be layered for how we do it instead of justice saying let's build a super targeted. Some. Although that's nice and it sounds great I think in rebuilding the community is really the best way to use those funds and working on that note. Somebody while back a little was mayor James was talking about getting rid of dilapidated buildings in May and and she Forte had a conversation about that some of the funds in that 18 cent sales tax be used to get rid of the buildings that are falling apart that are uninhabited that are dilapidated. I believe they can and so I mean there's the wave of the boat was written that we have some expands the ability to use funds. The the goal is to steal your economic development in the communities so if there are four eyesore structures that have been in the way for years our hope is that now we have the ability to take care about. You know confusing it is to vote for the Kansas City street car expansion regardless what you are on where to go through it step by step at 1215. We eat half hour yeah it is still being confusing counseled. You know that. Way easier it is it is I don't live in the street car district boundaries so I commend you don't fight for taking a half hour I got one I think done but I encourage everyone who's within those boundaries to have your voice heard in and to take part in the election because we want you to you know the nature of the transportation development district is that we. We have the state law that kind of requires these in some way typical steps to do this to approach it but. I think with the city's tried to do is make sure that as many people's possible can be aware. Of the fact that there is an election they're aware of the ways to get the ballot certified and Franken we'll continue to make those opportunities and if you have any problems. Call my office 5136511. That's 816. And we will help you up 5136 Barbara 11 figure out how to get that ballot file or you can just call the station here apprehended and Jay Leno is the way to have a guy. I'll get my email Donna and I. I got an email is underwritten. And so. The benefit of the doubt that part of the reason it's a complicated is because in all seriousness we're talking about a special district and so the only people to get to vote for the street cart expansion are those who live. In the districts where that's going to be set up and so part of this is checking to make sure you're actually eligible to vote on TV. That's correct right yes I just that Brian. Not a lot to ask jerking me around here I don't know if I I think I'll all of us on the council want as many of you with in the district of IA I am allergic to anything that suggests we're trying to. Restrict anybody's right to vote or anything like that that would be voting rights act violation for small. Two X that still exists. And so right we have a real interest in making sure you won't vote and so please take the chance to what you seen from downtown in that district you know it's not yours but obviously you've gone up and down main street I mean how are you surprised are is this what you expected out of the street car. You know I think it's an exciting time you know when I was younger my mother worked downtown. I would walk around the streets and I thought it was exciting that there was a week store homeless guy had a lot of vacant parking lot it made were very interesting day of Kansas City decades later is different and that's a good thing. And so no matter where people are on the funding schemes and there are certainly ways to have challenges. I think this has been a good for Kansas City and I think a good downtown is exceptional for a region. What is your radar before TCI and crime and a streetcar and other things we've talked about what else what else is coming up you know I was thinking the royals. Double play but now all these other issues have come out the royals are winning series over the weekend and so you know it's a good time these jobs are necessarily busy the have a lot going on in Dallas and in the air but at the same time. It's what were elected to do walk and chew gum and and so I think you a particular time to actually address them I wanna get back to affordable housing policy. Addressing homelessness issue some of the hope we always issue and that's what I'd like to see Kansas City addresses the summer goes on once maybe airports quieted down on the that'll happen now. Probably not he is on Twitter at Quincy Lucas KC district councilman out of the third district. Thank you very much for coming in this has been fascinating thank you all so much.