3rd District Councilman Quinton Lucas part 3

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, May 17th

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I joining us in studio once again we think Kansas City councilman quit Lucas for his time and we have hit a number of things and we were inspired by the story of the weekend in your tweets over the weekend councilman about gun violence. In Kansas City if you missed any of it can be over at our website came BC dot com and one more note on police or got to get into a couple of other issues. And that is how frustrating is it for lawmakers in the city to have the police force controlled by the state. Of Missouri. You know I think it's now very frustrated. It's something that we've been talking about for years and years and the people Kansas City deserve local control they deserve a stronger voice in what happens in their own city. And I think it is disappointed. That we still have this kind of relic that is an answer to a early twentieth century first half of tweets entry problem. Not really something that is a modern 21 century solutions so. It is the world in which we operate and we live up at the chance to talk to governor brightens and we continued you know have our police board who do a good job and work hard. But you know I think the people of Kansas City will probably want control of the code. How do we get it's changed. It is dead that it requires one mile and a December oh that is as dead as the night matches I think you have Ebbers and oppress and good luck incidents and there. You know I it requires a state attacked and so we can attitude today a validation initiative. Or we can certainly give though the legislature and governor among others. I don't think they're as amenable to that and so we'll continue to operate like this but still trying to have the voice we can as counsel as we set the budget and so. Will try to work with them as best care. Although Montag Nike CI here in a second but somebody asks a question on the tax line teach united Europe by the way if you have questions for councilman Lucas on somebody had asked I'm sure you get us a lot but. I want I Apple's next I want ice I watch specs and asked that reminded us to spend a couple of minutes talking about the general obligation bonds that voters recently approved and where that money's gonna go to update us on the process and how you're deciding which Starbucks to stick to fix first yeah right. Now we have we have a list now the city manager presented a list of first your projects force that will be under the general obligation bond. Included in that is a lot of the sidewalk repairs that so many people said it needed to be addressed we're continuing to work out. The policies as to how we pick the street or the sidewalk near you. And so we're trying to do that using data. But actually going through kind of an organized method for how we do that one other important thing to note before bore everyone on interest. It is the idea that we're not just fixing streets in a spot kind of way but we're also really invested in road reconstruction. If you go in Waldo often you see the war all seems to get repaid all the time yet then you have potholes and all of that shortly thereafter. That's because we're basically just doing these kind of superficial repairs each time we do it. Now we're trying to get deeper with the funds we have so that we're building a stronger street that can last for years. And so that's what we're doing we're gonna get to you potholes and the streets. But as we all known as we said it's gonna take one so that's item with your house first Hotmail as I'm. There's another girl she's. Also one of the text line question that did come in that was interesting is we you said that. Violence sub in the city violence was the number one problem someone asked. Where does the growing heroin problem in this city fall on the list of importance and how does the city plan to attack the problem. Yep. It's a very high. And so I would say violent crime plus drug addiction among other things are kind of in a set of issues that old Kansas City back. The fact that we spend lots of money each year is our help to armor hospitals and others addressed in Maryland crisis in all of these people are not in the market there are in the workforce there participants at least in the active way we want them to be it means that we're not getting everything we cannot ever citizen in our public. And so we are doing a lot of things to address it. I wanna commend her health department for doing that but I'll make another. You know the prescription drug monitoring program as the thing that Kansas City as objects against but the state of Missouri is the only state police stay well boy that does not have a prescription drug monitoring program apple and genitals and not every ten talked about this and it's just you know and I talk to physicians I've talked to very conservative positions and others. Who say look we have a problem with the supply of these narcotics these painkillers that people are getting all the time let us track Atlanta house police ourselves the doctors say the pharmacist Tuesday. And and frankly I I think it's a travesty that we continue to let the social crisis continue while Missouri stands alone. Our here's another question we just got on the tech signed and move on some other local issues coming up and a segment somebody asked a question about the homeless population in Kansas City and and that they notice more more homeless people out. And their neighborhoods. Where's where's they fall on that what are they doing about that. You know that's something we try each day. It is something imminent is a constant search because not only do you have the issue of people who become newly homeless there are some it. That actually. Don't like the shelter life or don't want to rely on Fam mine and instead like the independent kind of homeless camp thing that we have in Kansas City. The few solutions we've had over the last few years we've certainly seen an increase in investment of veterans homeless shelters throughout Kansas City. There's a saint Michael's veterans that are over by the VA hospital. That has been a significant investment making sure that those who served our country. Have that opportunity to have housing and have I think comfortable safe stable housing and health services close to them. That's been an important part but there's more that we have to do. Part of what we're trying to do in connection with that is actually have a housing program and policy that is funded. You know the problem is people vote for things like airports or police on the streets and all that it's very hard. To figure out a way to fund and get people excited about. Addressing homelessness issues. And so that's something that we had both of Health Department level it's something that we had the housing level trying to make sure the people particularly families can stay in their houses. And there's another important thing that's coming up in this conversation which is. The realities of what the federal government is spending on housing and urban development. Is have changed and it's not just a trump administration think we've seen cuts. Since the early years of the Reagan administration. And so end of cuts through Obama etc. so it's something that we need to all think about. I would also encourage you know private groups charities churches and others have been an important part of that conversation on the continue to be in Kansas City. Is the homeless problem in Kansas City going down or getting better do you think it's it's I guess that's the you know same question I guess is improving or or or decline we can say it's improving in certain areas I think to the extent we have target populations we have been able to address the veterans. And youth homelessness is something we've worked hard on. We've tried to reduce youth homelessness to zero we try to reduce veterans almost missed a zero. We have not been success with youth homelessness and sadly we've seen it expand in parts of Kansas City would expect in the Norplant and and other areas. And so. It's an ongoing challenge and certainly. The number of folks that have driver of our dependency depression that continues to be a group that were chasing. I am I anti about the airport on here for a few minutes on you sat here we edge in studio maybe nine months ago it was shortly a short time after the initial vote on that one terminal for Casey had been called off and was land. They decided to put this in the hands of those groups for a little while to figure out a solution you sad I think we'll have a vote on this next year and I or not I've my theory was that. It was just to follow the wayside and the conversation was gonna and and we were never gonna come back to that but here we are now I you write burns and McDonnell has proposed a plan to privately kind of organize and oversees the one terminal plan. You're there's been some criticism now that we've had several days for this play out a little bit some criticism has banned that burns McDonald's is just gets to control too much and there's concern that. It's not being bit out what are you hearing from people about you know. I think there's there's a variation of thoughts in and I put people in probably three camps. There are a there's a group of people that says never touched the airport never change it why are you doing this I hate you for doing that right and I've. Make it at that sound a little unfair they're saying why touch. There is another group that says build a new airport yesterday. No matter how you can get it done just give it dot. And the others there's a middle group. Which I think kind of goes with the Missouri show me spear right show me how it can be done. Kind of why is it important and how can we get it done in an effective way that protects the flying public. And so that's where we are today and I think that's an important place for us but the conversation. Certainly we've received some questions as to you all right well. So you're you're having its sole source or one better do this fairly significant public project why. And I think it's important for us over the next days and weeks to tell people. Why burns in mid McDonnell is uniquely qualified to you conduct this project. But then also how others get to take apart and how we make sure that this is a jobs generator for the entire region which it would be. How we make sure that we have all types of different people working on the project and frankly two hour seminar business community how we make sure that other construction design firms etc. Get a chance to be part of I like competition Kansas cities like competition that said. If sole source with birds McDonald's our best way to go we need to make sure we can and trying to competition and good governance principles. In what we're trying to do. Is this the best way to go was the sole. Did it just just burns and McDonnell was it is this the best waiting let me add to that should it be bid out. My favor I would always favored bit in something now. And is this the best way to go I think it remains to be seen I think right now I would say. That it looks like this is it looks like this is a unique deal it's a unique transaction no one else in the country has done it and birds MacDonald stepped to the table to do. But I think all of us on the City Council will certainly do our due diligence we'll talk to. Lawyers financiers engineers and others to make sure that this is the wreck things I guess to give a direct answer to your question. I would say. Yes I think right now it is we will make sure we do the work to ensure that we can certify that to the public. Let me skip class of our topic a question that we asked Jolie Justus the day that it was announced that burns and McDonnell had this plan on. What is this vote does not pass again for those who missed that part it still has to go for public vote because of an ordinance have been past couple years ago. That vote comes in November. What is the vote doesn't pass can we just leave it the way it is or urban what we do after that that. So I think there's even bigger group of people who say we need to modernize the airport in some sort of way so make people want the terminals to look the same dispute brighter others want bill the new facility. I do not think. That even you with an unsuccessful vote. Nothing ever happens at the airport. I think that we have to retool and we have a conversation about what the future Casey is a given example you all were living here then but many people and rolled work. And 2004 we had a vote on improving in the stadiums of the sports complex it was a buys state. Unfortunately are our friends on the Kansas side to not vote in favor of that by state tax. But as we all know today the chiefs and royals are still here. Jackson county's government regrouped came up with a way to on the stadiums to a good job with that the stadiums are still there that chiefs and royals are still here and we're all happy about it. I think with the airport issue we certainly when it come up with an innovative way we want the voters to is supported and that's what I'm gonna work to do over the next however many months to get that done. But at the same time we're not just going to give we're not just going to wait for the alleged Johnson County airport to rise from like a Phoenix. Love it's hot here. I don't I don't I don't think about it and so you know we'll continue work Kansas City, Missouri voters. Long before I was alive invested in air travel starting for the 1920s and that sort of thing they invested in case EI have issued bonds every step of wind than a good job from being good stewards of and so I think we will try to find a solution that allows us to do important things like. Have convenience hopefully one day get more flights have more opportunities and have a real regional economic engine.