3rd District Councilman Quinton Lucas part 2

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, May 17th

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We are joined in studio by Kansas City councilman quit Lucas for a few more segments thank you so much for sticking around lab to be here. We're talking about gun violence in Kansas City and the alarming rate that it is going up whether it's fatal or non fatal shootings. What are the questions they came in on FaceBook and please texting questions you have for counsel to look is pleased to 22980. I'll what are our listeners on FaceBook wanted to ask about the new relaxed gun laws in the state of Missouri not requiring a license or training to purchase a gun. Does that have an effect do you see that with an effect on the other violence in the city. Yes that absolutely I mean I've first of all I I recognize that we have state government they get to do things they passed laws and so. Will live within them and I haven't ran for state rapper legislature so. The people who did all that and I try to address that in the future my biggest concern is this. In police work right we had to the talks about the Terry stop this way that you can stop somebody on the street ask questions and all of that and they have a firearm often that can allow you to investigate other issues relating to violent crime. In New York city's stop and frisk policy became kind of something that was a bigger colossal. I think a law like this one makes it harder for an officer who sees someone with a firearm. To ask a follow up questions about well the license board and should you be carrying is there any reason for avid. And while I certainly respect folks rights. I think when you're. Looking at some of these. Criminals frankly that people that our police deal with each day it be nice to be able to actually ask investigative questions to be able to have those investigative tools. But I think when you see laws like that you lose them but the law didn't go into effect until recently I look at this graph and I go back to it wasn't in effect me at 477. Mark of non fatal shootings last year or 414 the previous year that you make a good point now I guess the written response I would have his. Well doesn't help us to have fewer tools to investigate violent crime and so. While we certainly have the increase I think you mean our police and prosecutors every investigative tool possible is a good thing. And I think to the extra you have laws that harm that effort then you know there's some question too but. That's the balance the people of Missouri have made an end to your point we certainly still have a lot more concerns relating to it and so we can't save it. A new gun laws is the individual problem. I think we have a lot of gun laws that all combined to kind of create the least the availability issue that we had. But I know you may have listeners who will say that. A lot of people who are committing crimes are worried about law and that's very very true yes and so. I guess that. So my biggest answer would be what can we do to give police our society public policy the tools to fight back knowing that. We can't change the criminal mind necessarily nor can we change. The realities of of our gun sublime. So the public meetings have begun as we Star Search for a new police chief to replace two replaced or four times last day is made money at the first public meeting was last night at apple university there is one tonight at 630. At the most heart multi purpose mark multi purpose on our Wayne avenue again at 630 tonight and so. As the search is on now for new police chief they've got as we've spent the last fifteen minutes talking about crime in the city. What you're looking for in in a new police chief gives a chance to reset a little bit. Knowing full well that it's a big process and their search firm that's being charged with that but as a counselor what are you looking for. You know I think a few different things I commend our last police chief because I think he had this ability to connect with the community. He didn't come in he was not an outsider first of all he didn't try to govern the department like one. I think some folks have this inclination to create distance between the police and community had some defensiveness etc. And we had achieved who did not do that's all I wanna see this continue in that. I also one to see someone who has dealt with the very real issues that that we deal with each day in Kansas City the gun supply we're talking about the rise in shootings. The fact that we are this fascinating. Gigantic city that has kind of some agricultural issues in parts of it it has real. Urban kind of inner city didn't issues and others and then it has a suburban lay out a lot of other places. One has to understand the diversity not just in people but in communities. That I think our city happens to run this our police department well and so that's what I'll really be looking for but more than anything somebody who. Is honest whose forthcoming. And who is a good Steward of taxpayer dollars I think will be Kate. I noted that I know that you I say due to name names but are there are people within the department now. That you could see doing the job. So yes actually think there's some people in the department now that I I think to do the job I think we should also look to you. The fact we have an out of a female chief before I think that would be an interest and opportunity for us and we certainly have people department were qualified for that. I won't name any names and and maybe nobody cares about my age is anyway. But I expect us within our national search to also make sure we give people here consideration. Kansas City councilman quint Lucas joining us in studio in 91 KM BZ fill the blank forming chief foretaste tenure as police chief was blank. Was strong. I think if you saw significant problems in the number of urban police departments around her country. Police chief for today we saw. I think a real attempt to address gang violence to address violent crime very homicide as you were talking about. But he also collaborated with the community well. When it's fair to say there are other departments in Missouri in our country that that weren't as strong. And so I I commend him for that I think that was a sign of good leadership. I saw him speak to a group wants and he said look I realize that will have issues sometimes. But if you're honest if you are aggressive about dealing with them then you can. Basically avoid some of the very public. Complaints and issues that we've had in other cities like commend him for them did he get enough bullets in the chamber the wrong word he used he have enough arms at his side. After some cuts were made by mayors like James was he going to battle. With the amount of troops that he needed in Kansas City towards the end of his tenure. You know I think first of all fairness to the mayor it was a choice of the council and the mayor to a kind of address the budget issues as they did. I think it's fair to say that we have given a fair budget although. I think we should also suggest are I would suggest that perhaps there could be more. Resources it would particularly as we look to how they're deployed they can be use so you know I think the police chief. That's a very political and sing which we have more police on the streets I don't understand what you're saying and we all can read between your lines you know I just think we can say that he had resources to address the proms the cancer yet. I don't think he's happy and no one's happy with. The violent crime we see each day we're gonna keep trying to address an unexpected news new chief to do that part of that conversation is more money it always is. Part of that conversation is how we spend the money in house the police department spending money. Which is gonna be another important part of the conversation to so that's I think what the answer would be but I think we've been fair to the police chief and the resources that. It might surprise some people who do not live in the midwest Kansas City has the crime problem that it dies if you were to tell people who don't live here at Kansas City you know nice law on clay here in the midwest has the number of non fatal shootings of fatal shootings that we have. It surprises me even having ledger for quite awhile but coming from a from a much bigger city. Are you aware of other cities that are not Saint Louis or Baltimore or Chicago that kind of have our demographics that have a problem that we have and and so what are they doing about it and if not why are we so different. You know so I would say is this is actually something that's a real challenge for the midwestern city right now and not just the ones that we hear about on the news all the time. Yep places like Milwaukee Indianapolis. That have addressed frankly some similar issues this idea that there's a lot of shooting there's a lot of violent crime in a very. Targeted part of the community how do we address that and we dress that. In an aggressive way about one that also collaborates with the community. And so. You know it's it a challenge that we have but it's one minute we're not alone that's I would hope that during our police chief search during a lot of other conversations. We're looking to how other cities have a group addressed to quell an address to pour. I'll directed one other place Little Rock, Arkansas there was an interest in conversation about some of the issues they had as well which although it's something you may not often think of it is this thing what's happening in places. Of our size and in smaller places I mentioned Casey came before as well. It's not just your your large metro it's it's other communities so. It's over the wrong working on and it's something that I think we only to be a part of finding a solution for. We've got Kansas City councilman quit Lucas in studio here in 91 KM BZ there's attacks that just came in that we like throwing away when our listeners you can text into 2980. This has to do with the earnings tax. Counselor Lucas why was the earnings tax renewed under the premise that it would put more police and firefighters on the street only order numbers to be cut. They're this tax was renewed because it is a vital part of the city budget without which I don't know if Kansas City could functionally operate so that's the full stop. To the a question of I thought I voted on it so there would be more police and firefighters on the streets. I think the nature of it is we have continued to invest significantly in our public safety forces. And we will continue to do so and I would say to the to the writer that. Part of that will be at least there's a spirit of some of us on the council that would hope that that is poor. More police officers in the U patrol bureau. And will fight for that will keep fighting for that I guess the is the nastier answered your question. Being. Politics we have to negotiate with a bunch of people. Live police board as you know as independent actually of the City Council. And so that's a conversation we continue to try to have each day but I don't think it was a wasted vote in favor of the earnings tax that's essentially making Kansas City. A eight a good place to live. But at the same time part of being a good place to live is that we're giving them please ample resources.