The 2nd half begins!!... with a series loss??

Mike Wickett
Sunday, July 16th

The 2nd half of the season begins for the Kansas City Royals!!! ....with a series loss? + we're 2 weeks out from the trade deadline!!! 


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I back after couple weeks off for one reason we were here on crowding around Mike Wiggins and Josh for your came easy and six and Sports Radio is. The fourth of July we'll just leave that for what it was riveting do the were dropped. I was drawn that lotteries I'm a liar and I lost my voice hat. There is no voice to be had I blame my compatriots at the pool meal are well wait you say hocus do you do you pretend like you don't get drunk on the radio no no there's I would do on a lot of Arizona and Coca. And then now last week I was actually at a town visiting some family so. It's been a busy two weeks the royals hottest team in baseball after the month of April. Kinda caning crashing a bit out as we get to the all star break drop three. Where people get afraid going into last week's all star break with the royals dropped those three now I think confidence is still really high. Going into the all star break. The first two losses to the Rangers had people freaking out. But but to those people that work concerned it's really just. Proof that they didn't watch the games. And as if I don't lose in five and road doesn't sound good but if you watch each and every one of those games. They were all quality ball games there were two good teams squared off. And the royals just either didn't catch a break or did it make one play. It wasn't necessarily what the royals didn't do it was more so what the Dodgers did what the Rangers did so. For those that were concerned come down yet place they mean they were they just won on this amazing run amid all of a sudden it if you looked up and they were a game out of first place in the central in the you know everything was rolling right and Ian Kennedy will get to his performance today. Out to you know performing Yu Darvish. But everybody was plainly there's extra sand Alex Gordon and everything was sort of rolling for the past I don't know. Six weeks eight weeks and we started doing this podcast it was like oh man. Or who are we gonna be talking about an armrest. Yeah from the beginning of June since June 1 the royals have the third best record in baseball behind only the Dodgers and Astros and then the keys to it. And you mentioned Kennedy. Hamels then. Really good in six of his last seven outings Kennedy's been awesome in each of his last six those two guys have been key and then. Now cities Escobar a lot more unselfish ABC's going the other way. Not not not trying to be hero anymore not not swinging for the fences. In an Alex Gordon Everly lengthened this line open and yet I mean came Hosmer Selby moos. Those guys all hitting north of 350 since the beginning of June and know that this team is in great in any one facet so they need their stars to be stars and that's been the case also all star break my stock has loses by one in the derby Salvi starts Vargas pitches. I mean it wasn't terribly eventful out of the the all star break for the. For the royals know it's nice and it continues to add to the legacy. Or the the legacy that's been written. For Salvador correct as I mean there's only one player in franchise history that's. Nader's which started more All Star Games than solving and I guess. You get one guess George Brett nice job and I think you're at the Abbie I have I said from the moments. In I was like a week in here in Kansas City and I I thought. That number thirteen would end up. Residing with a five to ten in the twenties that that number would be retired and he had a real chance at Cooperstown. Mean I remembered my my first spring training talking with a long time coach with the royals Lucas. That's doubt. He said the only other catcher I've ever seen with the skills of Salvador Perez. Let's pudge Rodriguez it's pretty good he's a hall of Famer did he's going to be inducted done like a week and a half. So again itself is not a Cooperstown. Path right now. Five straight All Star Games four straight starts. Remarkable numbers he's gonna add another silver slugger another gold glove. The guy's a monster. They come out of the break. Stumble again you know losing to two it did to to Texas. And it's eleven and twelve in a row now I am sure people are start to worry oh here comes the other side of the coin. They get one today here on Sundays were record in this. And in an odd way a walk off ball in the sun off the bat bow of Lorenzo Cain scores of the bases loaded in the ninth inning. Every day burn I've watched the baseball game and every day it's like I've never seen that before I've seen a walk off block. As you know walk off walk as you walk off passed ball. I've never seen walk off lost in the sun. Like happened today now that's what's also about the game of baseball men of any play a 160 tool on the each and every year and it seems like every time you watch. He sees something that you've never seen before about. Again the thing is the royals didn't. Outplay the Rangers today they did and it's. You know they added an overmatched on it and steam roll them they do is beat up minute nine inning game of baseball that they they they picked up a win. They've made. One more play than the Rangers did or they got one more break than the Rangers did. Texas has nothing to hang its head about after today's loss just like the royals had nothing to hang their heads about. After Saturday's loss or Friday's loss. They Adrian Beltre is going to the hall of fame. He hit a Big Three run home run back on Friday night. It just bothers me at times that that baseball fans and I guess sports fans and to be honest with you just people. Look for the negative rather look to pass blame. Before giving credit. This is such a game affiliate this game of baseball if you do not look for the positive. You are going to just break apart this game will Wear you down if you don't acknowledge. When the other team just makes more plays huge series tiger's coming in for with the division now Detroit seven and a half back in the division but they got their last two over Toronto at home under start to score runs Miguel Cabrera homered. This team start to score some runs how big is this series with Detroit for okay. I mean it that they're all. Big right now you know. It's not make or break if you lose three or four you're not out of it because this division is garbage it is Fred I mean it is Cleveland is about I don't know it might be final they were. Swept by the Oakland Athletics. So the royals lose two of three to the Rangers and gained ground in the division that can their division sting a 500 team in two games back of first place Texas wins this series they are just a game below 500 and there are sixteen and a half games back. In their division so I mean it's it's a nice test I guess I don't know I mean Detroit I'm not. They they they should be sellers. They're not going to be able to because nobody wants their awful contract and have. In Motown right now it's it's always a fun series is always fun watching one of the greatest of our generation Miguel Cabrera and Verlander. Early on in Verlander is pitching Wednesday yet have for lenders always. And it is tight pants. Always fun to watch. I needed to make too much out of a dominant at home so you wanna win three of four but. Did you split them cool Zimmerman and Vargas going in the opener how about Thursday though people excited for the return to Danny Duffy. Yeah he's been. Mean what we saw from him what Saturday night yeah. Learn armed with Cole Hamels. Again that's another in nice to see this return yeah the second half right and yet he needs to be that guy he needs to be your number one I still think Ian Kennedy needs to continue to do what he did on Sunday. And that is deal he needs to be this team's number two. I don't know Vargas has been the all star. But the soft toss or needs to be your number you can't count on Vargas in the second half to be as good as he was in the not to be the pessimist but right this was a free half for Vargas and I don't think you can ask. A guy that's top and out at 89 miles per hour of the year game two starter I need to guide that if he's got. A runner on second and third and one out and he's down in the count too low I think you'd be able to reach back and find 9394. Ian Kennedy. Can do that but the Duffy was outstanding unfortunately he blinked. Before Cole Hamels did and again. The Rangers just made one more play than the royals. That the trade deadline in fifteen days fifteen days to the trade deadline. Buyers sellers or still we don't know would be more is gonna do you know all the documents out I don't think that's possible. Buying yet I could see them blah stand pat yeah I mean stand now I don't see him standing pat at think they add that complimentary arm or two. Nobody that's going to push marquis or Kennedy out of the top two spots. In and I'm gonna go haywire just in Berlin right they're not gonna go do anything crazy no way I don't know no Sonny Graham. They can get somebody that could fill in as the number five guy and knows what are we I've seen it all all about that the acquisition of sending ray on Twitter and social media royals fans wants any great I think he'll be in the law. To be okay and you. Sonny gray look I like him when he's healthy I just don't know if he's worth parting with the kind of prospects. It would take to bring in guys that. When these rights would be the second best pitcher on the staff. But I don't know if you can think cabinet he's never really then you know hunt. Like he'd be if he joins up with the brewers for the royals I would say they add to complementary arms to this teachings that are you were gone during the all star for. Can you take you actually got a vacation. Out and you and and the lady went to a Branson Missouri a threat. I would a couple of weeks ago I gave you my thoughts you can check that all podcast now how is Branson Missouri. Let me first of all you want thing lord and savior Jesus I. Pick and they told you to now at what was that there was one manner I don't know there was one vied for gala gala was something like. Now some are gods is Watson and yet it's at Fridays he's up there all. I am I enjoyed we took one of those two hours of the caves yes cave tumors that was nice as it was 8000 degrees so it was like sixty degrees down OK so we just kicked it down there. Natural air in their work there weren't too many bars and was not disappointing. But. But the pool was nice we did you did this the definition hillbilly Reno. Given that is that about right now he'll believe Vegas but hillbilly Reno hired somebody destroy evidence Christian Vegas there right right. Would you go back. Yeah you know it's not that far the drive down right yeah show or is it just no that case no shows now. Now I'm allowed to silver dollar city that was nice there aren't joyous skillet and that was good that the the Branson Abdullah was made for how close it is yet not that bad lot of families. My it would be a lot cooler if I had a kid right here on I mean it's not just. Hey guess what looks as Bob part you know it's not the spot for the party to defy. Had kids yet I'd definitely go back in the gulf the crap out of that writes once you have a kid right we'll all pile in the van right angle and we'll get into these suvs it's right on down there right. Now we'll debate it but I availability we'll do to get a lot now on the door opens you're getting a van. Do we have that feature under current. Ewing have. Begin event bottom line in the van that. They hope will do it again experience the pizza here yet we're going the heat is on its way. The game with roads premiere of their gains in an hour so I have to let Aaron I have to like yeah. Winter is here. All right for Josh Berger from sixth and Sports Radio Mike we get. From 91 KM BZ glad to have crowding around back on podcast we do every week unless I'm drunk or one of us. Cable most likely at all theory do it again next week have a great week though royals.