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Friday, June 16th

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1106 coming up at 1135. To play two truths and a lie. Roger in game two our listeners it's pretty simple. I will give you three facts about myself okay personal acts K and you will figure out which one of those is alive deployment Travis Leo yes in two of them will be true and one of them will be some that I made from. You have written down area ba ya all of them appeared possible there. And I my mine is steel trap it's it's rusty it's dangerous it's legal and points of Wednesday bong resident there at. I. Allegedly allowed allegedly. Hundred. Get all serious here click it and I think I'm really glad it's Friday. We've got all kinds of stuff going on you've got the the shooter down in Alexandria which was super heavy got the the Bill Cosby trial. It may be a mistrial they did the deadlocked jury just ride out Michelle Carter. Did texting girl is Desmond found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. You know Sunday their air in the Alex Jones interview with meg and Kelly. Yes now let's June. Filling sandy hook was it was a big topic again. It Israel's biggest that are really. Heavy heavy the London fire the UPS shooting in San Francisco. I gets it just in London fire was bizarre. It was bizarre and it got buried by the shooting in Alexandria like when that when we. Everybody. That is that does a talk show like this went to bed on what was Monday nighter whatever I am Tuesday night. Everybody is Tuesday and everybody went to bed thinking we're gonna talk about a fire. All our enemies are tomorrow's us fired how insane it is yet Psycho movies that like it's not even Rio it and then the shooting happened. For us Steve's release them house majority whip down in Alexandria they're getting ready for charity baseball game. And it was it was kind of neat to see some people come together the message from president trump was was a good one that day. And and I thought. Is this gonna change anything to show I mean rotted your politically easiest I understand that this. But I don't know that. Shooting or anything is ever going to bring we talked about is gonna be more civility in this country ever again like. Can people on the right talk with people on the left and actually via listen to jokes so. I just what it would tell you a real quick story that happened yesterday all right so there I am. Sit poolside. And got my book. If your friend of mine on FaceBook you saw this post up last night and I I I thought it was worth just bringing up in mentioning and and just trying to to preach for a second. So I was at the pool yesterday brother and and a buddy of mine named Lance. Comes up and and he's coming back from work he's an issue shirt tie and suit whatnot their Miami you know sit poolside a couple of Beers in me you read the book it's that it's a hot night last night so it was going down as perfect. And he comes any asked mean. You know what he read and it I'm reading a book that I'm almost I'm almost there with this book called game change that Scott parks recommended. It's a story about the 2008 election. And it's Hillary and a note of the book and it became a movie. On HBO part of it on HBO Ed Harris plays John McCain at hand. Can't remember the Julian Moore place they're eight mile an hour and it and the book is fascinating. And let me know when your ID their anger so I told me it's great and immunized are talking politics in an oddly. Civil manner. Lance is a Republican from Louisiana. Think he is you know are from the south he's a staunch Republican. And obviously you guys know that that I am quite the liberal from the upper midwest. And we also talked about gun control is the shooting was and you know the day before run a friend of his works on the staff of thugs the leaks. So he's got a lot of information and loudly you I don't know if he was there. But obviously he's been around the hole being innings Tellme a couple of things like with what the bullet day in the united damage it did windows police is still in critical condition in his own fragments and bullet fragments float around in that oldest air. That's like them. The most sensitive area yes. And our conversation went on for about ten minutes and here is the weird part. And this is some that are really want everyone to have to be able to deal. He'll listen to what I had to say and I did the same I mean he was Tom about the air fifteen he actually has its locked up properly in his apartment and you know he's obviously probe needle pro Second Amendment as a pro Second Amendment as well and we both realize that. While we're never ever gonna be 100% in agreement there's never going to be a time where. I'm going to be guessing never there's rarely get to be chants were I'm going to be my quick Republican he's going to be Lance the Democrat. Well we could see each other's opinion and he would say I can see your point and that I could say why can see your your reasoning for that and at the end he'd want to hurt me. I didn't want to hurt him we listen to each other we shook hands bro hug. The college of the names. He becoming a lived hard adding column in neo con we we we respected each other. I don't back to my book and you back to his apartment will probably hang out again maybe this weekend we'll drink Beers together we may play golf together. And just to say. That in this in this politically divided climate that we are in. Where people wanna blame the Democrats want to blame the Republicans you are to blame this leader or that leader. It is possible. To have that conversation with someone who you are politically opposite from and walk away instill respect each other. Tells task that's the end of my statement. No that was fantastic guy I love hearing that from that's one thing that I think is wrong now. Is that people. Refuse to have discussion. People refuse to listen to another. Point of view that is not their own. The the MSNBC's. In the Fox News in the things out there. Are people going OK here's my opinion please chew it up and spit it back at me like a baby bird like I just thought I here are up why. Spit it right back at me and yet it's anything other that well. I'm not listeners are expanded at that drives mean. Am I against it a political atheists hate politics I think it's all made up and part of the problem is. On one hand. Never getting Mike Dunn from me right and I will shoot you if you try to take it and the other. And I don't care if gay people get married or if a woman wants a divorce. Vagina that's not my business. So there are things on both sides that it was and there are things on both sides idol. So how can any one person just go is their. You say is there are happier and I disagree that use it like you can't. Do that it's just a matter of just in. AG conversation yeah it really at times you as someone and they all explain their point of view would you like you know. I never thought out way and and can't we do we. We can't hurt because we've been divided in parks is talking about this yesterday and at that was really interesting it's not so much Fox News and MSNBC yet they're going to be slanted. It's when you go further out to. To the info wars in the bright boxes to the daily caller to. Sleight of box it's when you go to the alt right. And the alt left out that's when it just starts because as as Scott pointed out yesterday that it was a really good point. They pride on the ears. Of Americans who don't have the confidence in themselves or in their party or whatever. They they go after the scariest little park and make it seem like the biggest deal in the world. And I think if you get away from those all right not all sites and alt left nut ball sites and you get to the middle inch. To bring it in to give you the timeline of waves far left you got slate over here. And then wait for you got info wars in bright park Easter coming closer to the middle. I get people love Fox News I get people of MSNBC. But this weekend when you're a staunch Republican watching Fox News he believed the Fox News is the Bible. Take twenty minutes. And try to listen to Rachel madcow that would have to say and if your bleeding heart leftist liberal and you believe MSNBC is Bible. Take ten minutes and see what handed he's got to say is it really open your mind maybe it'll put your mind. To another person's opinion and you don't have to call them lived artery Neal Connor you'll put your FaceBook status. Stop speaking to your cousin because they voted for someone different you know that's the out of a friend of mine. Who is from a huge family he's he's or that it is from a huge fan the airport while. Brothers and sisters and and he was talking to me how he's so upset about some of the things in his siblings have posted. Anything in common with these people. And I was like. That your family. You have so much more in common right them then hollow then the person you vote anymore. True. This is this is your Brothers and sisters pick up the phone exit. He just go to the day or are you would see. Talk. And and things from the time you walk to school. Really you're good politics didn't they keep you from from still be in touch with your friendly. I. Exactly exactly are your friends your college frenzy frat Brothers your sorority sisters or whatever that is. It it it just. It just blew my mind yesterday that I can you didn't blow my mind you may be very happy yes that I could have a conversation with someone sell opposite of me politically. But he could see a point in my point I can see a point it's okay now why do you think that you know. Also I do feel sick as he is an air fifteen of the zombie apocalypse happens about that that is his apartment he's got picked off those copies. Everybody's up for his way out the country just in case yes we absolutely. Your house like you growth here Tuesday you know they ask you weird questions at a job interview that one job and and you Lee had my life she got asked I think to get is actually to run the point. She said. Are those the person was interviewing her said sell. You do and zombie apocalypse and she had an answer she's like I've got a French change house or friends lived in the third for the fourth or tall apartment building and he has machine gun or whatever she does use the term machine half. He's got a a big machine gun plus there pies and and we go well zombies can't climb. Plus they have a food like. Her track. World and she got the job I NG Arab guy asked that the years ago. But if likely would have. We had more robot soldiers out there what do we had robots fighting our wars because I have a story for you oh. I've bothered by this this is out of Washington DC that terminator Israel. I'm concerned about the artificial intelligence at a and the false. Intelligence. I will tell you what the fall of man next in 91 K abusing a 98 and came easy me day with Jamie in wicket coming up two truths and a lot rod Babcock in Virginia money selling today. I'll also ask rod anything at 1235. Is anything anything really that's coming up at 1235 to save your questions for rod. FO for 1239. Today. We were mentioning this we were for whatever reason talking about what to do with the zombie apocalypse happen well. This is interest in the Pentagon got to have the Daily Mail the Pentagon has awarded. And I'm not kidding you when I make this up. Or not I'm making this up when they when its latest OK okay kitty right. The Pentagon has awarded an eleven million dollar contract. To build a combined arms squad of human and robotic capabilities. Under the new agreement 63 advanced systems will design. Develop and validate prototypes of the new system which is expected to be completed by mid 2019 comes as experts. Have increasingly warned that robotic weapons will soon play a much larger role in warfare. Than they already do and could. Overtake human presence on the battlefield. And in the next decade. So terminator Israel that's nice to 01 of. Well I think it's pretty obvious that Google is guy net yeah that makes sense it's it's coming. Seriously. The year artificial intelligence it terrifies me there aren't enough of the Big Brother watching you know you have your phone in your pocket you walk in to eight Chevy dealership and you're in their for more than five minutes opened up Google on your phone and I bet you money they'll be up for bad. They'll probably know where your had had no absolutely. I think as it's done it geo fencing so we've you go into a Honda dealership. It at that on your phone for a Toyota dealership. I obviously your jobs for cars come. That stuff scares me now what about robots fighting our wars. Here's the today it will. Or or taking a bullet over human absolutely. I'll carry out our. If it's like a a remote control thing record like elect to drone luggage rove yeah and there's a person control. I'm OK with that. It's when you give the intelligence. To yet so there are killed me. Robots like that you know and their parent and now we have the terminator all over again and we're being held in a building and bodies are being used for batteries or whatever in the majors is real and all my job rocket died here it's. That stuff terrifies me artificial intelligence scares me it terrifies me that people. Think in the house that is basically. The equivalent of mechanical Hagan sets in the corner and tells them what to do ya that they you know Lexus ordered Chinese Lexus goes immediately journeys through their shot about quality Chinese food I'm not ordered Chinese food today. Stop scares me to act. Our lives artificial intelligence. Scares me because if you look at it logically. We are terrible word outlets aren't being here we're not that intelligently. Tell you like fueled talk about the most dangerous animal on the planet. And he. Where's there aren't you gotta go. That's scared needed to act man. This squad XP is explained is combining humans an unmanned assets ubiquitous communications and information and advanced capabilities in all domains to maximize squad performance. In increasingly complex operational environments from unmanned trucks and aircraft to ghost fleets of underwater drones. The military has in many ways to its sights on autonomous technology to improve capabilities. And a similar shift to be seen around the world rush job. Has been working on ways to integrate combat robots in to battle including century drones experts predict robots are the future of warfare and it may come sooner than expected. This is John Bassett a former intelligence. British British intelligence officer last year. Intelligent robotic weapons the reality it'll be much more of a reality by 2030. Every FR Ross no that's not that far off. At some point around 20/20 five or thereabouts the US army will actually have more combat robots that it will have human soldiers. That that stuff terrified that is right. Someone says they're under the tax line in the future only civilians will die in war. And there's something to yeah. I. Russert came. The thing years. I don't know month or so ago or maybe is longer where they had all this video of this robots. That like drive energy and fire guy and it. Jumble on the table all this up and and a lot of people said it was its Ross's so its stake in its not real big news and no one's seen it and and person you know and mean and and all this. But. It's not for it's not difficult technology wise we have all the parts. It's just a matter put them together and like I said. I'm fine with with robot was with robot just tells you on the rigs. Please don't think. Earlier this year experts explain the use of robots could help the US military cut costs and allowed them to remove soldiers from potentially dangerous environments. They say is that already the move is already begun with new warships like the US says zoom Walt designed to be manned by. Half the crew previous destroyers robots the OK now this is okay. Robots could take on a number of tasks from managing delivering supplies or analyzing thousands of legal documents to quickly diagnosing diseases. And assisting in the operating room but it's when they start looking like the terminator and they can look around it because these robots and be like. You know small things on wheels go Ry guy pops up boobs and people's trigger. And I think it's fantastic they have things for like the bomb squad words like tank tread and it rolls into the building and it opens the box in conceivable those our folks I grab whatever they lose it slightly and then I'm all that but there's dude control and that that's not gonna wake up and right and come to my house and try to poke me and blow up. That's the things scares me robo it's intelligence it's the they're there are there colleges working on. What was in my T some universities Amare was working on robot to help it. Two interact with people and walk down the street like you and I walking on the street we both come up to each other. We we notes has stepped to the ride round exit the army excuse me and all that robots don't get that yet and they're trying to chip ex. Did you get. I don't need to pop. Up I don't think Smart. Said. It's a bad idea it's frightening read a lot of science fiction I love science fiction movies and in. It does this work out to be an idea we always lose we always lose always take over. I just I mean Schwarzenegger I've seen Mo I didn't see the last terminator but. I mean I saw the first theory that an and it's not actually better Genesis is that. A nine year old sports and Steve. Wants America is pretty yeah. I've been into it if you enjoy the other movies like I love papers to differ on just seemed to be. Weird yet made a third one was weird but I check up fourth down but it's death it's this last. All right you refer to truths and align. All right we're gonna bring in Travis in the three of us are going to look at each other. And delivered three statements about ourselves two of them will be true. We have to pick out the lie. And you can play along on the tax line as well we'll do all that and it is 1129. Rob Babcock in Virginia money selling its mid day right here in 81 KM BZ anyone came easy me David Jamie link it to any money Sele is often A-Rod Babcock in. Yeah us. Next hour you get to ask rod any thing any today anything you really want. Also coming up next Harold H what's trending first ruled Fridays at one. We were usually able to put the show together. And Travis blockers in here as well Travis Jamie nightcap. A threat you know a messenger thread I Goodling G chatter FaceBook. And will throw ideas at each other 420 hours and that emanated clock will come in and we'll put they showed gathering kind of piece everything out. So we'd be certain won't rod yesterday obviously going to rob is going to be thrown some stuff up there and the first thing rod wanted to do. Was played two truths and a lot to lose there first if it wanted to get into was blatant truth and a lie yet. Huge fan the website that jive keep comments I've gone. And some mean dramatic music for those listening music will live on FaceBook. That shot is fantastic for people who like to be online but don't like to read our I just like look at the pretty pictures. So it is on their teachers and lie and they had. Like your just random facts and it turned out you know which one's the lie out of the three. But it's like we should totally do this on turn one total duo like personal stuff. So yes OK here I'm gonna go first all right sentry you're gonna read all three. I'm gonna tell you three things about myself RA one of these things is that is fine. So. I'm terrified of Murray's. I once spent a week in county G Allentown counting. And I once turned down a chance to be in a large budget Hollywood film. Travis we've. All right so terrified of mice tariff itemize week in jail and a week in Tarrant county jail turned down large. Large budget Hollywood film and his wife I just and his wife works as drama teacher right so was there something acting lies. That drew him to Hollywood and it was like you wanna be an extra. Eight. I got a significant role opposite Brad I can you try being an extreme right like I I think that Roland. Is is true. Obviously because he rides petting a weakened. I thought I. I enjoy it as you can guess which when you want and you want to vote on the text like in 2290. On the bed. Rod Babcock is is a is terrified I don't reveals I'm right or not I'd bet you are terrified. Of mice and go in mice Travis. It nets for his life right yeah I think I think adding that is that is the lie. I think his life might be. The jail. He did not been a weakened jail that was seems to obviously count that one seems way too obvious. And then I yelled going to be in my life. There right rob Babcock. To ask what is your line. My line is I'd never spent a week in golf Travis well. Have been arrested a couple of times in my life you have never spent more than than one night in jail and never ever that just seemed too obvious it's been a week but those two weeks got it right up into. Six to ten because. I am absolutely terrified eyes cannot deal. Yeah I don't know. Is something that you know. It's just those things marched near death a voice that if I walk in my kitchen. And I see us make disappear for the periods we have to move offers for its own if I walked in my kitchen and see him disappear into the streets. If I don't I don't it's not I'll limits. I cannot deal with my eyes and then. When we were into living. Life and the movies any given Sunday was being built and they did an open call mission that Texas Stadium that it probably statement that I'm an idea. And you go to. Like cyclist down. And down there. There's no line and get your picture taken Antonio's stuff about the zone and they called house like two days later and ask me. If I would be an extra in any given Sunday. I'll ask my why we could and she was known to do so yeah. It's like I wanted to just mark who really wanted to do that little bit to get analysts that her zone now to do that. All right here we go I'll I'll do mine are you reading tea yes. I have been to the NBA finals the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Playoffs. I currently have five dollars cash in my pocket. And I once one of baking eating contest at a state fair. Yeah. They can leading assist here. You wanna speaking bacon AJ immediately eating me to be assaulting. Can I can see that. I'm gonna say the lie is five dollars. Atlanta not looking at either of them I know wanna look at either of you because I am the worst poker face Madrid is just. I'm just I'm just going author author sports background work and sports rise in sea level sports brand to the expert exist right. And bacon yes I can see eating lots. I have more or less than five CNN as much as you talked about bacon and how flimsy you don't like it you definitely want to be eating. Where they could Crist and the way you want to happen. Are you ready possibilities that lie. On their fifth. There could. Actually if you actually a five dollar bill in your pocket actually do it right there OK that is all cash. On men's restroom that was rules or was it again or I lost the beauty contest Baddeley finished like. Tonight a glass at her in a big eating and I executed and I did not lead it OK okay and and Wisconsin state fair and they give you I'll debate it was a pound of cooked bacon not so it was shortly with his raw it was two pounds yeah. And it wasn't. Krispy it was that like in between the hard rock brewery I cut to a four pieces like Mike jaws of America and others do next in other radio station just calling it time. Alone if it. And indexes like I. I don't think a bit more dehydrated after a three day Bender tonight was after eating that much making it did not though not did not eat I did not win a big eating contest at that thing there. Travis Travis. All right mine. Did not learn how to read into those eight holes or just OK. I have never lost the fight. Okay and I've never been to jail. Can learn to read until eight never lost fights. Never. Been to jail. I'll tell moon because. In my experience. Very few people that have been in at least more than two fights can say they've never lost and I know Travis has an anger issue I don't usually you're happy at least had a finger issue he's awesome out. Sole reason people do he played football right right he didn't learn to regionally was leaked. Could see that Texas schools they say yeah. School of arts and there aren't played on everybody that. I want to ask reading Sonoma has never been to jail this goes back to the anger issue gaffe I'll good. On. It's a tough one I'm not get I I am that I'm keeping the reading I think that's true right way is why would he say that I could. Com. I'm a bit Travis has been to jail so that's getting hotel. That Travis has at least got arrested and taken he's been in the tank all right Travis really your line my line is. We're. First Christmas it. Everybody's justified we've never been to jail oh missiles. Those mature but that's right I mean I've never been the right that's realize that's true you never lost so you have. Outlaws yeah that's my justify it down so we around so yes everybody is justified everybody's been in multiple flights like Travis has lost them mind you got that right and so I'd we lies in an era in the jail yet you have been urging him. He's got the game wrong no wait teachers alike right the futures so much fruitless laundering and LT day. Under it and never been to jail OK never written so we got it wrong so we got to Ross was the fight they'll fight in active feed my so your life. Yes if you're listening to us we apologize that this confuses a you know you have lost a fight yes ever justified yes. And I've really been in line up but I don't think I was in a few yet everybody's. Leader. In mind it's it's you run arrested in its institutions. Haaretz did not good at that. Rides it was two truths and aligned goes on we should probably incorporate that in didn't you run that you we are to thank you able. No never before what's your list and tonight the list is a good chance to abbreviate your program tonight. Actually tonight's really cool we're doing our list every Friday we do this tonight's list is that the TV family you wish you'd been part is this an honor of Bill Cosby being up in the in that there's been in this we can't go easy found out what we're doing that's really cool is at 6 o'clock. Jonathan and I both are having our sons and lost his son is a nice on his nine. And we we made a list of eleven questions and we're gonna do like the Newlywed Game. At a deployed. I'm gonna occupier and our answer is and so there I was at six and don't do list after the war for rotted on lists I've never been so angry at them Butler until last week that he did oldest and best action movies between eighty's and ninety's Chrysler. There's so many great action right it's ridiculous as the B sixty live lol yeah right he's could just ask the top of the Arnold the com Stallone's own an iPod and dale Robocop and and in the currency has grown and I told rom would not participate in now on because how an authority was number one what one. What was the last week of really good ones and. The list it's just more and more people angry about the list we can do list over our scenes that somebody would be screaming. Just an article. No matter. That's that they are people like argued are ridiculous. May I suggest in the future doing top best Phil Collins songs because that was his long idol. Melissa Berry block and was that your Weir's idol now a week. Can see that after a billion his last week and as a million different songs I thought about what I see those kind of things I try to text you but I don't but your phone numbers only in my Twitter direct messages and I can't. Iraq. Next Casey I topped eight million something last month will tell you what that million is. And also there's a courthouse in Arkansas that is big news staff doing this in their elevator. This America I understand. It's like what that is next it's midday with Jamie we get rob Babcock in Virginia minus Ellie right here on 91 came BZ 91 KM BZ mid day with Jamie and wake it's Jamie money selling off today she is out phone banking for Kamal Harris for the two point one election of rob Babcock and just a good thing just get out ahead of the game. You know absolutely and what's trending coming up at 12 o'clock also next hour. We got a lot of fathers like nothing really super heavy to get into and which is fine because it's Friday it's gonna be a 175 degrees all weekend. Will tell you lie scandals has blanks scandals my people passed. I'll also get into. Couple stories out of New York. I'll I mean some that we had today Luke got it for you don't worry that app actor story is that a New York about some school systems some news there is pretty funny but. This just came across the Kansas City Star I love this and this is not an airport debate. So you are sick of parity what airport debate yes this is ridiculous. But Kansas city international airport. Had more than one million passengers arriving and departing in May. Making it third busiest masons they opened back in 1972. Yeah aviation department said 1038206. Passengers pass through Casey eyes gates last month. And I love this we will letters some people think that people don't travel all that much or whatever. It is the 37 consecutive month of passenger growth and up nearly 4% from last may 2060. Really that's under one may wonder why Arnold take your lifeline to go home to see the mom for mother's there's on this I don't share. It was the first one million passenger Mason's 07. And the busiest may. Since the years 2002001. Of course that was just before right both. Aviation director at all instead of flying for awhile. May's traffic increase outpaced our airline seat capacity growth last year meaning claims Casey IR Fuller than before. Additionally the size of aircraft it TCI continues to increase with 129. Seats per departure at Casey last month so. But I thought more people own which is Dodgers and is. Geographically speaking from Kansas City makes sense for lay overs and stuff right in the middle yet elect southwest won't have delays here we're only overseer because of our airports ride that ride and not get not getting into the airport there. Fired. Yeah Casey guys centrally located enough where you'd think if you're going from. DC to LA Atlanta Seattle it's the stuff via. It's nothing to do during this is not an airport today never don't care we have a Twitter poll going up what's the worst way to get bad news like you've been fired or break up. Voicemail text message or email vote on Twitter came BC radio weaving is getting the most love for the worst way. To get bad news. Voicemail text mail and text message or email. Still city. Text messaging 56%. Is pretty heartless saved by the way you've been fired. And instead of right. There's a guy earlier I assume it was a guy and always there was a person earlier that text in instead. The best way to break up with someone who snapped chat because ten seconds later they no longer have proof that you broke out with a. It pops up a good that the effect of. Politically I guess it was trending we get the new news coming your way. I don't know where Jonesboro Arkansas is specifically. But I don't know if it is a it's in the northeastern part of okay thank you. In the Arkansas. Officials in eight Jonesboro. Arkansas county. Heavy plea for its courthouse visitors and I thought this was America rod I thought in the United States we have rights. But this courthouse says to its visitors. Please stop you're eating in or elevator. Craig had a how neat it officials hope new security cameras will deter the steady stream of calls for a who have been relieving themselves real courthouse elevator it's about a 115 miles. Northeast of little. Made in the workers say the problem has persisted. For years even though the restrooms are only about 25 feet from the elevator. Officials tell the Jonesboro sun that the cameras installed last fall have got three men in the act what of who was been cited for disorderly conduct and a hundred dollar fine. A third instance was reported Monday and county officials say they have a plan to issue a citation. Please stop peeing. Our in our early accurately that's at issue of it is it. Up up up up up and you know bathrooms really asked you. Always is or is blinders on and well. I have never been to the courthouse but I have to Jonesboro as any dirty town. No there and it it's it's a very being you're probably be decent to eat out I mean are there so. It only got two elevator and while we ride at one weepy and pick up. A. I just it's unable. Global that this is something has been such a problem in the bathrooms are apparently according to this story. 25 feet away. Where's the start up should I ask rod with the FCC license on the line. Should I ask what's the strangest place you've. And yes I know that want you to know how does everybody know the assertiveness. Let it happen. Yeah it was that it is elevator rains out there he's an elevator I got one. Mine was on the L in Chicago. Waiting for a train to come it was like after a bar night had to give back to my friend's place and use the bathroom and there was that I used a Gatorade and not mine a letter to Gatorade bottle. While waiting to get on the L in Chicago like basically let that you teacup Jay is holding up the one that you have. I bet they'll tell you I filled that son of a bitch I died I would do it I'll I'll have to say probably the strangest place of therapy is that rumors is said he now. And I quick strip cup putts like that. You can hear further news or studio now. Now I'm with a boatload of avoided the pinned him because he was covering for me one week club is gone yeah net of five and happy are you cannot leave this room. You know leave this room for five and a half hour court with TJ and Alan you are stuck in this room while he was not bilaterally blue bear no repair. And it was one of those things you know in the afternoons when you get into the show's producers. Look at a couple call eight hole and it is march can handle current slowdown. Can do my day comeback. In the more each other's that's an option you're stuck in there and there comes a point like our that your. They're good football pop I don't ski equipment company here. And I came back from a vacation with a quick trip you know that courts or you don't you didn't expect tabled its union count all of that. It's there there. Look at it out policy that has its. Opt out quicker so we Allen's asking you questioning your peeing in cups there matter yes analysts. From the tag line subway system in DC has elevators. Taking the subway they all smell like somebody said don't judge me under the bench in a fitting room at Kmart. I'm just trying to figure out like PGE kneeled like you kneel down and Andy have a feeling right now Daniel doubting. Ortiz just trying to. This kind of letters stand back and and go on any angle and angle and you go to Kmart for room or Macy's Google them sometimes. That. It's important it's it's an error is the care. Reform and yet care. Where's the strangest place you've repeat care. I don't speed storage place. And impairments of autobiography and I I think that. We don't do any of this. Now so like bathrooms clean ones such guy's behavior such a guy behavior all right it's what's trending. Also delivered a couple of stories and a New York where teachers to be in some hot watery.