Little attention paid to Missouri campaign finance bill

Some criticize Gov. Eric Greitens for using questionable funds

Bill Grady
April 19, 2017 - 6:45 am

A state senator from Kansas City says he is worried more dark money could make its way into Missouri politics.

The issue of questionable campaign cash raised its head recently when Gov. Eric Greitens accepted millions in PAC money. 

A senate bill has been filed to require financial disclosure from non-profits that support political candidates. The bill has not been scheduled for a hearing.

The problem of dark money could grow, said Ryan Silvey, a Republican.

"If we don't have any movement to change this, now that the governor has made it so profile, probably what you're going to see is a proliferation of them, even more than there are today," Silvey said.

The financial disclosure bill is sponsored by another Republican, Rob Schaaf of St Joseph. 

Greitens essentially ran on a “clean up the system” theme, and some critics, even in his own party, say he is not “walking the walk.”

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