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KCPD Officer to walk to Missouri capital to press for solutions to violence

Kelly Sapp's journey will take him 157 miles on foot

Michael Ronnebaum
May 16, 2017 - 9:08 am

Kansas City police officer Kelly Sapp is walking to Jefferson City for a chance to talk directly with Gov. Eric Greitens about the problem of violence in the inner city.

Sapp volunteers by reading to children at a school in Kansas City. That is where he met six-year-old Nasir Conley, who recently lost his cousin to violence on the streets.

When asked, Nasir told the officer his cousin died in "the purge."

"He kind of pointed around to all his classmates, they're all inner city kids, and he said 'that's what we live under,'" Sapp said. "We probably won't see 19, 20, 21-years-old."

Other nicknames schoolkids give to the violence that kills so many in Kansas City include "The Ghost" and "The Curse." 

Sapp is a military veteran. He has served seven tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"To hear that going on in my country, my state, in my city -- unacceptable," Sapp said.

Sapp is walking 157 miles to Jefferson City to the Capitol to brainstorm with the governor about ways to end the senseless violence. 

The journey starts Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. on eastbound Highway 50. The men and women who protect the city need help from both the community and lawmakers.

"We need some help on the thin blue blue line," Sapp said. "We're not asking you to lean into the chaos -- we're asking you to prop us up a little bit -- give us some support so we don't feel the pressure from both sides of this thin blue line."

For updates on Officer Sapp's walk you can check out the Facebook page, Nasir The Protector

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