Burns and McDonnell

Kansas City to hire outside counsel to scrutinize Burns & McDonnell airport proposal

May 19, 2017 - 6:25 am

The Kansas City Council has approved almost a half million dollars for an outside legal counsel to take a look at a plan for renovations at Kansas City International Airport.

Officials want experts to consider a proposal by Burns & McDonnell, a Kansas City engineering firm that wants to privately finance and build a new airport terminal. Voters are expected to decide the future of the plan this fall.  

The proposal could be the area's last shot at getting a state-of-the-art facility, said Sly James, mayor.

"If we don't have a positive vote in November, then we're probably dead in the water," James said. "That means we're not going to be doing anything with the terminal and that would be a huge mistake for this city."

The purpose of hiring outside legal counsel is to make certain the city is getting a good deal, said Alissia Canady, councilwoman.

"When we talk about building the confidence of the voters, of the residents, we have to be as transparent as possible," Canady said. 

Kansas City Council is supposed to try to approve a preliminary memorandum of understanding with Burns & McDonnell by June 15.

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